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  • TV-Y
  • 1998
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (83)

The Lionhearts is a charming animated series that managed to capture the imagination of many young kids and youngsters when it was released back in 1998.The conception of the show and its execution was done by the world-renowned Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios that gave us a plethora of memorable films and TV shows through the years.

The animation series features the emblematic lion, Leo, a popular corporate mascot from the MGM logo, and his dignified, delightful, and extremely dynamic lion family. The show brings these iconic characters out of their metallic monogram and into the imaginative world of cartoons, giving life and personality to characters previously seen only briefly before the start of an MGM film.

The show centers on the life and exploits of the Lionhearts. Leo Lionheart, the patriarch, is portrayed as a movie stuntman, an equally fitting yet dashing deviation from the roaring lion known from the classic MGM intros. Lana Lionheart, Leo's wife, keeps the family together with her wise and nurturing nature. Their children, Kate, Judy, and Spencer, each have detailed personalities of their own, and while Kate and Judy navigate Junior High, Spencer sprints into his first steps of development as a baby.

Leo's work as an adventure movie stuntman offers creators the chance to weave exciting stories filled with courage, danger and, of course, a plethora of stunts. However, Leo isn't just a brave stuntman: he's also a devoted and loving father, and he's firmly committed to his family. Viewers often get a glimpse of a softer, more reflective Leo behind the scenes as he navigates fatherhood, teaching his kids about safety, love, empathy, and wise decision-making.

Ensuring that the show delivers its family-friendly content while informing and entertaining, many episodes are cleverly designed to convey subtle life-lessons and moral values. These subtle teachings often revolve around brotherly love, cooperation, sharing, aid and problem-solving skills. The show uses humor, bright animation, and storylines filled with adventure to convey these messages, making it a delightful watch for youngsters.

The show is episodic, with each one offering distinct storylines and adventures that the Lionhearts undertake. This setup allows viewers to enjoy individual episodes as stand-alone stories without the need to watch previous ones for context. However, the series also rewards regular viewers with character growth and references to previous episodes, adding to a sense of continuity and development.

The Lionhearts is not just a plethora of fun-filled stories. It provides the viewers with diverse characters and personalities. Their distinctive traits distinguish them from each other creating nuanced dynamics. For instance, Kate, the eldest sibling, embraces her newfound adolescence and experiences the ups and downs of teenage life, whereas Judy, the middle daughter, portrays the character of an intelligent and goal-oriented individual. The youngest of the family, Spencer, being a toddler, provides lots of laughter with his innocent and funny actions.

Other characters are also introduced to the series, which adds to the lively atmosphere, expands the Lionhearts' world, and offers new opportunities to showcase familial relationships. The animation style is wholly endearing and charm-filled, making the show a visual treat for younger viewers.

The Lionhearts give us an opportunity to peer into the amazing imagination of the creators while providing us with engaging stories that resonate with the young and old. It is the humor, the adventure, the well-thought-out storyline, the visually appealing animation, and a small dose of reality dressed up as fantasy that made this series an absolute favorite among many when it was released.

As a family-oriented show, it beautifully portrays the ups and downs of familial life, the love shared among family members, and the important life lessons learned along the way. It encapsulates what it means to be a family – that despite all differences, disputes, and disagreements, the love and unity that binds them ultimately triumphs. With its appealing visuals, imaginative storytelling, and unforgettable characters, The Lionhearts stands as a truly engaging series for children and families to enjoy.

The Lionhearts
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Don't Bug the Neighbors, Part 2
13. Don't Bug the Neighbors, Part 2
December 12, 1998
While Leo and Lana are in Hawaii, the children lose Leo's prize autographed football in their neighbor's yard. Rumors lead them to believe the neighbor is a vampire, who keeps giant blood-sucking mosquitoes and killer beetles in his garage.
Don't Bug the Neighbors, Part 1
12. Don't Bug the Neighbors, Part 1
December 5, 1998
While Leo and Lana are in Hawaii, the children lose Leo's prize autographed football in their neighbor's yard. Rumors lead them to believe the neighbor is a vampire, who keeps giant blood-sucking mosquitoes and killer beetles in his garage.
The Pony Show
11. The Pony Show
November 28, 1998
Leo, fearing for his job, invites the head of MGM home for a quiet barbeque, forgetting it's the same day as Judy's very loud birthday party.
Leo's Diet
10. Leo's Diet
November 21, 1998
Leo is forced by the studio to lose 10 pounds and color the grey in his mane to project a younger image for the MGM 75th Anniversary Gala.
Brown Dog Day
9. Brown Dog Day
November 14, 1998
Leo must face his fear of horses and learn to ride in order to appear in a cowboy movie, while Spencer faces his fear of the brown dog down the street.
The Treehouse
8. The Treehouse
November 7, 1998
Spencer's habit of quitting halfway through a project puts Judy in jeopardy when she gets stranded in his half-built treehouse.
Greta Garbo Ears
7. Greta Garbo Ears
October 31, 1998
Kate fixates on what she considers to be her "elephant ears" and starts wearing her hair "Dolly Parton-style" to hide them. Leo and Lana strike compete to determine who is the better speller, forgetting that Kate is going to be in the Spelling Bee.
The Poem
6. The Poem
October 24, 1998
Kate accidentally takes credit for a poem written by Spencer and must decide whether to come clean when the poem brings her an A+ and much acclaim.
Singin' in the Mane
5. Singin' in the Mane
October 17, 1998
Spencer faces peer pressure to quit the school chorus because his friends consider it "geeky."
No Place Like Home
4. No Place Like Home
October 10, 1998
The Lionhearts move into a huge mansion and soon find they miss the togetherness they shared in their small, cramped house.
But Some of My Best Friends Are Clowns
3. But Some of My Best Friends Are Clowns
October 3, 1998
Lana's clown friends from the circus come for a visit and meet with prejudice from a family of bullies.
2. Survive
September 26, 1998
A family camping trip goes haywire when The Lionhearts get locked out of the fancy "Shark Rover" camping vehicle Leo borrowed from the studio. They pull together and conquer the wilderness.
Family Circus
1. Family Circus
September 19, 1998
Leo and Spencer struggle through a "father-son" weekend and Kate is embarrassed to bring her snobby new friends home because of Lana's circus past.
  • Premiere Date
    September 19, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (83)