The Stanley Dynamic

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  • 2015
  • 3 Seasons
  • 4.3  (189)

The Stanleys are a typical family, except one of their twin sons is a cartoon.

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The Stanley Grown Up
25. The Stanley Grown Up
January 1, 2016
Susan, the Brock's new manager, rejects Larry and Lori's membership. They team up with Summer to prove that Susan is keeping kids out of the Brock. But when Larry goes undercover as an adult, he gets seduced by the fancy new Brock, and it's up to Lori and Summer to pull him out. Meanwhile, Dad buys a fancy new smart-home system, which quickly outsmarts him, Luke and Doop.
The Stanley Manager
24. The Stanley Manager
January 1, 2016
Pam is offered a job in Hawaii, but will only leave if she can find a suitable replacement manager for the Brock. Pam finds her dream replacement, but Larry and Luke worry the new manager will mean changes at the Brock, and they hate change. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad ground Lori and are determined to make it stick, despite Lori's best efforts to get out of the house.
The Stanley Mascot
20. The Stanley Mascot
January 1, 2016
A representative from the BerryBlast juice company discovers Luke and hires him to be their new cartoon mascot. Meanwhile, Larry has to do a book report, but doesn't want to read the book. When he finds out Morgan's all-women's book club is discussing the book, he disguises himself as a woman to learn about it without having to read it.
The Stanley Luau
15. The Stanley Luau
January 1, 2016
The football team is having a Hawaiian luau-themed dance. Mina assumes Larry will take her, but Darnell assumes he and Larry will make the dance a bro night Larry is caught in a growing web of lies as he tries to juggle his dates. Meanwhile, Mom volunteers to make dessert for the dance, but when Luke requests a giant, volcano-shaped baked Alaska, Mom is out of her depth.
The Stanley Tournament
14. The Stanley Tournament
January 1, 2016
When Luke accidentally knocks over Chaz at a karate demonstration, Chaz challenges Luke to one-on-one karate match. To prepare for the fight, Luke trains with Ronnie, a master of martial arts movie training sequences. Unfortunately, movie fights are a lot different from the real thing, and when the match comes, Luke is woefully unprepared. Meanwhile, Darnell asks Larry to watch his pet bird.
The Stanley Birthday
13. The Stanley Birthday
January 1, 2016
Mom and Dad are throwing Lori a surprise birthday party, but the plan goes awry when Mom forgets to mail out the party invitations. While Mom scrambles to get a last-minute party together, everyone tries to make Lori feel better by telling tales of their own worst birthdays.
The Stanley Cruise
10. The Stanley Cruise
January 1, 2016
Luke, Dad and Grandpa take a cruise on Grandpa's new yacht. But when Dad sinks the ship, the men are left stranded on a life raft. Things go from bad to worse when they find themselves attacked by sharks. With a sinking raft and no way to navigate, they must rely on their wits and teamwork, both of which are in short supply.
The Stanley Infestation
9. The Stanley Infestation
January 1, 2016
When the bedbugs from Lori's school experiment escape, the Stanleys and the Dewhursts all have to temporarily move into the Brock. Tensions run high between the parents, while Mina gets jealous of how close Larry and Summer become as roomates. Meanwhile, Lori and Doop race to capture all the bugs and return them safely to their observation tank, before a ruthless exterminator gets them first.
The Stanley BFF
8. The Stanley BFF
January 1, 2016
Larry and Luke find out that Doop has two tickets to a sold-out monster truck rally. The boys start buttering up Doop, each one hoping to get the ticket. But when Summer catches on to their plan, she does her best to foil it. Meanwhile, Lori freaks out Mom by befriending Razor, her school's resident bad boy. Mom and Dad try to steer Lori away from Razor, which only makes Lori like him more.
The Stanley Halloween
6. The Stanley Halloween
January 1, 2016
While giving out candy on Halloween, Luke challenges trick-or-treaters to sit through three spooky stories without running away in terror. In one story, a mishap with Morgan's duplicator machine results in Larry transforming into a spider. In another, the family is visited by a pleasant spirit who takes over Dad's body.
The Stanley Smothered Brothers
1. The Stanley Smothered Brothers
January 1, 2016
When Mom realizes she's missing out on some of the boys greatest moments, she decides to take a more active role in Luke and Larry's activities. Mom goes overboard and embarrasses Larry at his football games, and Luke at his role-playing group. Rather than ask Mom to tone it down, the boys throw a fake talent show, to trick her into missing their events.

The Stanleys are a typical family, except one of their twin sons is a cartoon. The Stanley Dynamic is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on January 23, 2015.

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  • Premiere Date
    January 23, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    4.3  (189)