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An animated adventure show, Lina Inverse and her crew are sent off on a journey to save their world in Slayers Try. On their quest, they travel to a new island where their mission proves to be more difficult than originally anticipated. The squad runs into old enemies that still have a score to settle, bandits with dangerous explosives and Hellmaze, a part dragon and part alien, whose mission is to save his own world. Hellmaze may prove to be the biggest obstacle since in order to protect his world, Lina's life may have to be sacrificed.

Slayers Try is a Anime series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on July 9, 2008. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.0.

Slayers Try is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Slayers Try on demand at Crunchyroll Amazon, Crunchyroll online.

Mondays at 9:30 pm et/pt on FUNimation
5 Seasons, 67 Episodes
July 9, 2008
Cast: Megumi Hayashibara, Yasunori Matsumoto, Hikaru Midorikawa, Masami Suzuki
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Slayers Try Full Episode Guide

  • With the Demon King risen and more powerful than ever, Lina knows her best chance to save the world might also destroy it! Time is running out - will she risk using the Giga Slave to stop Shabranigdo?

  • Pokota and the gang work together to save the people of Taforashia, but it might be too late to save the world after Xellos's fears are confirmed: Rezo wasn't the only entity freed from the Hellmaster's Jar!

  • Pokota is set to free Taforashia when Xellos attacks! After the dust settles, Lina tries to convince her friend that opening the Hellmaster's Jar could be a big mistake. None the less, the moonlit ritual begins.

  • Hoping to learn how to reclaim his original body, Zelgadis steals the Hellmaster's Jar! He doesn't like what the Red Priest has to say about the matter - but Rezo's words are more torturous to desperate Pokota.

  • With no idea how to free Rezo's soul from the jar, Lina's crew can only hope the Red Priest himself will share the information. Luckily, for a man trapped in a piece of pottery, Rezo's actually pretty chatty.

  • Tragedy and betrayal strike when the crew joins Radok and Abel on a business trip. The final battle between Lina Inverse and Zuuma arrives.

  • Lina may find it hard to believe that Ozzel's loyalties have shifted from Zuuma to Radok, but her lingering skepticism gets put to the test when the assassin attacks!

  • Zuuma threatens a wealthy man and forces him to hire Lina as a bodyguard! It's obviously a trap - but if Inverse can defeat the assassin and keep her client alive, a substantial reward is hers: the Hellmaster's Jar!

  • Nama leads the group into a tower where she believes the Hellmaster's Jar can be found! The crumbling halls are full of traps - but the greatest danger to Lina's gang is the diabolical duo waiting in the shadows!

  • It's a tsunami of emotion and melodrama! Gourry shocks Lina and the gang when he retires from adventuring to play the role of proud papa in Kuppi's finned family!

  • After becoming separated from the group, Amelia and Nama defend a village from a towering dragon. Beating the beast will require teamwork - especially since Amelia is trapped inside Nama!

  • A headless knight and his undead minions are terrorizing a village! With Nama's assistance, Lina might be able to help the citizens with their ghoulish problem and get a step closer to the Hellmaster's Jar.

  • While looking for clues that could point to the Hellmaster's Jar, Lina finds herself at odds with a living suit of armor that seems to have a very familiar - and annoying - personality.

  • The warriors of Seyruun join Lina's crew in battle against Zanaffar, but it's Duclis who may hold the key to stopping the demon's rampage. The fate of Taforashia - and the world - is on the line!

  • Duclis and Zanaffar begin their assault on Seyruun! Lina and the crew struggle against the demon's awesome power - but with Gourry wielding Pokota's Sword of Light, they just might have a chance!

  • Duclis unleashes the Zanaffar on those who failed the people of Taforashia during their darkest time! But even as the gang vows to fight alongside Pokota, time is running out for the beast's next target!

  • Lina and her friends battle Gioconda, Zuuma, and Ozzel! And thanks to some information shared by Wizer, Pokota and Duclis find they share a common enemy.

  • Gioconda's plan to start an arms race will soon come to fruition - unless Lina and her gang can bust out of their cell! Meanwhile, Pokota learns of Duclis's plan to avenge the people of Taforashia.

  • Lina's crew navigates a fortress full of traps set by Wizer. When a far more powerful adversary is revealed to be pulling the Inspector's strings, Lina employs an odd strategy that surprises everyone!

  • In a village divided by a feud, Lina's gang takes on Pokota and Duclis's goons in a strange contest: each team must do whatever it takes to be the first to roll their giant ball to the top of a mountain!

  • After Pokota explains how his people came to be trapped in a state of magical slumber, Lina's crew discovers a familiar face among those involved with the stolen tanks.

  • After hearing why Pokota's been destroying tanks, Amelia joins the tiny creature's crusade of devastation. Their first battle as a team is against a powerful opponent - Lina!

  • Wizer accuses Lina of abducting the pets of wealthy people. She'll have to sail to a mysterious island - and survive an onslaught of strange beasts - to clear her name.

  • To prove her innocence to Wizer, Lina battles Pokota, the tiny creature actually responsible for the recent wave of exploding tanks.

  • Lina's captured by a government inspector, arrested for the crime of being Lina! He's brought an entire battalion of soldiers - and a tank - but a furry, mysterious interloper might be the biggest threat.