Sarah's House

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This is a show that features Sarah Richardson, a woman who has an eye for remodeling and renovating the home. Her series airs on HGTV and is quite popular in Canada. Sarah does everything from tweaking floor plans for living rooms that are already in place to painting kitchens. She wants viewers to know that it's easy to remodel a home with little effort as long as you stick to the plan. Sarah often takes viewers into her own home to show them ideas when it comes to creating a style and offering a first impression to guests as well as the family. Shows feature everything from changing the colors in rooms in the home along with rearranging furniture and looking at the different ways that the home can become a showplace instead of just a building. Sarah focuses on all rooms in the home, including the bathroom and bedrooms.

3 Seasons, 23 Episodes
September 30, 2008
Cast: Sarah Richardson
Sarah's House

Sarah's House Full Episode Guide

  • After seeing how the farm's exterior has come together, Sarah finally learns how much value her hard work has added to the once modest farmhouse. A quartet of real estate agents tours the farm room-by-room, commenting on what they like and what could be improved upon. Will the value exceed the total house purchase price and renovation?

  • A bold, antique market quilt forms the basis for this bright, wake-me-up space. Sarah and Tommy use it as inspiration for everything from fabric right down to the paint colour and bedside table lamps. Simple barn board fitted as wainscoting and a new fireplace help ground this brand new bedroom, making it a true country respite from the urban jungle!

  • This one bathroom must service a master bedroom and two kids' rooms. Sarah's brief in this brand new space includes a spacious shower and decadently deep tub. Twin vanities and ample storage solutions also give everyone the space they need. Fabric, colour and wall trim nod to the past and give this bathroom a ?been there forever? appeal.

  • It's girls versus boys as Sarah and Tommy each take a child's bedroom from studs to wonderful. Sarah's girls' bedroom is a study in pinks and purples and delicious comfort, while Tommy's blue and green boys' room includes masculine touches like a weathered barn board ceiling. When finished both rooms are winners!

  • Sarah and Tommy design a living room from the ground up. Their main objective is to connect this new-build space to the original farmhouse through the use of paint and wallpaper, trim, windows and other fixed elements. A focal fireplace, jewel-tone fabrics and time worn accents bring instant charm and character to this brand new room!

  • A wide connecting hall bridging the original house and new addition becomes the hub for family dining. Sarah looks to architectural elements and vintage furnishings to create a welcoming space that also acts as a transition from the fresh, country morning palette of the kitchen to the jewel-toned living room. It's a challenge met with stunning results!

  • Creating a cook's kitchen from a hodge-podge of smaller rooms. Sarah faces confusing flow, uneven floors and low hung windows to make this space the home's epicenter. Big box cabinetry gets a splash of country colour, and is artfully mixed with period and modern task lighting and other accents. It's Sarah's take on country living!

  • It's a lesson on maximizing style on a minimal budget. Sarah and Tommy modernize the tired farmhouse bathroom with new fixed elements like flooring, fixtures and standalone shower. They offset the new with vintage pieces, such as a painted vintage soaker tub and vanity. The farm fresh colour palette is picked from the pastoral view.

  • Living outside of a major city can mean unexpected sleepovers. Sarah transforms the farmhouse's two original bedrooms into distinctive and welcoming quarters that also work for impromptu guests. Fabrics and flea market furnishings make them sumptuous and unique. Proof positive that a couple of lemons can make some seriously good lemonade!

  • Sarah buys a farm within commuting distance of a major city to get more space for the money and prove you can get the home of your dreams right now. First order of business is to bring functionality and style to the bare bones entry and mudroom and shoehorn a powder room into the same space. Sarah and Tommy's goal is to maximize storage without minimizing character!

  • How far have Sarah's imagination, limited budget and sheer determination taken her? On buying the house, Sarah's real estate agent strongly advised she be penny-wise and spend no more than $170,000 on the entire renovation. Did Sarah spend that or more? What will a trio of top agents say the house is worth now?

  • One of the costliest renovation challenges in any house is the kitchen. Sarah bucks this trend with stylish, customized ready-made cabinetry and useful solutions for absolutely everything. Enlarged access to a side deck creates outdoor lounging space and infuses the entire interior with light.

  • Sarah unites a dated living room and entryway, giving them modern appeal and flexibility. A sense of drama comes via a heightened doorway and new set of stairs. Modern touches such as glass stair rails, skylights and a revamped fireplace create the illusion of space and bring this entire room up-to-date.

  • Sarah makes a family room that serves a multitude of purposes.

  • Sarah and Tommy set a budget challenge to bring an unused space up to the demanding specs.

  • Sarah steps up to a large yard untouched since the house was built.

  • Sarah makes every nook and cranny accountable by incorporating hidden storage.

  • The unused basement is turned into a multi-purpose suite.

  • Sarah renovates the bathrooms.

  • An absolutely bland, beige and boring master bedroom is transformed.

  • Sarah and Tommy squeeze practical style from two small, neglected rooms.

  • Sarah Richardson embarks on the most challenging project of her career.