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The Legend of the Legendary heroes is a fantasy anime set in the Empire of Roland, which is beset from all sides by conflicting empires struggling for power. The series follows Ryner Lute and Ferris Eris as they journey across numerous lands and empires in search of the Relics of Heroes: legendary artifacts that wield great power.

Main character Ryner Lute is the bearer of the awesome power "Alpha Stigma". While he may use this power to cause devastation, Alpha Stigma has caused its bearers to go insane and become monsters. Ryner is also a habitual napper,and is often caught sleeping when it is inappropriate. The main female character is his friend Ferris Eris, a excellent swords-woman and bodyguard of the royal family. She has a dark past, coming from an incestuous family that forced her into near-torturous training as a child. She is, however, obsessed with the dango, a Japanese-style dumpling. She spends much of her time chasing the delicious treat. Although Ferris thought Ryner was immature, they eventually develop a deep friendship.

There are numerous other characters in the series-- royals, military personnel, mages, and foes of all kinds. Sion, the king of Roland who is only half-noble and suffers prejudice from his fully noble siblings; Lucile, Ferris's brother, who killed their parent and took over their clan; Milk, who is a re-incarnation of The Goddess and has a romantic history with Ryner. The wide cast of characters leads to varied adventures with a healthy dose of action and comedy.

This dramatic fantasy anime is based on a series of novels of the same name.The original novel series was released starting in 2002, and has led to a number of spin-off series. Originally aired in Japan in 2010, the dubbed anime version has been released by Funimation in the United States.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2010.

Where do I stream The Legend of the Legendary Heroes online? The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Legend of the Legendary Heroes on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
July 1, 2010
Cast: Luci Christian, Eric Vale, Todd Haberkorn, Kyle Hebert
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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Full Episode Guide

  • A dark spirit consumes Sion as he nearly takes Ryner's life. After Ryner and Ferris narrowly escape peril, Ryner vows to save his friend from the turmoil he endures on the twisted path to achieve his dream.

  • Iris examines the adventures her fearless older sister Ferris and the indomitable Ryner have endured since King Sion assigned them to find the legendary hero relics.

  • A dark spirit consumes Sion as he nearly takes Ryner's life. After Ryner and Ferris narrowly escape peril, Ryner vows to save his friend from the turmoil he endures on the twisted path to achieve his dream.

  • Ryner works his fingers to the bone for Sion's birthday celebration. As the party dies down, Sion and Ryner share a moment of reflection - but the nostalgia turns into fiery conflict.

  • Ferris fails to save Ryner from the mysterious Duke Leiral. Trapped in a bizarre world, Ryner faces the Weaver of All Formulas - then wakes up in a bed with his companion.

  • Lt. Milk finally awakens from Miran's spell, only to find she has lost some people very dear to her. Many of Roland's nobility are secretly being purged - Miran confronts an overworked Sion.

  • As Ryner fends for his life against a Roland assassin in a field near the hideout, a warrior from Gastark takes the opportunity to strike the slumbering magic-eyed refugees inside.

  • Tiir takes Ryner to a refuge for people and children who possess what he calls the eyes of God. Tiir swears vengeance against the heartless humans who murder their kind. In Gastark, King Riphal is blunt about his plans for Kiefer.

  • Tiir, the magic-consuming man who brutally defeated Claugh, is now after Ryner - to offer him an escape from a life of struggle.

  • Manhunts begin as both Ryner and Lt. Milk disappear, and a task force pursues a supposed Alpha Stigma bearer in Estabul. Meanwhile, Kiefer's research in Gastark leads to a second rendezvous with the king.

  • While visiting the rescued Alpha Stigma child at House Eris, Ryner's concern about Ferris' family history sparks a confrontation with Lucile.

  • Ryner and Ferris get lost at sea. After they wash up on land, they set out to assassinate the king who caused all their troubles.

  • As Ryner and Ferris wrestle with Sui and Kuu, Miran - in the Runa Empire on business - makes an unexpected appearance at the battle scene.

  • Treachery against Roland continues to breed. Affluent and coveted by many nobles, Miran holds a party at his home to lure in those conspiring against Sion. Ryner and Ferris trek back to Regit with two children in tow.

  • Sion promotes several of his supporting nobles to bolster loyalty amongst his allies. Rumors of an experiment involving a child who bears the Alpha Stigma have Ryner and Ferris on a rescue mission.

  • Witness to Ryner's monstrous transformation, Ferris is forced to challenge the Alpha Stigma's devastating power. Back in Roland, Miran urges the king to make his next move to address potential attacks on the kingdom.

  • Ryner and Ferris are sent back to the Nelpha forest, where they run into the devious duo, Sui and Kuu. In the confrontation, Sui forcefully triggers Ryner's deadly Alpha Stigma.

  • Miran provokes mutiny in Roland's neighboring kingdom Estabul - the same kingdom that unleashed its Fifty Magic Knights on Sion's school troop years ago. The rebellion's leader, Lady Noa Ehn, faces the cruel reality of a life of politics.

  • Lt. Milk continues her pursuit of Ryner right into the heart of a battle between Ryner, Ferris, and the Nelphan Army. In the midst of confusion a hero's relic is released and wreaks havoc across the countryside.

  • Ryner and Ferris run into Prince Toale while researching the hero relics in the Nelpha Royal Library. Dissent in Roland escalates to the assassination of King Sion's secretary Fiole. Soon Miran arrives, offering to aid Sion in dark, desperate times.

  • Lucile summons Sion to test his suitability as king. A wrong answer could be fatal. Ryner bides his time in prison studiously. Impressed by Ryner's research, the new king assigns Ryner and Ferris to seek the hero relics.

  • Fifty Estabul Magic Knights ambush Sion and Ryner's school troop. Ryner uses his forbidden power, the Alpha Stigma, to defeat them - until his power goes out of control. Meanwhile, Ferris's brother Lucile wonders if Sion has what it takes to be king.

  • In military school, Ryner's life was complicated by his role as the bearer of the Alpha Stigma. His classmate, Ferris, had her own troubles - like stopping assassination attempts and uncovering conspiracies.

  • While searching the ruins of Nelpha for relics, Ryner and Ferris are pursued by Lieutenant Milk of the Taboo-Breaker Pursuit Squadron. The trouble compounds when one of the relics is inadvertently activated.