Watch TV Shows on Family Channel

Originally founded in 1988, the Family Channel is a youth-oriented network with a variety of great programming for the entire family. The channel features many entertaining original programs, as well as films without commercial interruption.

The channel currently features programming blocks that appeal to children of particular age groups. Disney Junior is one of these blocks, with a focus on children between the ages of three and nine. Programs during this block include Henry’s World, Jungle Junction and Mickey Mouse Playhouse, among many others. Disney XD is another block that features programing associated with The Walt Disney Company.

Family Channel is also known for its engaging seasonal programming. During the Christmas season, the network features almost around-the-clock holiday films suitable for the family environment. During Halloween, scary family films are shown along with shows about creating your own Halloween costumes. During the summer, the Family Channel focuses on marathons of its most popular content.

Movies on the Family Channel are primarily made-for-TV and previously released films. The channel follow a strict policy of showing films that have a viewer rating below 14+, this ensures that the full family can enjoy the films without risk of accidentally seeing inappropriate content.

In addition to previously released content, the Family Channel also features its own original programming. Current content is suitable for a young audience and includes current programs, The Next Step and Stella and Sam, among others.

With time tested content and original programing, the Family Channel has entertainment suitable for every audience.