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Tales of Tomorrow is a black and white science fiction anthology television show that features stories based on science fiction topics such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Frankenstein, and vampires. The stories tend to be creepy and play tricks with the viewers mind until the end. Tales of Tomorrow can almost be called a mystery, as most of the show's endings come with some type of suspenseful twist.

The original concept for the Tales of Tomorrow television series was created by Theodore Sturgeon and Mort Abrahamson. They worked hand and hand with colleagues of the Science Fiction League of America to craft the shows scientific tales. Together they create a product that can be best described as "Experimental TV" throwing a lot of ideas at the wall and seeing which one sticks. The original pilot episode was created after given a choice of over 2,000 short stories and thirteen novels by various members of the Science Fiction League of America to base the episode on.

This anthology features a cast the changes by the episode and no one installment is related to multiple others. The cast goes from Lon Chaney Jr. starring in the episode based on the story of Frankenstein to Thomas Mitchell playing Captain Nemo in the shows adaption of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Well known actors such as Paul Newman and Leslie Nielson also make appearances throughout.

Many stories feature a deus ex-machina scientist of doctors who tend to just pop up at the right moment with a gadget that helps or hurts the protagonist like the magic glasses in the episode "Seeing Eye Surgeon."

Initially, the show runs about 25 minutes on ABC on the late night time slot.

1 Season, 92 Episodes
August 3, 1951
Science Fiction
Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Cameron Prud'Homme, Edgar Stehli, Theo Goetz
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Tales of Tomorrow Full Episode Guide

  • Aging professor builds robot to read to him.

  • Expedition in tropics plagued by blood sucking leech from outer space.

  • Alien robs humans of speech.

  • Apparent live murder appears on television broadcast.

  • Bitter scientist can record all sounds ever made, even Christ.

  • Scientist finds plant in Amazon that eats people.

  • Man invents horn that summons evil forces.

  • A woman receives telepathic waves that she is about to be murdered.

  • A man gets revived after being declared clinically dead for a short period of time. Then he discovers that he has the ability to detect lies.

  • Inhabitants of an island find themselves affected by atomic radiation.

  • While making scientific tests, four people get trapped inside a vault.

  • A scientist creates a formula that unlocks evil. Then his wife unknowingly ingests some of the formula.

  • A mortician discovers a serum that induces a death-like sleep.

  • A new wife finds herself a rival for her husband's affections--his cat.

  • A pilot returns home after being stranded in the Arctic for five years and discovers that he can only live in cold temperatures.

  • A doctor travels back in time in order to extol the virtues of penicillin and save lives but ends up being committed to an insane asylum where he falls ill and dies from a disease which could have been prevented by penicillin.

  • A writer discovers to his horror that the events in his short stories are coming true.

  • A professor builds a robot who begins to take on the characteristics of humans including falling in love with the prof's daughter.

  • Members of an expedition into the jungle are attacked by invisible blood sucking leaches from outer space.

  • The nation is hit with an epidemic in which vocal chords are paralyzed but it's actually an alien plot to control the people of the United States.

  • A man is given the chance to live the past seven years of his life over but he makes the same mistakes.

  • A little boy is the recipient of a strange box from the owner of a gift shop.

  • To win the love of a woman, a man arranges to have the head of her former lover transplanted onto his body.

  • An alien who's an advance scout for an invasion force arrives at a lighthouse hoping to use its beacon as a signal.

  • Perry Mason won't be able to help a killer who takes refuge in a museum where the statues come to life.

  • A man brings back voices and sounds from the Garden of Eden.

  • A machine that can foretell the future says that one of a doctor's infant patients will grow up to be a murderer.

  • Doing research in the Brazilian jungle, two biochemists develop a mysterious plant.

  • A reporter and his damsel sidekick search for a giant reportedly encased in the ice of the Himalayas.

  • A young scientist produces a new kind of air which proves to be "invigorating."

  • A deadly disease covers the earth and its only hope is a little girl.

  • A blackmailer discovers a camera that will take pictures 25 years into the future.

  • A live television program is interrupted by a mysterious signal that shows a murder about to take place.

  • An archeologist discovers that an ancient king has been able to stay alive for centuries in a tomb deep beneath the Egyptian desert.

  • A father discovers that his son and other neighborhood children are being controlled telepathically by an alien.

  • A writer pens a story about a death ray machine only to discover later that the government actually has such a device.

  • A scientist invents a machine that has the power to control human emotions.

  • A food company representative discovers that a scientist has created a food subsitute called "Substance X." Anyone who eats "Substance X' is unable to consume normal food from that time on.

  • A 26 year old man gives a doctor a blood transfusion in return for $1,000 but the process causes the young man to age.

  • A man arrives at a sea lodge and confesses to a murder but it's later revealed that he's from the future.

  • A group of scientists are trapped inside a house in a remote jungle by hideous invisible creatures.

  • When a prominent physician dons a pair of eyeglasses he discovers that he can see into the future.

  • A scientific invention brings glory to a struggling violinist but it also causes him to commit murder.

  • Two youngsters discover a talking bird in a zoo and come to the realization that the bird is part of a plot by the animal kingdom to reclaim the world from humans.

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