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  • 2007
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (237)

Solty Rei is a sci-fi anime series. The story is about a city where the aurora makes it impossible to fly above the city as well as leave the city. This happens after an event called the blast fall. This breaks the city which has descended into a world of hopelessness. Living without hope in a world where life is restricted is the main character who is a bounty hunter. He goes through life with the others of his city and one night a woman falls from the sky. This is an unheard of miracle. The girl who falls from the sky has no past. The story is about whether or not she can find a future with the bounty hunter.

Solty Rei
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Love Shared
26. Love Shared
August 21, 2007
As Appreciation Day approaches, Kasha struggles with her feelings about her real family's adoption offer, while Solty struggles with the meaning of happiness. And Rose shadows Roy to discover if he's suddenly started dating again?and if it could lead to something more serious.
Opportunities Missed, Love Shared
25. Opportunities Missed, Love Shared
August 21, 2007
Love and happiness are the theme of the day. A mother and daughter separately ask for the assistance of Roy and Rose, who both come up with elaborate schemes to fool the other. But the more the scheme continues, the more the mother and daughter find out they're really not so different. All the while, Solty ponders what it means to be happy.
The Future
24. The Future
August 21, 2007
A final threat to civilization drifts silently through the stars. Solty rises to confront the menace, armed with an appreciation for life, death, love and compassion. Now she must save these emotions from extinction. Silent dread brings Roy to his knees as strangers watch the sky united by trembling hope. In the darkness of space, a light shines very brightly in the eyes of Solty Revant. Daughter, sister, machine? Humanity's only hope.
Farewell Message
23. Farewell Message
August 21, 2007
The love of a father for his daughter, the love of a man for the woman that makes him whole? Battles fought for family and happiness still end in death. Two hundred years of pain bring Ashley to the cusp of apocalypse, the puppet architect of society once more set to unleash devastation on a massive scale. Now the strings are cut and the servant makes himself master. Even in the face of victory, mankind's undoing looms just beneath the stars. A time for great sacrifice has arrived.
Three Girls, Three Intentions
22. Three Girls, Three Intentions
July 10, 2007
A patchwork family gathers to save one of their own while the world collapses on itself. Friends and neighbors lose control and lash out, the once sheltering sky turned demonic intercessor. Citizens are possessed and turned into unwitting soldiers in a grey battle. Humanity is in the crossfire and little Solty takes her first bold steps towards her incredible fate. First, she must face Rose in the smoke above the burning city, sisters at odds over ideals. A better world awaits, but by whose design shall it arise? Martyrs are a dime a dozen at the end of the world.
The Time For Truth
21. The Time For Truth
July 10, 2007
Gather around a bounty hunter, two thieves and a cluster of fugitive murder suspects and you're bound to attract attention sooner or later. The assault begins on the new underground. Loyalties and the front lines of battle twist into an indecipherable tangle. The dark reality of Resemble technology is revealed along with insight into a new enemy of the enemy... Eunomia; the super-computer that steers the destiny of all that live beneath the incandescent heavens. Deconstruction is imminent. Must one destroy everything old to start anew?
Catastrophe Calls
20. Catastrophe Calls
July 10, 2007
The noose is tightening around the crew. Rose's intentions are hazy, but as she sinks deeper into her new life she has a warning for Miranda? You are being watched. An encounter with Ashley leaves Solty catatonic, and the desert hermit arrives with arcane information to reveal. Visions of labs and secret science cloud the history of the RUC. The Aurora Shell is at once a blessing and a prison? The sky is alive and tweaking the delicate genetic make up of little girls. One of these little girls decides to fight back.
All Together
19. All Together
July 10, 2007
The city is dripping violence. Roy has a rooftop encounter with a gun toting ghost who seems to have gone over the edge. How many times and how many ways can he lose the same girl? Disparate groups, once bitter adversaries, gather to plot the fight against an emerging threat. Walking into the lion's den to face down the RUC Executive Ashley, Roy takes a stand against the seeming corruption of his daughter. As the Aurora Shell shimmers over a crippled metropolis, an observer from the desert decides to take action.
Welcome Home
18. Welcome Home
May 29, 2007
Solty and Roy are reunited and the hunters are back on the clock. But for every yin there's a yang, and the RUC is feeling the pains of being torn asunder. Treason and murder are the order of the day as the remaining RUC girls scramble to survive. The insidious powers that be manipulate reality and suddenly good cops are wanted fugitives. The ladies are sharp and won't take their betrayal lightly, as war on a personal scale begins to flare up. The brothers Anderson learn of Rose's return, and under the moon one night love and loyalty gasp for air.
