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"Spider-Man" is the signature main character from Marvel Comics. He is the alter-ego of Mr. Peter Parker, a science student at a New York City university. While Peter was conducting a radiology experiment, he was bitten by a spider that had been exposed to the radidation. He then discovered he had acquired the spider's wall-scaling, leaping, and extra-sensory abilities. He also gained much more strength and endurance. Peter then makes himself a red and blue costume and made himself something that allowed him to spin webs, thus being able to move swiftly and quickly from building to building high above the streets of Manhattan.

When Peter's Uncle Ben is murdered, Peter would not help the police stop the fleeing criminal, who ran past Peter when he was at a TV Station exhibiting his spider-abilities. Because he neglected to help, Peter was in some way responsible for his Uncle's death. It is then that Peter, dressed in his Spiderman guise, catches the murderer using his abilities, and comes to realize his powers were given to him to do good, and decides to be this new fighter of crime. In order to support his now widowed aunt, he decides to take a job as a photographer at a local newspaper, but still fights crime as Spiderman. Peter keeps his new duty a secret from everyone.

Spiderman was created by Stan Lee, founder of Marvel Comics. This is one of the earliest superheros featured in illusttrated comic books. A TV show was created and aired from 1967 to 1970. Its opening theme song was written by Paul Francis Webster.

Bernard Cowan was the dialogue director, he was the narrator, and provided some voices to the supporting characters. Peter Parker was voiced by Paul Soles, who used a lighter voice for Peter Parker, and a deeper, stronger voice for Spiderman. This was an animated series, and led to a multitude of marketing items and toys, and started the trend of superheros being portrayed in weekly cartoon shows on television.

Saturdays at 10:00 am on ABC
3 Seasons, 52 Episodes
September 9, 1967
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Paul Soles

Spider-Man Full Episode Guide

  • After falling inside a train, Spider-Man narrates tales of his adventures to a boy who is running away and wants to become a superhero.

  • Peter Parker is sent out by the Bugle to take photos of the giant meteor that recently crashed. He soon finds himself tied up as Green Men creep out of the South Pole caves to sacrifice the meteor to their Geyser God!

  • The Radiation Specialist is out of prison with a dastardly new plan to take over Manhattan! By luring Spider-Man out of the city with a runaway car, the Specialist uses Manhattan's only active Nuclear Reactor to take over the city, causing it to rise out of the Hudson River into the sky and turn New Yorkers into his Spider-Man hunting slaves!

  • Spider-Man comes up against The Infinita of Dimensia 5! As a key researcher for the Library of Garth crashes on Earth, it's up to Spider-Man to protect the entire library that's been saved on a tiny jewel! Will our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man be able to defeat the X-Ray Intelligence of the Infinata, or will he submit to their devious mind games?

  • The walloping Rhino sets his sights on some gold bouillon, trashing submarines, trains, and armored cars! Will Spider-Man be able to put a stop to the unstoppable? Or will he be left in the wreckage of the Rhino's wake? ''The Madness of Mysterio'': Mysterio returns to hit Spider-Man with some special effects that shrink him down to size. How will the six-inch tall Webhead make it through Mysterio's funhouse of gigantic proportions?

  • While snooping around Professor Carl Von Lutz's abandoned house, Peter Parker and Sue unwittingly unleash a Giant Expanding Roller Ball that threatens the free world! Spider-Man wanders into the world of the plant-like humanoids known as The Vegio to find the device that can shrink the ball back down to size. Can Spider-Man "plant one on 'em" in time to stop the Rolling Ball of Destruction from colliding with a missile silo?

  • Dr. Atlantean, the Gilled Menace of the Seven Seas strikes Manhattan, displaying his "Sweet Tune of Destruction" by submerging Manhattan and causing earthquakes. Can Spider-Man spoil the plans of the deranged scientist bent on conquering the surface world or will he find himself walking the plank?

  • King Arthur the play is in town and one of the Knights of the Round Table is at large! Can Spider-Man save his job at the Daily Bugle, and defeat Sir Galahad before he steals King Arthur's sword? Find out! "The Devious Dr. Dumpty": The Dastardly Man of Science Dr. Dumpty goes on a gas filled crime spree! Stealing a million dollars in jewels from starlet Rachelle Wells, the Mad Doctor attempts to steal a golden mask from Africa, but will Peter Parker's science know-how overcome the Doctor's?

  • While napping after a long night on patrol, Spider-Man wakes up to an unprecedented illusion! A floating Eye, firing beams of fire, causes blizzards in the heat of summer and bridges and tunnels to disappear, all caused by Coga the Great Super Swami of Storms! How will our favorite Wall-Crawler escape the Swami's Snow Globe of Doom to save Manhattan? "The Birth of Micro Man": Peter Parker unwillingly helps the fugitive Micro Man get away from prison. Realizing his mistake, will Spider-Man be able to survive his shrink ray to put an end to the Kingdom Come Machine?

  • A mad genius, Doctor Vespasian, discovers a breakthrough chemical that allows him to become invisible. Using his new power of invisibility, Doctor Vespasian goes on a bank robbing spree. Fed up with the unending string of robberies, the city asks Spider-Man for help.

