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The Closer: Kyra Sedgwick's Top Picks is a compilation series of the television series The Closer. The series focuses almost entirely on Kyra Sedgewick’s character Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. The series looks at some of the most dramatic scenes from the show, and some versions of the series will also have some of the most popular episodes. The Closer as a whole series ran for seven seasons with 109 episodes in total.

Warner Bros.
1 Season, 15 Episodes
July 19, 2009
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The Closer: Kyra Sedgwick's Top Picks Full Episode Guide

  • After the stabbing death of a woman who was apparently killed by someone wearing a Ninja outfit, Brenda and the squad soon realize they might have a bigger case on their hands than they thought. A detective from El Paso, Texas (guest star XANDER BERKELEY - "24"), where a similar crime occurred, comes to Los Angeles to help in the investigation, but his primary interest is in bringing the killer back to Texas to face the death penalty. Meanwhile, Brenda's father, Clay (recurring guest star BARRY CORBIN), arrives to take her niece, Charlie (recurring guest star SOSIE BACON), home to Atlanta. KEVIN BACON directs the episode.

  • A major shootout leaves two patrol cops and an 18-year-old neo-Nazi dead, with lots of unanswered questions as to what happened and who else might have been involved. The investigation is made all the more difficult by the involvement of Captain Sharon Raydor (recurring guest star MARY McDONNELL) of Force Investigation Division, which is responsible for looking into shooting incidents involving officers.

  • The bodies of two Tijuana police officers are found in the back of a stolen pickup truck, and all the evidence points toward an FBI informant as the prime suspect. But with corruption among police officers in Tijuana extremely common, it's difficult for Brenda's squad to know whom to trust. Complicating matters, a newspaper story by Ricardo Ramos (recurring guest star STEPHEN MARTINES) paints an extremely unflattering picture of Priority Homicide, a public relations nightmare that's going to require some fancy footwork by Pope, Taylor and Brenda to set right.

  • In a special 70-minute extended episode, a young African-American girl is abducted on her way home from school, and in a race against the clock, the team must find out who took her and where she is. When the investigation focuses on a convicted sex offender now on parole, Gabriel takes matters into his own hands, jeopardizing both the case and his future with the LAPD.

  • During a funeral for one of Flynn and Provenza's former police colleagues, the squad discovers the dead body of an unknown, buxom blonde in their old friend's casket. As Brenda investigates, Flynn and Provenza slowly realize that they know more about the victim than they originally thought. Meanwhile, a dangerous and belligerent bride holds Brenda personally responsible for ruining her wedding.

  • In the third season premiere, budget cuts are hitting the LAPD hard, and Brenda must give up one of her team members to the counterterrorism unit -- or force Provenza into early retirement. Meanwhile, the team investigates the murder of a family, with the prime suspect being the son who survived.

  • Brenda investigates the shooting of three youngsters, one of whom is the son of Taylor's friends. The shooting, which took place in a known gang area and which has all the markings of a gang-related crime, leads Brenda on a complicated trail of clues that could tarnish the image of one of the victims. Meanwhile, Brenda must also deal with her mother, Willie Ray (recurring guest star FRANCES STERNHAGEN), whose visit to Los Angeles is preventing Fritz from moving in with Brenda.

  • Brenda investigates the murder of a U.S. Congresswoman's daughter, who may have been targeted because of an online personal ad involving role-playing in a fantasy "rape" scene. As the investigation unfolds, Brenda becomes a target in a frightening incident that leaves her emotionally and physically shaken.

  • When Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson arrives in Los Angeles from Atlanta, Georgia, she immediately finds herself thrust into a very different way of life. She struggles to get over her past problems while dealing with co-workers who resent the fact that she leapfrogged over many veteran cops to the elevated position of deputy police chief. Her quirky personality and hard-nosed approach to her job immediately irritate her colleagues, as does the fact that she is a tough-minded Southern woman in a department dominated by men. Although focused on her career, she's also trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to overcome her love of doughnuts, chocolate bars and other snacks and to reignite a personal life that has fallen by the wayside.

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