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  • 1981
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The animated series Spider-Man first aired in 1981 and ran through 1982. It featured Spider-Man, a beloved superhero first introduced in Marvel comics, as he battled to save the city from danger while also navigating his everyday life as a meek reporter named Peter Parker.

The show starred Mona Marshall as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Mona brought a youthful energy to the character and her performance made Peter Parker relatable to younger viewers. Her voice had a playful tone that matched the whimsical nature of the show.

Buster Jones played the role of the villainous Doctor Octopus. Buster's booming voice was perfect for the devious villain with his eight mechanical arms. Doctor Octopus was one of Spider-Man's most persistent foes, and Buster's performance imbued him with the perfect mix of arrogance and intelligence, making him a daunting adversary.

Linda Gary was the voice actor for Aunt May, Peter's kind-hearted and wise old aunt. Linda’s performance gave Aunt May a sense of warmth and comfort that Peter could always fall back on. Bill Woodson, meanwhile, played the narrator of the show. His commanding voice set the tone for each episode of Spider-Man.

Jane Lynch, who would later go on to become a well-known actress, had a minor role as a supporting cast member in the series.

In terms of the show's production values, Spider-Man featured simple, hand-drawn animation that was typical of cartoons of the era. The animation was serviceable, but it was the storytelling and the performances that really stood out. The show's writers did a great job of balancing the superhero action sequences and Peter's personal life, with each episode offering a new adventure that showcased Spider-Man's abilities and ingenuity.

The show's most memorable episodes include "The Capture of Captain America," in which Spider-Man teams up with Captain America to take down a nefarious villain threatening to destroy the city. Another standout episode is "The Curse of Rava," in which Spider-Man faces off against a supervillain with magical powers who can control peoples' minds.

Spider-Man was a hit with audiences when it first aired, and its influence can still be felt today. The show helped to popularize the character of Spider-Man and demonstrated the potential for animated superhero storytelling. The character would go on to star in numerous other animated series, and eventually, several blockbuster Hollywood films.

Overall, Spider-Man (1981) was a fun and entertaining animated series that captured the spirit of the beloved Marvel superhero. With its captivating storytelling and engaging voice performances, it remains a beloved piece of pop culture history.

Spider-Man (1981) is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1981.

Spider-Man (1981)
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Under The Wizard's Spell
26. Under The Wizard's Spell
March 6, 1982
The Wizard invites Medusa to New York City, where he forces her to steal an electronic device from a military base.
The Return Of Kingpin
25. The Return Of Kingpin
February 27, 1982
The Kingpin is able to trick Spider-Man into committing a series of crimes.
Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner
24. Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner
February 20, 1982
Upon calling a truce with crime lords Silvermane, Hammerhead, and Caesar Cicero, the Kingpin shows them a powerful acid developed by Dr. Everett.
The Vulture Has Landed
23. The Vulture Has Landed
February 13, 1982
The Vulture has been kidnapping scientists in an effort to gain control of a NASA space probe.
Arsenic And Aunt May
22. Arsenic And Aunt May
February 6, 1982
Spider-Man catches the relative of the burglar that killed Ben Parker, which leads the Chamelon to discover Spidey's secret identity
Countdown To Doom
21. Countdown To Doom
January 30, 1982
NASA sends a rocket into space, built by Doctor Doom, unaware that he has attached a device to it that will move the Earth out of orbit.
The Web Of Nephilia
20. The Web Of Nephilia
January 23, 1982
A mad scientist named Dr. Bradley Shaw transforms into a mutant spider when trying to gain Spider-Man's powers from his blood sample.
The Doom Report
19. The Doom Report
January 16, 1982
Freedom fighters from Latveria start an underground movement in New York City.
The Capture Of Captain America
18. The Capture Of Captain America
January 9, 1982
The Capture of Captain America Captain America is kidnapped by the Red Skull, who plans to swap minds with him and take over the military. Spider-Man tries to save Captain America.
Canon Of Doom
17. Canon Of Doom
January 2, 1982
Doctor Doom secretly uses a laser cannon to create a fault line on New York City and then promises to fix the problem.
The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo
16. The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo
December 26, 1981
Professor Gizmo seeks to reclaim sunken treasure and to steal the diamonds from a charity cruise ship.
The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man
15. The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man
December 19, 1981
A janitor, feeling that his genius is ignored, dons the identity of the Gadgeteer to steal his employer's new shrinking device.
The Hunter And The Hunted
14. The Hunter And The Hunted
December 12, 1981
After being hired by J. Jonah Jameson to look for a mascot for the Daily Bugle, Kraven the Hunter comes to the city as a hero when he captures Zabu.
The Sidewinder Strikes!
13. The Sidewinder Strikes!
December 5, 1981
A rodeo show has come to the city, and the Sidewinder tries to steal the gold spurs.
The A-B-C's Of D-O-O-M
12. The A-B-C's Of D-O-O-M
November 28, 1981
"Doctor Doom forms a criminal partnership with Goron to pose as humanitarians to gain control of a space craft.
Triangle Of Evil
11. Triangle Of Evil
November 21, 1981
The Triangle of Evil forces Spider-Man to survive deadly stunts.
Revenge Of The Green Goblin
10. Revenge Of The Green Goblin
November 14, 1981
Norman Osborn escapes from a mental institution, but when the train he is riding in crashes, he remembers that he is the Green Goblin.
Carnival Of Crime
9. Carnival Of Crime
November 7, 1981
The circus has come to town, and the Ringmaster uses a special gas to rob banks, while making people believe that Spider-Man is the thief.
The Doctor Prescibes Doom
8. The Doctor Prescibes Doom
October 31, 1981
Doctor Doom returns to replace the world leaders with robots under his control so they will declare him ruler of the world.
The Pied Piper Of New York Town
7. The Pied Piper Of New York Town
October 24, 1981
Mysterio opens up a new disco nightclub in town that turns its patrons and anyone else that hears the disco music into his slaves.
When Magneto Speaks....People Listen
6. When Magneto Speaks....People Listen
October 17, 1981
Magneto uses a spacecraft to increase his powers and shut off the nation's power supply.
The Sandman Is Coming
5. The Sandman Is Coming
October 10, 1981
The Sandman steals a soil sample from Mars from NASA and goes on a crime spree.
Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man
4. Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man
January 1, 1950
The Black Cat announces that she plans to steal the Maltese Mouse and challenges Spider-Man to try and stop her.
Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere
3. Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere
September 26, 1981
The Lizard is plotting to turn New York City into a swampland, filled with reptiles under his control.
Dr. Doom, Master of the World
2. Dr. Doom, Master of the World
January 1, 1950
Doctor Doom is mind-controlling world leaders so, at the upcoming United Nations meeting, they will declare him the master of the world.
Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble
1. Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble
September 12, 1981
Doctor Octopus commits various mysterious crimes in an effort to upgrade his mechanical arms and steal the world's oil supply.
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