17. Lady
May 29, 2007
Rose is back and has been placed in a position of power in the RUC. Ashley seems to take joy in playing the girls off of each other and a test of wills and fists between two brassy blondes leaves some egos bruised, with Rose showing complete disregard for regulations and discipline. Solty returns home, just as Roy ventures into the desert seeking information on the wandering Resemble. All he finds are words of caution. Deep in the confines of RUC HQ, Ashley is about to reveal his true colors? Primarily, blood red.
Half Kidding
16. Half Kidding
May 29, 2007
Tragedy has struck Solty's desert hideaway, but you'd never know it by talking to the detached hermit. He's an observer, and some of the things he's seen go all the way back to the Blast Fall. Solty honors the legacy of her departed friend, making something beautiful from charred rubble. Meanwhile, strange tests are being run deep inside the RUC headquarters, and Senior Executive Manager Ashley decides to introduce the newest leader of the Security Force. The dead seem to walk again, and the squad is about to get shaken to the core.
Safe Haven
15. Safe Haven
May 29, 2007
Left to her own vices, Solty kicks around in the desert outside of town, stumbling upon an old man and his young friend, a kid named Will. The Resemble is feeling worthless after Roy's tongue lashing, but her new companion tries to convince the little misfit that even objects made up of spare parts have value. The old man looks on stoically? For Solty is about to learn the truth behind human mortality. Back in the city, Roy continues to wallow in his private hell, which Miranda takes it upon herself to beat him out of.
Heavy Hearts
14. Heavy Hearts
April 17, 2007
The newly dead rest undisturbed near generations long gone. Those left behind must face the choices they have made. Alone once more, Roy Revant turns inward, facing destiny at the bottom of a bottle. The shattered hunter wastes no time pushing everyone away. One can't blame a broken man for having no rhyme or reason amidst so much death? But Solty needs her surrogate parent now more than ever. As she wanders the streets alone, Roy must decide to gather his strength or suffer forever.
13. Distance
April 17, 2007
Dreams are a dime a dozen, as are distant faces long lost in the past. But when the moment finally comes for the estranged to come eye to eye, sometimes more is lost than just years. Roy cherishes the memory of his daughter, but the living reality is a bit of a handful. And Rose finds herself torn between two identities, desperate to learn who she really is. A moment of clarity and a family is reunited? But only for an instant. Some men just aren't cut out for happiness.
Tears: After the Showdown
12. Tears: After the Showdown
April 17, 2007
The maniac bomber is still on the loose and Rose lies tangled in his grasp. Roy does what Roy does best and loads up his gun. The brothers Anderson come upon some shocking information about their little sister? Family ties and blood ties often run parallel and never intersect. Not only does it appear that Roy's daughter is alive, she may be closer than anybody ever expected. He risks life and limb for the long lost little girl as the world explodes around him. Losing her once was enough.
Birthday Game
11. Birthday Game
April 17, 2007
Celebration is rare in Roy's life, and Solty looks to lift his spirits with a surprise birthday party. The bash just may go off with a bang when a nemesis from the hunter's history starts leaving explosive gifts around town. The mad bomber is playing games with Revant and his ragtag crew, and winners are hard to come by amid the smoke and destruction. A flickering image plays out a horrible scenario and Rose is in real danger... A familiar melody fills the air. Hanging in the atmosphere, the song offers peace.
Treasure and Rescue
10. Treasure and Rescue
March 6, 2007
The fledgling alliance forged between Roy and the Anderson family of hoods gets off to a terrifying start when Solty and Rose are trapped beneath the world, prisoners of the crumbling underground city. Even with the help of the heroic Resemble Rescue Squad, the situation looks exceedingly bleak. Rose is sharp and Solty is strong, but those traits may not be enough to compete with raging infernos and a suffocating lack of oxygen. Keep stacking loss on even the hardest man's shoulders and he'll surely fall beneath the weight.
Girls' Day Off
9. Girls' Day Off
March 6, 2007
Twelve years spent kneeling on a grave can make a man dark. Strangers pass in the cemetery on the anniversary of the Blast Fall. Those changed by the tragedy struggle to regain normalcy and while some mourn the loss of love, Rose is being courted by an RUC official... Two souls from opposing sides of the law, finding common ground in the desire for equality. Solty works to prepare a meal that she can proud of and Miranda helps stir the pot. It's called comfort food for a reason.
8. Revenge
March 6, 2007
