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The Benny Hill Show was one of the most successful television shows in the United Kingdom during the 1970s and 1980s. It was a sketch comedy show that aired on ITV, starring the iconic Benny Hill as the lead performer. Alongside him, were other beloved performers such as Bob Todd, Jackie Wright, and Jenny Lee-Wright who contributed to the show's overwhelming success.

The Benny Hill Show first premiered on ITV in 1969 and ran until 1989, making it one of the longest-running television shows of its kind. It quickly became popular with audiences for its irreverent humor, slapstick comedy, and musical parodies. Each episode was comprised of sketches, starring Benny Hill and the ensemble cast, with a blend of one-off skits and recurring characters that would appear throughout the series.

The show became famous for its iconic opening sequence featuring Benny Hill running through the streets to the tune of "Yakety Sax". The opening sequence would often include gags and set pieces that would be expanded upon throughout the episode. The show's signature style of quick-witted, visual humor became not only popular in the UK but was enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

Benny Hill was the central performer around which the show was built. His ability to embody multiple characters and perform physical comedy with perfect timing made him a beloved figure for generations of viewers. From inept superheroes to randy milkmen, Benny Hill's characters always had a charm that made him endearing to his fans.

The supporting cast of Bob Todd, Jackie Wright, and Jenny Lee-Wright added an extra layer of hilarity to the show. Todd's unforgettable performances as the harassed vicar and the put-upon handyman became some of the show's most beloved characters. Jackie Wright's comedic timing and physical ability made him a key part of Benny Hill's ensemble. His catchphrase "Oooh, I could crush a grape" became an instant hit with fans. Jenny Lee-Wright's performances were equally memorable, particularly her role as the sultry and seductive Hill's Angel. Her performances as the star of several sketches showcased her incredible range and talent.

The show's success wasn't just attributed to its talented cast, but also its impressive creative team. Benny Hill and his co-writers were able to weave together different genres of comedy and create sketches that would remain popular for years to come. The show's musical parodies were a particular highlight, with Benny Hill performing hilarious versions of classic songs that would stick in viewers' heads for weeks.

Over the years, the show's writers tackled subjects ranging from sex and relationships to politics and current events. Their comedic take on the world around them often had a satirical edge, making the show both funny and thought-provoking. Some of the show's most famous sketches included "The Hill's Angels", "Fred Scuttle", and "Mr. Chow Mein".

The show also caught the attention of celebrities, with numerous stars making cameo appearances throughout its run. These included Michael Caine, Whoopi Goldberg, Charlton Heston, and Clint Eastwood, among many others.

Despite its popularity, The Benny Hill Show was not without controversy. Some of the show's content, particularly its portrayal of women, was criticized for being sexist and outdated. The show's ribald humor often came under fire from critics, but its fans remained devoted to the show's irreverent style and enduring appeal.

The Benny Hill Show was a true cultural phenomenon that influenced an entire generation of comedians. Benny Hill's trademark run and catchphrases became part of British pop culture, and the show continues to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide. Its influence can be seen in the comedies of today, proving that The Benny Hill Show has left an indelible mark on the world of comedy.

The Benny Hill Show
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Show Air Date - 5/1/1989
10. Show Air Date - 5/1/1989
May 1, 1989
Sketches include Pepys Diary, Benny Quickies: Getting Away With It, The Good Guys, Marriage Guidance, Benny Hill: A Single Life, Hill's Angels: TV Shows Titles, Benny Quickie: You're Next!, School Master, Hill's Little Angels: Gone Fishing.
Show Air Date - 4/5/1989
9. Show Air Date - 4/5/1989
April 5, 1989
Sketches include Benny Quickies: Frank Talking!, Scuttle's Circus, Benny's Ballad: Anna Marie, Benny Quickies: Frank Talking II, Heroes Through the Ages, Misunderstandings, Chow Mein: Home Catering, Hill's Angels: Photocall, Misunderstandings II.
Show Air Date - 2/8/1989
8. Show Air Date - 2/8/1989
February 8, 1989
Sketches include Benny Quickies: Indiscretions, Benny's Ballad: Cockney Girls and Rustic Lasses, Hill's Little Angels: The Birthday Party, Fred Scuttle: The Daily Scuttle, Benny Quickie: Bad Memory!, Hills Angels: Sport, The After Dinner Speech Dinner.
Show Air Date - 4/27/1988
7. Show Air Date - 4/27/1988
April 27, 1988
Sketches include Benny Quickies: Don't Speak!, Bronco Benny, Benny Quickies: Misheard and Mistaken, Joggers, Pigeon English, Have a Butchers, Club Chicago-Go, Benny Quickies: Misheard and Mistaken II, Down With President Fartas
Show Air Date - 1/13/1988
6. Show Air Date - 1/13/1988
January 13, 1988
Sketches include Benny Quickies: Married Life, Brooklyn Benny, The Halitosis Kid, Celebrity Menu, Hill's Angels: A Night on the Tiles, Hill's Little Angels: Outdoor Games, Benny Quickies: State the Obvious!, National Smile Week
Show Air Date - 4/16/1986
5. Show Air Date - 4/16/1986
April 16, 1986
Sketches include Bijou Burlesque, Benny Quickies: Honesty!, Funny Old World, Benny Quickies: Honesty II!, Proverbs, Benny Quickie: Doctor on the Go, The New York Slob, The Edited Sketch, Benny Quickies: Directions and Obsessions.
Show Air Date - 3/31/1986
4. Show Air Date - 3/31/1986
March 31, 1986
Sketches include Benny's Greatest Hits, Living the Dream, The Herd, Come To The Cabaret, Discrimination in the Workplace, Benny Hill: Behind the Scenes!, European Television, A Day in the Life of Rembrandt
Show Air Date - 3/12/1986
3. Show Air Date - 3/12/1986
March 12, 1986
Sketches include The Love Ship, Benny Quickie: Fortune-Teller, The Bucket, Testament Television, Hill's Angels: Chez When, Benny Hill: Sexist?, R. Dibble Handyman.
Show Air Date - 5/27/1985
2. Show Air Date - 5/27/1985
May 27, 1985
Sketches include Benny Quickies: Cheeky Birds!, Benny's Ballad: Costa Coco, The Weather Hut, Benny Quickie: Religious Intervention, The Lover, Benny Quickie: Jury Service, Carmen, Benny Quickie: Cheeky Birds 2!, Dibbles Health Farm
Show Air Date - 4/8/1985
1. Show Air Date - 4/8/1985
April 8, 1985
Sketches include Benny Quickie: Just Married, Benny's Ballad: What a World, Bill Posters, Benny Quickies: A Big Hand!/Flowers/Sleeping Pills, For Ever Love, School Mistress: Female for Male, Hill's Angels: Oddball's Club Cabaret.
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    November 19, 1969
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (5,498)