Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Complete Animated Series (1971)

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Sabrina The Teenage Witch is a 30 minute children show that aired on CBS in 1971. The cartoon series is a spin-off of the Archie comics. The series focused on Sabrina Spellman- a teenage witch who lives with her aunts Hilda and Zelda in Greendale. She lives an ordinary life as a teen, but her friends doesn't know that she's a witch. In each episode Sabrina goes to school and hangs out with her friends, but also use her magic to fight off her enemies. Sabrina The Teenage Witch only lasted one season, but the show continued to have several spin-offs. Sabrina The Teenage Witch is one show where kids love to watch the little witch from Greendale.

1 Season, 31 Episodes
September 20, 1969
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Jane Webb As Sabrina Larry Storch As Various
Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Complete Animated Series (1971)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Complete Animated Series (1971) Full Episode Guide

  • When the Archies hold a charity magic show, Jughead seeks Sabrina's help. / Reggie, now editor of the school paper, tries to expose Sabrina's secret.

  • Sabrina borrows a magic amulet from Cousin Ambrose for Ethel to wear. / When a spell backfires, Aunt Hilda is turned into Archie's car.

  • Reggie sees Sabrina exiting a flying saucer and tries to expose her. / Reggie and Archie see who's brave enough to spend the night in Grimsley Manor.

  • Sabrina wishes away her magic powers and needs a reason to wish them back. / Sabrina catches the Hong Kong Fluke. All her magic comes out as weather.

  • Riverdale High is doing well in the track and field meet until Uncle Ambrose gets a concussion. / Moose's good and bad alter egos get loose.

  • Sabrina invites Reggie to lunch, but Aunt Hilda isn't going to make any concessions. / Sabrina has to take Hester along on a class trip.

  • The moat at Horrible Hall is being polluted by the Crosstown Gang's car wash. / The Crosstown Gang is destroying the forest to build a bike track.

  • Aunt Hilda's loud music is disturbing even the Goolies and Mummy. / Smoke from Horrible Hall prompts the Archies' Pollution Commitee to investigate.

  • Sabrina tries to give Frankie back his self-confidence. / On a day at the beach, the Archies are hassled by some bullies.

  • When the Goolies decide to go to school, can Sabrina protect her secret? / Hauntleroy pours a magic potion over Hot Dog and turns him into a giant.

  • Sabrina gets the Archies to caddy at the Witches Open golf tournament. / The Goolies donate unwanted magic items for Riverdale High's rummage sale.

  • Riverdale High is going on a field trip, and so are the Goolies. / While babysitting her Goolie cousins, Sabrina magics a storybook dragon into life.

  • Aunt Hilda and Cousin Hagatha compete in the Cake Bake. / Wolfie is racing around Riverdale in a magic hot rod and might give Sabrina's secret away.

  • Mr. Weatherbee gets hold of Aunt Hilda's magic rose-colored glasses. / Veronica and Betty are visiting, and Sabrina wants to make a good impression.

  • Riverdale's baseball team has a new star player: Ug the caveman. / Moose accidentally gets hit by Sabrina's Computer Enhancing spell.

  • Sabrina throws a party for Archie on the same night Aunt Hilda holds a magic seminar. / Hexter turns Riverdale High into a walking history lesson.

  • Sabrina mistakenly gives a magic motorbike to Moose and Reggie. / Sabrina tries out for a movie but discovers witches don't show up in photographs.

  • Sabrina discovers town grouch Mr. Flint's softer side. / Moose's uncle has to get his produce to market by six o'clock or lose the farm.

  • The gang starts to tidy up Riverdale for the Town Beautiful contest. / When the mayor bans all horse-drawn traffic, Hank needs Sabrina's help.

  • Sabrina takes Hester to the aquarium, where he rescues a blue whale. / Sabrina must undo Aunt Hilda's magic interference with the football game.

  • Jughead fails to fall into Ethel's man-traps, so Sabrina lends a hand. / Aunts Hilda and Zelda try using magic to save their house from demolition.

  • When Sabrina swaps bodies with Salem to go on a picnic, it's nearly a catastrophe. / Reggie nearly exposes Sabrina's secret at the costume party.

  • Sabrina gives Mr. Weatherbee a magical hair-restoring potion. / Miss Della decides Sabrina's aunts are far too kind to raise a witch properly.

  • Planet Cat-tastrophe makes witches' cats do strange things, and Salem's in a pet show. / Sabrina tries to help Jughead but turns him into rabbits.

  • Comet VersaVisa spells trouble for Sabrina at carnival. / It's doomsville for Sabrina when Reggie gives Aunt Hilda a starring role in the gang's play.

  • Hot Dog Junior and Chilli Dog get a magic bone and Sabrina has to sort the mess out. / Sabrina has to baby-sit Hexter and keep her secret from Reggie.

  • The Dewitching hour plays tricks with Sabrina's magic and the costume ball. / When Jughead insults Aunt Hilda, she gets her revenge magically.

  • The Mystic Spirits decide Sabrina hasn't performed enough bad deeds lately. / An upgrade to Aunt Hilda's broom gives Pop the flight of his life.

  • Sabrina helps Mr. Wetherbee through a busy day by making clones of him. / Sabrina magics a caveman from the past to help Harvey with his homework.

  • A misfired spell turns Aunt Hilda into Sabrina's grumpy twin and Harvey into a frog. / Sabrina helps Riverdale's basketball team beat the cheats.

  • Sabrina uses her magic to get Spencer to take Ophelia to the dance. / When Sabrina gets hiccups, her magic plays all kinds of tricks.