Shaman King

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Shaman King is a Japanese anime from 2003 that focuses on Yoh, one of many shamans that can interact with both the living and the spirits of the deceased. All shamans vie for the title of Shaman King through winning the Shaman Fight, the last shaman standing gains that title and may beseech a Great Spirit to grant any wish that he or she desires. The only thing limiting these wishes is that the tournament only occurs once every 500 years. Yoh eventually encounters Hao, a rival shaman, who desires the extinction of humans and only the shamans would remain.

2 Seasons, 64 Episodes
August 30, 2003
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Andrew Rannells, Megumi Hayashibara, Sebastian Arcelus
Shaman King

Shaman King Full Episode Guide

  • Still depressed because Lyserg left with the X-Laws, the four Shamans meet a boy called Chocolove, who wants to become the world's greatest comedian through the Shaman Fight. In the meantime, Faust VIII and Anna make a deal.

  • Manta’s plan of cheering Ryu up turns upside down when he is kidnapped by the X-Laws, who want to lure Yoh into their trap, the Gate of Babylon. In his determination to be strong enough to help Yoh, Manta discovers something about his computer, and the X-Laws get in trouble when Hao intervenes in the fight.

  • To improve his Shaman abilities, Yoh entered the Hole of Yomi, a place where there is no light and sound. Manta, Anna, Amidamaru and a girl called Tamao wait for him to come back. Meanwhile, Elly and Milly reach their location.

  • When Ren is heavily injured, HoroHoro, Ryu, Faust, Chocolove and newly arrived Lyserg fight to protect him, revealing, to Hao’s followers, what is the true meaning of companionship. Meanwhile, Anna’s rosary of 1080 beads is bestowed with the power of sealing Hao.

  • Yoh, Ryu, Ren and HoroHoro say goodbye to their friends and family before going to America for the second preliminary tournament. However, before they can leave, the mysterious Hao shows up to assess the group's strength.

  • In the morning Rio discovers that he has became a Shaman. Rio decides to leave and become the Shaman King by training by himself.

  • Rio is tired of Anna's training sessions, so he decides to go back to his old life as a gang member. Before Rio knows it, he's in front of an evil spirit named Tokageroh. Suddenly, Tokageroh possesses Rio's body.

  • Yoh and Morty find a boy who has passed out on the sidewalk. When the boy recovers, he explains that his name is "Trey Racer". Trey would like to stay at the motel, but first, Trey is forced to go through one of Anna's training sessions. Anna thinks Trey's a villain trying to take Yoh out of the Shaman Tournament for good.

  • Rio approaches Yoh and he tells him that he wants to become a Shaman. Rio says that he wants to aid his new friend and master, Yoh on his journey on becoming Shaman King.

  • Jun Tao runs into trouble when she suddenly loses control of her talisman in the fight between Amidamaru and Yoh. Meanwhile, Morty goes off looking for a sword that Yoh and Amidamaru can use in battle.

  • Anna believes that Yoh needs a break so Yoh, Morty and Anna go watch a movie at the theater about Morty's hero, Lee Pai Long. After the movie, Yoh confronts none other than Lenny's siter, Jun Tao.

  • Once again, Yoh lies in a hospital bed when Yoh's fiancée, Anna approaches him. Anna tells Yoh that he must train long hours in order to become Shaman King.

  • After losing the battle with Lenny, Yoh lies in a hospital bed with an injured shoulder. Rio is sitting in the waiting room because Rio saved Yoh before Len tried killing him. Yoh explains that he wants to take on Len again, but first he must do some simple training.

  • In order to become a Shaman, Yoh must have his own Guardian Ghost. When Yoh begins looking for a Guardian Ghost, he decides on the spirit he wants most - Amidamaru.

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