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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

The Ant & the Aardvark is an animated television show created by MGM Studios and first aired in 1969. The show features two main characters, the Ant and the Aardvark, who are constantly engaged in a battle of wits and physical comedy. Voiced by John Byner, the Ant is a quick-witted and cunning insect who always seems to have the upper hand over the bumbling Aardvark, who is voiced by Byner as well.

Each episode features the Aardvark in pursuit of the Ant as his next meal, but no matter the Aardvark's strategies, he always fails to catch his prey. This leads to a series of funny and often outrageous situations, as the Aardvark tries a variety of absurd methods to catch the Ant, such as disguising himself as a whole army of ants, using a high-powered vacuum cleaner, and even building a robot version of himself.

Although the plot of each episode centers around the Aardvark's pursuit of the Ant, there are several recurring characters that add depth to the show. For example, there is a recurring black widow spider who is often a foil to the Ant, and a bulldog who serves as the Aardvark's hapless landlord.

The humor in The Ant & the Aardvark is primarily physical, with slapstick comedy being a major component of each episode. However, there are also moments of wit and clever dialogue between the Ant and Aardvark, with the Ant often outsmarting his predator with clever wordplay and quick thinking.

One of the unique features of The Ant & the Aardvark is its use of exaggerated sound effects, which add to the humor of the show. For example, the sound of the Aardvark's tongue lolling out of his mouth when he's chasing the Ant is incredibly long and exaggerated, adding to the comedic effect.

The animation in The Ant & the Aardvark is simple but effective, with bright colors and exaggerated character design. The show's style is reminiscent of other classic animated shows of the time, such as Tom and Jerry, which also featured chase scenes and physical comedy.

Overall, The Ant & the Aardvark is a classic animated show that has stood the test of time. Its simple premise and physical humor make it enjoyable for both children and adults, while the wit and clever dialogue add an extra layer of enjoyment for older viewers. With John Byner's memorable voice acting and the show's unique sound effects, The Ant & the Aardvark remains a beloved classic of animated television.

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From Bed to Worst
17. From Bed to Worst
May 18, 1971
While in the hospital, the Aardvark tries to catch the Ant in his room.
Rough Brunch
16. Rough Brunch
January 6, 1971
The Aardvark irritates a termite.
Don't Hustle An Ant with Muscle
15. Don't Hustle An Ant with Muscle
December 29, 1970
The Ant grows muscles after taking vitamins.
The Froze Nose Knows
14. The Froze Nose Knows
November 20, 1970
Aardvark tries to catch the Ant during winter time.
Mumbo Jumbo
13. Mumbo Jumbo
September 29, 1970
The Ant's "lodge brothers" come to his rescue.
Science Friction
12. Science Friction
June 30, 1970
A scientist needs to experiment.
Ants in the Pantry
11. Ants in the Pantry
June 12, 1970
The Aardvark takes over an exterminator's job.
Odd Ant Out
10. Odd Ant Out
May 1, 1970
The Aardvark fights with The Green Aardvark.
Scratch a Tiger
9. Scratch a Tiger
January 30, 1970
The Ant gets a Tiger.
Isle of Caprice
8. Isle of Caprice
December 20, 1969
A shipwrecked Aardvark tries to get to an island that's full of ants.
Dune Bug
7. Dune Bug
November 1, 1969
The Ant and Aardvark play a tricky game of cat and mouse.
Never Bug an Ant
6. Never Bug an Ant
September 16, 1969
The Aardvark struggles to finally catch the Ant.
Technology, Phooey
5. Technology, Phooey
June 27, 1969
The Aardvark uses the power of a computer to formulate a plan.
I've Got Ants in My Plans
4. I've Got Ants in My Plans
May 16, 1969
The Aardvark has a feud with another aardvark called The Green Aardvark.
The Ant From Uncle
3. The Ant From Uncle
April 3, 1969
Aardvark invites the Ant to come to a relaxation club.
Hasty But Tasty
2. Hasty But Tasty
March 8, 1969
The Aardvark tries a product called "Instant Hole."
The Ant And The Aardvark
1. The Ant And The Aardvark
March 6, 1969
The Ant spots a picnic and goes there to have some relaxation.
  • Premiere Date
    March 6, 1969