Sarah's Summer House

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Sarah's Summer House is a home and garden program that first aired in 2011. The series follows Sarah who is a well-known interior designer as she goes about the process of remodeling her second home. Specifically, Sarah wants to take her previously dreary second home, and turn it into a proper English seaside cottage. The series follows Sarah as she goes about the process of planning the work, and making arrangements for workers to come in. It then follows Sarah as she works on the interior, exterior, and as she goes about putting furnishing in her brand new cottage.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
1 Season, 6 Episodes
May 7, 2011
Sarah's Summer House

Sarah's Summer House Full Episode Guide

  • Sarah and Tommy nestle a cozy sleeping cabin into a secluded corner of her cottage island.

  • Sarah's cottage kitchen has a casual, functional style and operates totally off the grid.

  • Sarah creates a master bedroom with a kids sleeping loft out of two spaces.

  • Sarah and Tommy create two beautiful, nature inspired cottage bathrooms with a limited budget.

  • Sarah Richardson and design sidekick Tommy Smythe transform two spaces and focus on the vintage cottage theme. The dark East Room draws from every watt of light-filled skies while the sun-baked West Room cools down in watery blues and greens.

  • Sarah renovates her very own cottage, starting with a living room addition that captures great views.