The Storm

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The Storm is a disaster miniseries. The series is based on weather manipulation. It is the first technology of its time. Unfortunately, during the first test at the Atmospheric Research Center something goes wrong. A blast of energy creates multiple disasters.

After the initial test, the weather creation technology is ordered to be destroyed. The person in charge of the technology is secretly working with the Army. The weather creator is secretly being used as a military weapon.

The weather creation goes through several failed missions, which creates many more natural disasters in the world. A hit man is hired to destroy the weather creator and the scientist involved.

The thriller is a mix of political crisis and laymen reactions. There are several intense relationships throughout the series. With disasters heading to highly populated areas, time is crucial throughout the series.

1 Season, 2 Episodes
July 26, 2009
Documentary & Biography, Reality, Science Fiction
Cast: Brendan Gleeson
The Storm

The Storm Full Episode Guide

  • After a meddling reporter is murdered, scientist Kirk Hafner is hunted by hitmen while he attempts tp save the world.

  • The earth's future is threatened by a weather creation system.