Spider-Man (1981)

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The television series entitled Spider-Man is an animated series which is centered on the adventures of Spider-man. The series is divided into 26 episodes. Every episode is broadcast for 22minutes and the complete series is available on DVD. The series is such that every episode introduces a new idea and new characters.

In episode one Dr. Octopus tries to improve his articulated robots so that he can use them to steal all the oil supply in the world. As a result, he becomes very mischievous and cunning and commits so many crimes in the city. Fortunately for him he never gets caught in his acts.

Episode two is about Dr. Boom who has the ability to control all the leaders of the world by simply using his mind. One day while the leaders are having a conference at the United Nations, he tries to manipulate them to appoint him their leader. In episode three, the lizard plans to transform the city of New York into a marshy area so that it will only be inhabited by reptiles in the future. Episode four is about the black cat which proclaims her desires to kidnap Maltease Mouse and warns Spider-man not to challenge her operations.

In episode five, the Sandman goes to Mars and steals a soil sample. Episode six is about Magneto who utilizes a mysterious spaceship to shut off the power supply of the whole nation. In the next episode, Mysterio opens a new night club in the city. He attracts all the city dwellers and patrons with his music and makes them his slaves.

Episode eight is about Doctor Doom who decides to substitute all the leaders of the world with robots and tries to manipulate them to appoint him their overall leader. In the next episode, Ringmaster uses a unique gas to steal from banks and tries to make everyone believe Spider-man is responsible. In episode ten, Norman escapes from a psychiatric hospital on the night of Halloween.

The series continues in that manner with different episodes and short stories and Spider-man's challenges to resolve problems.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 12, 1981
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Mona Marshall, Buster Jones, Linda Gary, Bill Woodson, Jane Lynch
Spider-Man (1981)

Spider-Man (1981) Full Episode Guide

  • The Wizard invites Medusa to New York City, where he forces her to steal an electronic device from a military base.

  • The Kingpin is able to trick Spider-Man into committing a series of crimes.

  • Upon calling a truce with crime lords Silvermane, Hammerhead, and Caesar Cicero, the Kingpin shows them a powerful acid developed by Dr. Everett.

  • The Vulture has been kidnapping scientists in an effort to gain control of a NASA space probe.

  • Spider-Man catches the relative of the burglar that killed Ben Parker, which leads the Chamelon to discover Spidey's secret identity

  • NASA sends a rocket into space, built by Doctor Doom, unaware that he has attached a device to it that will move the Earth out of orbit.

  • A mad scientist named Dr. Bradley Shaw transforms into a mutant spider when trying to gain Spider-Man's powers from his blood sample.

  • Freedom fighters from Latveria start an underground movement in New York City.

  • The Capture of Captain AmericaCaptain America is kidnapped by the Red Skull, who plans to swap minds with him and take over the military. Spider-Man tries to save Captain America.

  • Doctor Doom secretly uses a laser cannon to create a fault line on New York City and then promises to fix the problem.

  • Professor Gizmo seeks to reclaim sunken treasure and to steal the diamonds from a charity cruise ship.

  • A janitor, feeling that his genius is ignored, dons the identity of the Gadgeteer to steal his employer's new shrinking device.

  • After being hired by J. Jonah Jameson to look for a mascot for the Daily Bugle, Kraven the Hunter comes to the city as a hero when he captures Zabu.

  • A rodeo show has come to the city, and the Sidewinder tries to steal the gold spurs.

  • "Doctor Doom forms a criminal partnership with Goron to pose as humanitarians to gain control of a space craft.

  • The Triangle of Evil forces Spider-Man to survive deadly stunts.

  • Norman Osborn escapes from a mental institution, but when the train he is riding in crashes, he remembers that he is the Green Goblin.

  • The circus has come to town, and the Ringmaster uses a special gas to rob banks, while making people believe that Spider-Man is the thief.

  • Doctor Doom returns to replace the world leaders with robots under his control so they will declare him ruler of the world.

  • Mysterio opens up a new disco nightclub in town that turns its patrons and anyone else that hears the disco music into his slaves.

  • Magneto uses a spacecraft to increase his powers and shut off the nation's power supply.

  • The Sandman steals a soil sample from Mars from NASA and goes on a crime spree.

  • The Black Cat announces that she plans to steal the Maltese Mouse and challenges Spider-Man to try and stop her.

  • The Lizard is plotting to turn New York City into a swampland, filled with reptiles under his control.

  • Doctor Doom is mind-controlling world leaders so, at the upcoming United Nations meeting, they will declare him the master of the world.

  • Doctor Octopus commits various mysterious crimes in an effort to upgrade his mechanical arms and steal the world's oil supply.