  • A disgruntled and delusional Baron from WWII has emerged from his mountain stronghold and takes a jet liner hostage demanding rule for the sky. The United Nations meet to discuss the Baron's demands and seek help from Spider-Man. "The Big Brainwasher:" The Kingpin and his goons create a mind-control machine and use it to manipulate powerful city officials. Spider-Man discovers the plan and leaps into action to stop the Kingpin.

  • When a hi-voltage electric cable is accidentally cut, it falls into a toxic lake and onto a snowman. This uncanny series of events brings the snowman to life and creates an unstoppable monster made of snow. The monster rampages through the city and accumulates more and more snow, becoming a huge and terrible force that Spider-Man must find a way to destroy! "Spider-Man Vs. Desperado:" Spider-Man encounters a flying cowboy on an electric horse. As he follows the intriguing character, Spider-Man witnesses the kooky cowboy perpetrate a bank heist and goes on a wild ride to round-up... the Desperado!

  • The Vulture is back in town and he's spreading fear across the city in hopes that the fear he creates will lead to his eventual rule! Refusing to let this happen to his beloved city, Spider-Man sets out to capture the Vulture and put him away once and for all. But are the two too evenly matched for Spider-Man to win? Will the Vulture finally out-smart the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? "Conner's Reptiles:" J. Jonah Jameson sends Peter Parker to the Florida everglades to cover a developing story about Dr. Conner's new serum that increases reptile intelligence. When he arrives, Spider-Man finds out that Dr. Conner has been kidnapped by one of his creations!

  • While chasing two burglars after a bank heist, Spider-Man is knocked unconscious and taken to a prison infirmary by the police. As he recovers from his wounds, he discovers that the inmates in the prison have taken over and are planning to escape. Spider-Man devises an ingenious plan and pretends to be part of the escape in order to save Captain Stacy and get the inmates back in their cells.

  • Spider-Man is captured by Dr. Cool, who ties the webslinger up and puts him in a deep freeze unit along with some stolen diamonds

  • When Dr. Irving Caldwell suddenly disappears after finally being awarded for his research, his son takes matters into his own hands. Using his father's invention the "Astro helmet," to become 'Skyboy' but are his heroics a help or a hinderance to the Web-slinger? and when a rival photographer moves in on Peter's turf, will the famous Parker luck come through? check out this ultra retro episode to find out.

  • Things get dark and stormy for ol' Spidey as a fierce lighting storm reigns down on New York leaving the city easy pickings for criminals everywhere. Yet there may be more to these storms than meets the eye when the source of the lighting is revealed from beyond the stars. As the reach of the red planet mars readies it's ancient warriors for conquest, Spider-Man prepares for his biggest adventure yet. Small time criminals just may make it big in this classic episode.

  • After setting up a date with a girl named Carol, Peter decides to patrol the town as Spider-Man and stumbles upon a robbery perpetrated by ... Carol!

  • When the Neptune missile sent to space for research fails during launch and crashes into the ocean, J. Jonah Jameson sends Peter Parker and a Daily Bugle journalist to cover the story. On route to the crash site, the Daily Bugle plane encounters a raging storm and are forced to crash land on a remote island. An indigenous tribe kidnaps the journalist, Penny, and Spider-Man must find her before it's too late.

  • Peter and his professor are in a plane crash in South America. The survivors are trapped in a jungle with dangerous natives watching their every move.

  • Peter gets entangled in a robbery plot by a villain who has the ability to transform himself into pure energy in the form of an enormous black cat.

  • After inadvertently unleashing a giant plant from a seed he found in a missing scientist's house, Spider-Man travels back in time to stop the menace.

  • Kotep the Scarlet Sorcerer, an ancient magician frozen in time by a rival sorcerer, is brought back to life by a deranged college professor.

  • Peter tries to stop an evil alien who is enslaving an island's populace with the intention of using them to mine a mineral from the island.

  • A building that Peter is on is taken underground by the Molemen, who want to capture and eliminate Spider-Man before invading the world.

  • Museum robbers disguised as gorillas create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and stealing valuable items while the wild animals occupy the security. Spider-Man discovers the devious plan and corrals the freed animals in time to get to the bottom of the heist.

  • On a newspaper assignment, Peter investigates why entire banks are disappearing, and uncovers an underground civilization in the process.

  • Sky Master hatches a plan to kidknap high school quarterback Roy Robinson, the son of a well-known scientist who has invented an invisibility serum.

  • A mad scientist takes control of a nuclear reactor and creates an anti-gravity field that lifts the entire island of Manhattan into the stratosphere.

  • Peter, on his first night shift at the Bugle, overhears a conversation in which fake medicine production is mentioned. He learns that the racket, run by a rotund mobster who calls himself the Kingpin, consists of thugs who force pharmacists to sell fake imitation medicines.

  • "Bookworm" Peter Parker refuses a triple-date and instead visits a public science demonstration. The rest you may already know: He's bitten by a spider, turns into a superhero, becomes a TV star, lets a thief go (who later murders his Uncle Ben), and afterwards...evildoers beware!

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