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The television show called "The Baby Wait" aired in August 2012, and it's the same executive producers who brought you "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant." This shows airs on the Logo channel though. The basic idea of the show is it tells the story of couples who cannot have children, and so they turn to adoption to have kids. Many of the couple have various medical conditions that prevent the men from producing sperm and the women from getting pregnant. Many people are not aware that adoption is a long and difficult process.

The name of the show comes from the fact the couples never know how long the wait will be before they are "given" a baby. The other thing that happens a lot on the show is that birth mothers sometimes make the decision to keep their children even if they agree to release the child for adoption. The adopted parents are told they are getting the child, and then the agreement falls through. When you get pregnant, you know the "baby wait" will nine months; however, when you agree to be an adoptive mom you never know how long the process will be.

During each new episode, you get to see what the adoptive mother is thinking and what the birth mother is thinking. It is an emotional roller coaster as you are never really sure if the birth mother will go through with the adoption or not. It can be argued that giving your child up for adoption can be one the hardest decisions you have to make in life. The audience saw Caitlyn from Teen Mom struggle with her decision to choose adoption even though Caitlyn knew she made a good choice.

Her story is where the executive producers got the idea to come up with the idea to do the "Baby Wait" as the audience got to see Caitlyn and their child's adoptive parents.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
August 27, 2012
Kids & Family, Reality
Cast: Mark Krieger, Paul Siebold
The Baby Wait

The Baby Wait Full Episode Guide

  • A couple who have an adopted son hope to expand their family.

  • A same-sex couple want to become parents.

  • An infertile couple are afraid their adoption won't go through when the birth parents reconsider placing their babies.

  • Nelson and Tiyale have always wanted to adopt, but in their first attempt, the birth mother changed her mind. Now they've been re-matched with 16 year-old Elizabeth but still have to consider the..

  • When Mike and Marcie face infertility, they find hope when they are matched with Kristen, who already has two children and doesn't think she can raise a third. But as Kristen begins to feel shame about her decision, she also begins to reconsider.

  • Mark and Paul want to be parents more than anything in the world. It looks like their dreams may come true when they are matched with 18 year old expectant mother Genevieve, but in Connecticut the birth mother has 30 days to change her mind.

  • A sneak preview of this docu-reality series that focuses on the emotional journey of adoption and the 'waiting period' that allows the birth mom to take the baby back.

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