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In Storage Wars: Northern Treasures four teams of professional buyers seek treasures within repossessed storage units. This is a spin-off of the hit franchise "Storage Wars." Storage Wars: Northern Treasures is a Reality series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on May 17, 2017. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.7.

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures is available for streaming on the A&E website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Storage Wars: Northern Treasures on demand at Tubi TV, Pluto TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, A&E, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
May 17, 2017
Cast: Paul Kenny, Don Reinhart, Roy Dirnbeck, Cindy Hayden, Ursula Stolf
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Storage Wars: Northern Treasures Full Episode Guide

  • Mike and Armando are janitors by night, buyers by day, and ready to get in on the action at an auction in Emery Village.

  • Ursula's new employee Tania makes a big impression at an auction in Toronto.

  • Auctioneer Patrick Pecker calls an auction on Weston Road. Roy seeks to lift the curse, and Ursula works her charm. Bogart reads Paul the riot-shirt, and Rick and Cindy get lost.

  • The Season 2 opener.

  • Life changes dramatically for nearly all the buyers at an auction in Toronto. Except for Roy, who's still a jerk.

  • Ursula's private investigator husband spies on the buyers at an auction in Markham.

  • Roy immediately regrets bringing his little brother to an auction in Toronto when all his enemies fall for the charming young man.

  • An out-of-town auction in London, Ontario gives rise to new treasures and old grudges.

  • Paul and Bogart shoot a low-budget commercial for their store during an auction in Toronto.

  • Roy brings a "Roy-Puppet" to an auction in Brampton, and they're both very naughty little boys.

  • Nearly all the buyers have it out for each other at an auction in Cedarbrae, ON. Cindy almost comes to blows with Ursula, who takes great pleasure in bidding up Roy, who does his best to give Paul and Bogart the worst advice ever.

  • Roy's hilarious "Paul" disguise causes mirth and mayhem at an auction in downtown Toronto.

  • All the buyers compete for the attention of Don the auctioneer.

  • Big-time buyer Jeff Gardner returns for an auction in Orillia, but what he's really interested in is Ursula.

  • Paul brings Bogart's two older sisters to an auction in Weston. Poor Bogart.

  • Excitement runs high as Mississauga plays host to a charity auction of highend storage crates.

  • With Bogart on crutches and Cindy nursing a cold, it's a tough day at the auction for all the buyers in Guelph.

  • A wedding-bound Roy arrives at a Guelph auction in his tuxedo.

  • As Rick and Cindy try to give up smoking at an auction in Leslieville, they cope by making sure everyone else suffers right along with them.

  • Rick and Cindy bring a psychic to help them land the best lockers in Don Mills.

  • Paul's locker addiction reaches new highs (and lows) at the Wasaga Beach auction.

  • A Brampton auction near some of the gang's old high school proves they're all still rowdy teenagers at heart.

  • The Thornhill buyers run for cover when a self-help CD gives Roy a new lease on his egomaniacal life.

  • Roy's gifts are no match for Cindy's foul mood at the auction in Scarborough, Ont.

  • The grand opening of Paul and Bogart's store finally arrives when a new buyer shows up on the scene with money to burn.

  • Roy suits up in full army gear to declare war on the buyers in Scarborough.

  • Guest auctioneer Patrick Pecker brings "the full Pecker" to the auction, fueling his longstanding feud with Roy.

  • Jeff Schwarz, aka "The Liquidator," presides as guest auctioneer over the series' most contentious, highest-stakes battle to date.

  • The father/son team of Paul and Bogart go locker vs. locker in Claireville.

  • As they melt under an unrelenting North York sun, all the buyers lose their minds in various ways. Paul pounces on a loser of a locker as veteran Cindy makes a rookie mistake, and Roy has a meltdown while Ursula simply melts.

  • Ursula's big sister comes to the auction in Weston to offer a little support, and a lot of criticism. Paul and Bogart go ghost-hunting, Rick bids for a change, and Roy stumbles upon a criminal investigation.

  • Ursula finally finds the fashion locker of her dreams in Newmarket – but can she win it? Paul and Bogart have a close shave, Roy’s profits hang by a thread, and Cindy and Rick enjoy everyone overspending in their hometown.

  • Roy disguises himself as his crazy, long-haired cousin, Ray.

  • Cindy hopes to find something special in North York for Rick’s birthday, but everyone else hopes to crash the party: Ursula feels feisty, Roy wants to joke around, and Paul and Bogart have brought a van and are hoping to fill it.

  • North York becomes an archaeological dig as buyers unearth pieces of the past that could enrich their future. Roy buries Cindy and uncovers something with major potential, while Bogart finds a locker that he knows a thing or two about. Rick and Cindy find an item with First Nations ties.

  • Ursula outsmarts Roy, who outsmarts Cindy, who outsmarts Paul and Bogart in a battle of mind games.

  • Brampton becomes a battleground as Roy blasts the buyers with rude and crude comments. Cindy does her best to throw Ursula off her game, and Paul tries his best to teach Bogart a thing or two.

  • Rick and Cindy rock it in Orangeville; Paul and Bogart blow it; Ursula goes bid crazy.

  • Aurora is a symphony of minor letdowns and major scores for the bidders.