The Revolution

The Revolution is a health based reality show in which the goal of a team of experts, is to promote a positive change in the lives of women who are overweight. Despite the main highlight being weight loss, other recurring themes of the show include promoting positivity through means of mental health, fashion, and tactics to improve family life at home. Different segments of the show related to weight loss, nutrition, psychology, and medicine. Through casting calls, women would send producers videos of themselves and things they would like to improve or change. Plans were created, sent to these women, and they would appear on the show after the dramatic changes.

1 Season, 105 Episodes
January 16, 2012
Health & Fitness
Cast: Jennifer Ashton, Tiffanie Davis Henry, Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak
The Revolution

The Revolution Full Episode Guide

  • Summer bargains; Revolution journey; the hosts say goodbye.

  • Cynthia Sass; birth control; fashion for summer events.

  • Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom; author Mike Holmes; a Revolution journey.

  • Style expert June Ambrose; doctors answer audience questions.

  • Former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page; actress Shay Mitchell.

  • Style expert Daisy Lewellyn; holiday saving strategies.

  • Sarah Kiernans 'Revolution' journey and reveal.

  • Tim answers style questions; healthy alternative menu items.

  • TV hosts Duncan Penn and Ben Nemtin; Revolution journey and reveal.

  • Kids' sports and safety; trainer Bob Harper; double-duty household cleaners.

  • What everyone should know by age 30 with editor Jessica Duncan.

  • Losing belly fat and perventing heart disease; journalist Star Jones.

  • Suzanne Somers; Jill Smokler; divorce before age 30.

  • Alzheimer's disease; author Joan Lunden; cool summer treats.

  • A cancer survivor tries to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Father's Day; prostate health; health benefits of herbs and spices.

  • Doctors from Dr. Jennifer Ashton's family answer audience questions.

  • Revolution 3 Way; hips, finding a job, author A.J. Jacobs; Chris Powell

  • Is This Normal?; creating desserts low in fat; fashion designer Norma Kamali.

  • A mother of two tries to regain her healthy lifestyle.

  • Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson; Swimsuit Ready in 20 Days reveal; brain studies.

  • Exercising with a hula hoop; Spring-inspired interior design; healthy bbq.

  • A "Revolution" reveal of Sofia Spentza.

  • "Dr Talk," answers "Is this Normal?", environmental lifestyle expert and author of Upcycling, Danny Seo, "New Things to Know" with Dr. Jen and Dr. Tiffanie, and tips for moms to incorporate into their busy schedules.

  • Shapewear and dresses; capoeira expert Brett Hoebel.

  • Fitness trainer Bob Greene; preventative health screenings.

  • A design competition; good fat versus bad fat; designer Sabrina Soto.

  • Former WNBA player Kym Hampton tries to reclaim her athletic lifestyle.

  • Author June Ambrose; eliminating cellulite; a 10-minute workout.

  • Women's health; wearing neon at any age; healthy breakfast options.

  • Celebrating Mother's Day; two moms receive makeovers.

  • Actress Cybill Shepherd; the latest hair removal techniques.

  • Kristen Maxwell; a swimsuit fashion show; Genevieve Gorder; Janine Driver.

  • Jeff Lewis; Cool gadgets; Swimsuits in 20 days

  • TV host Jeff Lewis; dog groomer Jorge Bendersky; healthy summer skin.

  • The dangers of plastics; dumpster diving; hot flashes.

  • Comic Matt Iseman; actress Cheryl Hines; Ty tries to make people laugh.

  • Taking control of one's life; cancer survivor Amber Russell's journey.

  • Home remedies for eye bags; summer handbags; relationship advice.

  • Nutrition plan for weight loss; Dr. Robyn Silverman; celebrity hair styles.

  • Singer Dolly Parton discusses the costumes she has worn throughout her career.

  • Singer Dolly Parton; health in Japan; increasing fertility.

  • Louisiana native Amy Ybarzabal reveals her Revolution journey.

  • Identifying myths about exercise; actress Holly Robinson Peete.

  • Surviving spring allergies; Carson Kressley's new fashion line.

  • The effect of loved ones on a person's weight; author Brad Lamm.

  • Timtervention makeovers; author Brad Lamm with tips on stress eating.

  • Cooper University Hospital nurses; the Cooper Challenge.

  • Lunchtime workout; healthy office snacks and lunchtime alternatives.

  • Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) with tips to slim your house.

  • Spring fashion show; arm exercises; actress Annie Potts.

  • Guest co-host Toni Braxton welcomes her sisters.

  • Butt exercises; stylist June Ambrose; guest co-host Toni Braxton.

  • Leg exercises; author Eileen Daspin; guest co-host Toni Braxton.

  • Abdominal exercises; reality-TV personalities Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos.

  • Financial columnist Michelle Singletary.

  • Discussing Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • Ty learns how to change a diaper; three new mothers discuss postpartum changes.

  • Health's impact on finger and toenails.

  • Dr. David Katz discusses food addiction.

  • Spring fashion; reusing moving supplies.

  • Ways to stop wasting money.

  • Teens talk about being overweight.

  • This week's hero talks about abuse.

  • Chef Curtis Stone; relief from exercise.

  • Celebrating single ladies; stylish, single audience members.

  • Women in second relationships.

  • A pajama fashion show; a healthy breakfast in bed.

  • Mothers who have reinvented themselves.

  • Toni Braxton; a single mother makes healthy changes and searches for love.

  • TV host Elisabeth Hasselbeck; health-sabotaging medications; hero update.

  • The hosts talk about their relationships with their mothers.

  • Ty gives Tim a makeover.

  • Navigating fake foods; reality-TV stars Joan and Melissa Rivers.

  • The Oscars; author Susan Shaffer; introducing this week's heroes.

  • Closet makeover; clothing size; Oscar fashion; dropping a dress size in a month.

  • Life expectancy; actress Andie MacDowell.

  • The cost of hair care; Tia and Tamera Mowry; hero update.

  • Sex, marriage and heart health; discussion on desire; Joy Behar; hero update.

  • Weight and health; how to wear weight; introduction to this week's hero.

  • Animal advocate Beth Stern discusses the importance of adopting pets.

  • Personal stories of cheating; emotional eating.

  • Valentine's Day resolutions; mistakes men make on Valentine's Day.

  • Stories of past loves.

  • Determining the length of a hug; making Valentine's Day decorations.

  • Cancer survivor Jennifer Calahan reveals her new body.

  • The power of opposites; daring clothing choices.

  • What clothes, complexions and other things say about a person.

  • Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce; cancer survivor Jennifer Cahalan.

  • Actress Monica Potter ('Parenthood') talks about being a mom.

  • Celebrating American Heart Month; plane crash survivor Mercedes Johnson.

  • Overcoming the past; Shop Your Closet.

  • Improving one's mood; singer Jewel discusses her past fertility issues.

  • Beating seasonal depression; a winter fashion show.

  • Determining appropriate portion control, and alcohol consumption.

  • Chef Sunny Anderson; making wallpaper from children's art.

  • Shoe issues; the hosts provide foot expertise.

  • Common household problems; Tim wears a tool belt.

  • Improving life in the bedroom.

  • Eliminating a muffin top; making cereal healthier.

  • Tim learns to drive; Southern recipes; the end of the heroes' journey.

  • The hosts work out.

  • Finding the perfect bra; breast care.

  • How to look and feel 10 pounds lighter; making the perfect salad bar salad.

  • Tools for making life changes; viewer makeover.

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