It's a rainy day and accordingly Roy's got the blues, concerned with the ladies in his life. Rose is still hanging around the home and now she has eyes for Solty, convinced that the sweet Resemble could easily become a formidable thief. The whole situation seems black and white until a scarred face from the fair-haired forager's past slinks by. A life lived lusting for revenge is a lot different from a life seeking true justice. Sure, a criminal is a criminal? But maybe intentions are what matters most.
A Little Blue Demon Comes to Visit
7. A Little Blue Demon Comes to Visit
March 6, 2007
There's a bad wind blowing, and a stray breeze has dropped the pesky thief Rose into Roy and Solty's living quarters. It seems her hide-out got busted and the Anderson gang is on the lam. The blond bandit is quite a demanding roommate, quickly proving a bad influence on naïve little Solty. When shipments of a precious antibody serum keep ending up pilfered, visions of black market deals come to mind. But the truth is rarely straightforward. Rose may be a thorn in Roy's side, but many desperate people view her in a whole different light.
Beloved Daughter
6. Beloved Daughter
January 23, 2007
The people on the fringe of society are the ones who suffer the most. Roy gets a tip that might lead to his missing daughter, but the path dead-ends in that grey area where good men make bad choices. Resemble hardware doesn't come cheap and neither does redemption. Sometimes looking across the line that divides right and wrong is like looking into a mirror. When Roy and Solty confront a thief with a previously clean record, it may prove easier to sympathize than condemn one caught in a desperate situation.
Waterside Panic
5. Waterside Panic
January 23, 2007
Sometimes sitting around the pool can end up as less than a vacation. Roy and his crew attempt to unwind, but when the bevy of bathing beauties around the water includes a known thief and a handful of members from the RUC Security Force, rest and relaxation might have to wait. A priceless gem has been stolen, and when news of the stone's value makes its way around the pool, suddenly everybody is back on the clock. It's every girl for herself, and Solty is stuck in the middle.
4. Friend
January 23, 2007
After the Blast Fall, Resembles are everywhere, of which Solty is discovered to be a very unique model. Where did she come from? Or is it? Who made her? Science may call her a machine, but her emotions are as human as they come. Curiosity and compassion carry her across town with a new potential playmate. But after a clash with a dangerous Resemble in the sewer, Solty explores some new human traits: the pangs of loss and loneliness. The RUC seems privy to information regarding all of the stronger Resembles that are turning up lately? And now Solty is on their radar.
The Girl in Blue
3. The Girl in Blue
January 23, 2007
Much to Roy's chagrin, Solty is doing her best to fit into her new life. She's full of questions about the world around her, but with no answers of her own with regards to her quirks or her lack of a past. When Roy takes a job escorting a sensitive package across town, an infamous band of thieves goes ballistic to cut through the defenses set up to ensure safe delivery. Makes no matter? Once again, Solty's uncanny abilities prove shocking. After a physical scan at the hospital, it's quickly becoming apparent that Solty is something special.
A New Dawn
2. A New Dawn
January 23, 2007
The bounty hunter game is a ruthless one, and walking around with your head in the clouds will get it taken off by a bullet. Roy has things on his mind, but it's hard to think with a Resemble orphan always under foot. The mystery of Solty's origins becomes a little cloudier when the RUC Elite Squad comes knocking. They suspect the odd little girl of industrial espionage. Roy may be starting to care about Solty in spite of himself, but nothing is going to change the fact that something isn't right about her.
The City Where The Aurora Falls
1. The City Where The Aurora Falls
January 23, 2007
Times are tough after the Blast Fall, an unexplained explosion that killed thousands and left countless maimed. Roy Revant is alone in the broken city, his daughter missing ever since the violent event and his wife taken by cancer. Now he spends his dark days as a bounty hunter, with one eye looking down the barrel of a gun and the other scanning for clues about his vanished family. It's a cozy rut for a man with no future? Until one day a girl falls from the sky at just the right moment. She's lost like Roy, but otherwise very different. And she just might be more trouble than she's worth.

Solty Rei is a sci-fi anime series. The story is about a city where the aurora makes it impossible to fly above the city as well as leave the city. This happens after an event called the blast fall. This breaks the city which has descended into a world of hopelessness.

Living without hope in a world where life is restricted is the main character who is a bounty hunter. He goes through life with the others of his city and one night a woman falls from the sky. This is an unheard of miracle.

The girl who falls from the sky has no past. The story is about whether or not she can find a future with the bounty hunter.

Solty Rei is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 23, 2007.

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Solty Rei is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Solty Rei on demand at Amazon, Apple TV and Crunchyroll.

  • Premiere Date
    January 23, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (237)