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The Funky Phantom is an animated cartoon from 1971 that focuses on three crime-solving teenagers and their dog. While seeking refuge from a crazy storm, the teens stumble upon an old estate. After correcting a clock's time to midnight, the kids release a ghost, Mudsy, that served during the Revolutionary War and the ghost of his pet cat Boo. The pair of specters were trapped inside the clock after hiding from British soldiers. Having been freed by the teenagers, the Funky Phantom and his cat help out by solving mysteries that sometimes require some form of supernatural assistance to solve.

The Funky Phantom is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 1971.

Where do I stream The Funky Phantom online? The Funky Phantom is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Funky Phantom on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
September 11, 1971
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Julie Bennett, Daws Butler, Tommy Cook, Jerry Dexter
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The Funky Phantom Full Episode Guide

  • East Muddlemore folk hope to find a 200-year-old British gold cache when they learn Mudsy's true identity and realize that they live in the Funky Phantom's ancestral village.

  • Mudsy and his companions fight Mayor Iverson, who has ordered the leveling of Funky Phantom's old homestead along with the Spirit of '76, a ghost who has been living there.

  • Elmo is dognapped by mistake when the Houndman, plotting to collect $100,000 ransom by nabbing Lady Alistair's bulldog, is foiled by Mudsy at the 25th Annual International Dog Show.

  • Mudsy and friends, trapped during the night in Sequoia Forest, are frightened by a legendary half-man, half-animal creature.

  • Expert race car driver Winfield Wheely begins to lose control in a race with Augie and Skip because his car has been tampered with by Mr. Roadhog, who plans to make a fortune selling the victorious but unsafe car.

  • April is kidnapped along with the Liberty Bell by the Parafiend, who steals national treasures and ransoms them.

  • Augie discovers Mrs. Throckton van Cleef's diamond necklace inside a football where two thieves had hidden it during a high school play-off for her benefit society.

  • Mudsy and friends discover that a mysterious gorilla is really a member of a counterfeit ring operating inside the circus.

  • The Funky Phantom gang spends a frightful night in Widow Wilson's haunted inn, warding off bats, unfriendly ghosts, and a Frankenstein-like caretaker.

  • Augie and Skip, ignoring the warning of a gas attendant regarding the Creature from Black Lake, don their scuba gear and prepare to search the lake.

  • April and Skip are tricked into driving the getaway car of two bank robbers when a supposedly staged robbery at Plainville's 30th Frontier Day celebration turns out to be the real thing.

  • Mudsy and friends, driving cross-country in Mexico, meet Professor Lundgren in a pyramid where he discovered Montezuma's mask before it was stolen from him by an Aztec apparition. The treasure must be found or the professor will be charged with theft by his museum.

  • Mudsy and the teenagers search for a descendent of Ichabod Crane and in the process encounter the Headless Horseman.

  • The teenagers try to prevent the Chickenman from hijacking the supplies of the Chicken Delicious restaurants, which would force April's uncle into bankruptcy. In trying to snare the beastly bird, Mudsy is hijacked with a crate of frozen French fries.

  • Mudsy and the teenagers encounter Le Feet the Pirate, a beastly apparition, in a haunted Louisiana fortress just as their driver is ready to freeze them in ice.

  • Mudsy and his friends spend a night in Michael Conway's weird mansion where they experience the "curse", an evil marsh monster.

  • The kids rescue Mr. Higgins after Mudsy has crashed into his farm by building a monster-mobile so they can win money in a cross-country race.

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