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  • TV-Y7
  • 1992
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.3  (19,070)

The Adventures of Tintin is an animated television series that aired on Family Channel from 1991 to 1992. Based on the popular comic book series created by Belgian artist Hergé, the show follows the adventures of young reporter Tintin as he travels the world in search of stories, all the while stumbling upon dangerous villains and getting into thrilling scrapes.

The series is characterized by its detailed animation and faithful adherence to the original comics, which makes it a must-watch for fans of the Tintin franchise. Susan Roman voices the titular character, Tintin, while Wayne Robson provides the voice for his trusty canine companion, Snowy. Colin O'Meara voices Captain Haddock, Tintin's bumbling and alcoholic friend, while Dan Hennessey plays the villainous Sakharine, and John Stocker voices the absent-minded Professor Calculus. Julie Lemieux and David Fox round up the main cast as Bianca Castafiore and Inspector Thompson, respectively.

The show's episodes follow a similar structure, with Tintin finding himself in a new location for each adventure, from Scotland to Egypt and beyond. Along the way, he uncovers clues to help him solve a mystery, with Snowy often playing a key role in helping him out. These mysteries usually involve some sort of treasure, artifact or valuable item that various villains are trying to steal, such as a valuable emerald, a lost pharaoh's tomb or a rare manuscript. Tintin must use his intellect and resourcefulness to outwit the villains and save the day, often with the help of his friends.

The show does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the original comic books, with stunning visuals that bring the adventures to life in full color. The character designs are faithful to Hergé's iconic artwork, and the animation style reflects the classic cartoon style of the 1990s, combining traditional hand-drawn animation with computer-assisted techniques. The show's original soundtrack is also noteworthy, with catchy theme music and musical cues that add to the overall sense of adventure.

One of the highlights of the series is the humor, which is often used to offset the more intense action sequences. Captain Haddock, in particular, provides many laughs with his drunken antics and colorful vocabulary. His chemistry with Tintin is one of the show's strongest assets, as the two often bicker and banter, but ultimately have each other's backs when it counts.

Another standout element of the show is the attention to detail in the world-building. Each location feels unique and is carefully rendered with impressive accuracy, such as the Scottish Highlands or the bustling streets of Cairo. The show also has a strong sense of history and culture, as Tintin often interacts with locals who have their own unique traditions and ways of life.

Overall, The Adventures of Tintin is a classic animated series that will appeal to anyone who loves adventure, mystery and good old-fashioned storytelling. The show's memorable characters, engaging plots and stunning animation make it a true gem of 1990s-era television.

The Adventures of Tintin is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on October 18, 1992.

The Adventures of Tintin
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Tintin in America
13. Tintin in America
July 18, 1993
Tintin is covering a story about gangsters in 1930s Chicago -- and what better way to do that than by going there?
Explorers on the Moon (2)
12. Explorers on the Moon (2)
July 11, 1993
Tintin, Captain Haddock, Calculus, the Thompsons and Wolff uncover the wonders of the moon.
Explorers on the Moon (1)
11. Explorers on the Moon (1)
July 4, 1993
Tintin, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Wolff blast off to the moon. They soon discover that the Thompsons have somehow slipped on board.
Destination Moon (2)
10. Destination Moon (2)
June 27, 1993
Tintin and Captain Haddock have been asked to be part of the expedition to the moon, and they help Professor Calculus prepare for the launch.
Destination Moon (1)
9. Destination Moon (1)
June 20, 1993
After receiving a telegram from Professor Calculus, Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to meet him at the atomic center in Syldavia.
The Castafiore Emerald (2)
8. The Castafiore Emerald (2)
June 13, 1993
When Bianca Castafiore's prized jewel disappears, Tintin secretly investigates the situation.
The Castafiore Emerald (1)
7. The Castafiore Emerald (1)
June 6, 1993
After a gypsy fortune-teller foresees trouble in Captain Haddock's palm, misfortune strikes Marlinspike Hall.
Prisoners of the Sun (2)
6. Prisoners of the Sun (2)
May 30, 1993
In search of the prisoners and Professor Calculus, Tintin and Captain Haddock head for the Temple of the Sun.
Prisoners of the Sun (1)
5. Prisoners of the Sun (1)
May 23, 1993
Tintin and the captain travel to Peru in search of Professor Calculus.
The Seven Crystal Balls (2)
4. The Seven Crystal Balls (2)
May 16, 1993
Tintin and Captain Haddock discover that Professor Calculus has been kidnapped.
The Seven Crystal Balls (1)
3. The Seven Crystal Balls (1)
May 9, 1993
Tintin investigates the mysterious illness that coincidentally falls upon all seven members of a South American expedition.
The Red Sea Sharks (2)
2. The Red Sea Sharks (2)
May 2, 1993
Tintin and Captain Haddock try to stop a terrible refugee-smuggling ring and end up trapped with the other prisoners out at sea.
The Red Sea Sharks (1)
1. The Red Sea Sharks (1)
April 25, 1993
Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to Khemed to rescue the Emir from arms smugglers who have overthrown his government.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 18, 1992
  • IMDB Rating
    8.3  (19,070)