The Benny Hill Show

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The Benny Hill Show is a British sketch comedy show both written by and starring comedian Benny Hill that has enjoyed popularity in over 140 countries. The program primarily focuses on slapstick humor, with the antics of Benny Hill chasing women being a featured routine.

The program also regularly features performances by actors and comedians Henry McGee, Jon Jon Keefe, Nicholas Parsons, Bob Todd and Jackie Wright. The regularly featured women in the program, crucial for many of the sketches' reliance on their more buxom attributes, are Jenny Lee-Wright, Sue Bond, Bettina Le Beau, Lesley Goldie, Cherri Gilham and Diana Darvey.

The opening theme of the show, Yakkety Sax, was written by James Q. Rich and performed by Boots Randolph. The song has become an instantly recognizable classic, having been played during many of the caper comedy scenes which helped make the Benny Hill Show such a beloved late night comedy classic.

5 Seasons, 54 Episodes
November 19, 1969
Cast: Benny Hill, Bob Todd, Jackie Wright, Jenny Lee-Wright
The Benny Hill Show

The Benny Hill Show Full Episode Guide

  • Sketches include Pepys Diary, Benny Quickies: Getting Away With It, The Good Guys, Marriage Guidance, Benny Hill: A Single Life, Hill's Angels: TV Shows Titles, Benny Quickie: You're Next!, School Master, Hill's Little Angels: Gone Fishing.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Frank Talking!, Scuttle's Circus, Benny's Ballad: Anna Marie, Benny Quickies: Frank Talking II, Heroes Through the Ages, Misunderstandings, Chow Mein: Home Catering, Hill's Angels: Photocall, Misunderstandings II.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Indiscretions, Benny's Ballad: Cockney Girls and Rustic Lasses, Hill's Little Angels: The Birthday Party, Fred Scuttle: The Daily Scuttle, Benny Quickie: Bad Memory!, Hills Angels: Sport, The After Dinner Speech Dinner.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Don't Speak!, Bronco Benny, Benny Quickies: Misheard and Mistaken, Joggers, Pigeon English, Have a Butchers, Club Chicago-Go, Benny Quickies: Misheard and Mistaken II, Down With President Fartas

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Married Life, Brooklyn Benny, The Halitosis Kid, Celebrity Menu, Hill's Angels: A Night on the Tiles, Hill's Little Angels: Outdoor Games, Benny Quickies: State the Obvious!, National Smile Week

  • Sketches include Bijou Burlesque, Benny Quickies: Honesty!, Funny Old World, Benny Quickies: Honesty II!, Proverbs, Benny Quickie: Doctor on the Go, The New York Slob, The Edited Sketch, Benny Quickies: Directions and Obsessions.

  • Sketches include Benny's Greatest Hits, Living the Dream, The Herd, Come To The Cabaret, Discrimination in the Workplace, Benny Hill: Behind the Scenes!, European Television, A Day in the Life of Rembrandt

  • Sketches include The Love Ship, Benny Quickie: Fortune-Teller, The Bucket, Testament Television, Hill's Angels: Chez When, Benny Hill: Sexist?, R. Dibble Handyman.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Cheeky Birds!, Benny's Ballad: Costa Coco, The Weather Hut, Benny Quickie: Religious Intervention, The Lover, Benny Quickie: Jury Service, Carmen, Benny Quickie: Cheeky Birds 2!, Dibbles Health Farm

  • Sketches include Benny Quickie: Just Married, Benny's Ballad: What a World, Bill Posters, Benny Quickies: A Big Hand!/Flowers/Sleeping Pills, For Ever Love, School Mistress: Female for Male, Hill's Angels: Oddball's Club Cabaret.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickie: Two Saxophones!, Benny Quickies: Telly Antics, School Teacher: Homework Howlers and a History Lesson, Brand Names, Benny Quickies: Cheeky Girls, Sauce at Benito's, The B-Team

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Man Inspired!, Benny's Ballad: The League of Helping Hands, Benny Quickie: Bedside Manner! , The Vagabond, Benny Quickies: Man Inspired 2!, Hill's Angel Aerobatics, The Human Body, Benny Quickie: Bedside Manner 2!

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Confusion, Benny's Ballad: Home for the Summer, Scuttlevision, The Drunk, Stupid Cupid, Club Bizarre, Fingers McNee: Bank Robber, Benny Quickies: Close Down and Fall Down!, On the Beach

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Personnel, Benny's Ballad: The Gay Caballero, Benny Quickies: Personnel Again, Holiday, Benny Quickie: Reading in Bed, Sit up & Listen, Hill's Angels: Wild, Wild West, Benny Quickies: Safe Crackers/The Complete Angler.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickies: Girls Uncovered!, Benny's Ballad: The Lifeguard, Benny Quickies: Mummies!, Me and My Shadow, Friends to Tea With Henry McGee: Chow Mein, Benny Quickie: Bedpan Humour.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickie: The Early Bird!, Benny's Ballad: Unlucky Luke, Benny Quickie: Girl Power!,Learning All the Time!, Benny Quickie: Get Some Glasses Ref!, Talking Point, The Little Dimpton Street Party, Ambrosia the Scots Schoolgirl.

  • Sketches include .Benny Quickie: My Kitty!, Benny's Ballad: Paradise Island, Benny Quickies: Misunderstandings, Schoolteacher, Hill's Angels: Hotel Splendide, Benny Quickie: Risky, Cleaning Up Dimpton, Benny Quickies: Misunderstandings II.

  • Sketeches include Benny Quickie: Religious Football, Benny's Ballad: The Lovely Girls From Crete, Benny Quickies: Whatever The Weather!, The Georgian Dancers, Friends To Tea with Henry McGee, Big Poppa, News At Ten, Remote Control Hill's Angels.

  • Sketches include Benny Quickie: Crow's Feet, Benny's Ballad: Down On The Farm, A Tribute To The Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade, Channel Surfing, Benny's Monologue: Castaway, The Poster Girl, Benny Quickie: Camera Shy.

  • Sketches include Benny's Ballad: Love, Fred Scuttle's Happy Holiday, Benny's International Television, Women's Lib Television, Name That Tune?, New York, New York, The Three Musketeers