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The show Secret Agent Miss Oh is also known by several other titles. These other titles are My Country's Call; Country's Call; and Call of the Country. The story is centered around a spunky police woman and a male by- the-book intelligence officer. The different moral convictions cause them to rarely see eye to eye in getting the job done. The differences between the two not only cause them to quickly dislike each other at first, but later becomes the source of the building attraction to each other.

Their different approaches in their respective jobs is a constant source of angst for each of them. Neither one admits the grudging attraction they feel for the other. The unpredictable reactions born from the mutual attraction give the show a humorous, sexy twist. Throw in a first love coming in and out of the situation, and the resulting tension creates the foundation for an entertaining romantic comedy/drama series.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on ViKi
1 Season, 16 Episodes
May 10, 2010
Comedy, Korean Drama, Romance
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Secret Agent Miss Oh Full Episode Guide

  • Do Hoon reveals that he had found out about Ha Na on the day he met the gang boss, who had in fact identified Ha Na after all.

  • Ha Na miraculously avoids being IDed by the gang boss as he threatens Do Hoon with exposure.

  • Do Hoon tags her ever closely, fearing that the gang may abduct Ha Na and use her as leverage, but his attention backfires and the gang fixes their eye on Ha Na.

  • Ha Na is befuddled by Do Hoon's attention, and Jin Hyuk gets piqued, but Ha Na is also feeling cross with Jin Hyuk's ongoing association with Eun Suh.

  • Eun Suh pretends to be Ha Na's friend.

  • Eun Suh tells Jin Hyuk that she saw Park take Jin Hyuk's gun on the night he died, and for fear of Jin Hyuk being wrongly accused of any such involvement she had taken the responsibility and left.

  • Do Hoon's reactions betray his growing feelings for Ha Na.

  • Deputy Chief Lee gets entangled in this weird family connection and inadvertently becomes Ha Na's uncle.

  • Again, Ha Na thinks her cover is finally blown, but then finds out that Do Hoon thinks his father had sent her to seduce or marry him.

  • It turns out that Do Hoon is drunk. Jin Hyuk runs over and brings Ha Na and Do Hoon out, pretending to be a chauffeur for hire.

  • Ha Na's condition for taking on the role of Do Hoon's secretary is having Jin Hyuk as a partner, 24/7.

  • With Ha Na's intervention, the team captures the boss.

  • Jin Hyuk gets a good beating before the forces arrive.

  • Jin Hyuk asks her to help him apprehend the suspect, but Ha Na turns him down and tries to concentrate on straightening up her situation, but things look worse than ever.

  • Her unfortunate intervention stalls NIA's drug bust at a local night club.

  • Oh Ha Na is what people would call a 'corrupt' police officer ? she exploits the small business owners in her district, but inside she's just a desperate young woman trying to make a living

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