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Your preschooler is anxious about starting a new school. What better way to introduce a child to the process than by having her watch cartoons to prepare her? She will love the antics of the animal characters in this beloved 2000 television series. Based on the book by Rosemary Wells, the stories revolve around the antics of child animal figures such as main character Timothy, a racoon, and his best friend, Yoko, a cat, as they begin kindergarten in Mrs. Jenkins class at Hilltop School.

Timothy Goes to School is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2000.

Timothy Goes to School is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Timothy Goes to School on demand atAmazon, Hoopla, iTunes online.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00 AM et/pt on PBS
1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 5, 2000
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Alyson Court, Rob Stefaniuk, Max Morrow, Joanne Vannicola, Fiona Reid
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Timothy Goes to School Full Episode Guide

  • Mrs. Jenkins students are making science projects to display at Hilltop School's open house and Fritz, the class inventor, is going to impress everyone with his rocket ship. When a test flight goes haywire in front of the entire class, Fritz feels humiliated and abandons his experiment. With some encouragement from his friends, the budding scientist finds the confidence to go back to the drawing board.;Doris is inspired to take ballet lessons after watching Grace dance in front of the class. A growing friendship between the two girls comes to an abrupt end when Doris embarrasses Grace by telling their school friends about an amusing mishap in dance class. Both girls discover that dance class isn't as much fun without each other's friendship.

  • Mrs. Jenkins' class is performing a play about taking care of teeth and Yoko has the misfortune of being cast as the villain - the cavity! When Yoko realizes she can offer something unique to the role, her special violin sound effects become the highlight of the show.;The Franks take great pleasure in making everyone laugh with their funny jokes and zany antics, but they pull some pranks that go too far and their classmates are no longer amused. When it's time for the big square dance to begin, the Franks can't find anyone willing to be their partners - including each other. Longing to take part in all the fun, the two brothers apologize to everyone for their behaviour and join the dance.

  • The Franks always do everything together, but when Fritz invites them to fly a kite and Timothy asks them to play basketball, the inseparable brothers can't decide with whom they'd rather play. When the twins decide to split up, they discover that doing things as individuals, means they have more things to share when they get back together.; When Mrs. Jenkins invites the class to think about what they'd like to do when they grow up, Yoko is quick to tell everyone that she wants to become a violinist. Through the course of helping others imagine what they would like to be, her interest in teaching grows, leaving her unsure as to what path she should choose. Gentle encouragement from her mother and Mrs. Jenkins helps Yoko learn that she can have more than one aspiration.

  • Yoko takes a Japanese flying toy called a taketombo to school to show her classmates. But before her presentation, the Franks? errant football breaks it to pieces. The Franks are truly sorry about the mishap and want to show Yoko that they care about her feelings. In the end they learn that there is more than one way to take responsibility for their actions.;Everyone is excited about the field trip to Hilltop Park and when Mrs. Jenkins tells the class to buddy-up, Lilly and Grace choose each other as partners. The two girls may have dissimilar interests, but that doesn't stop them from having a wonderful day together.

  • Yoko's mother is coming to Hilltop School to perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony for, In the Spotlight. Yoko happily accepts Nora's help with all the preparations for the big event. A clash of cultures develops when Nora tries to infuse the sacred rituals of a Japanese Tea Ceremony with the fun and games of a home-style tea party.; Fritz has learned a new magic trick and reveals the secret behind the illusion to his good friend Timothy. When Grace starts performing the trick for her classmates, Fritz is furious, presuming that Timothy blabbed! Timothy denies the accusation and a rift develops between the two boys that can only be mended if Grace comes forward and confesses how she learned the magic trick.

  • Nora proclaims Timothy is "the greatest" when he recaptures her pet lizard Norman, after its big escape. Timothy enjoys being the object of Nora's admiration until she starts relying too much on his help for every little thing. When Norman escapes again, Timothy desperately hopes that someone else will rescue the lizard and take over the title of "the greatest".;The discovery of an interesting rock in the schoolyard causes a dispute between Fritz and Charles over who will assume its ownership. Timothy finds himself in a real dilemma after being asked to settle the squabble by deciding which friend should keep the rock. Timothy comes to realize that there are some problems you can't solve all by yourself.

  • Everyone is happy to be returning to Mrs. Jenkins class after a school break, but Timothy is having trouble adjusting to life at Hilltop School without his friend Fritz. Since Fritz moved away, the two friends have been sending mail to each other, and in his last letter to Timothy, Fritz wrote that a surprise was on the way. Timothy and his classmates are very excited when they find out what that surprise is.;Everyone in Mrs. Jenkins? class received an invitation to Lilly's party - everyone except Doris. She can't understand it - hasn't she always been a good friend to Lilly? After Doris is reminded of the times she treated Lilly unkindly, she's determined to redeem herself and be the best friend that Lilly has ever had. When all of Doris? attempts at this fail, she goes home feeling dejected. Much to Doris? surprise and delight, her mother has found a party invitation near the mailbox.

  • Charles is too shy for his "In the Spotlight" presentation about leaves, so he tries to put it off. Timothy attempts to help him overcome his fear of talking in front of people, but Charles has a better idea - he'll get Timothy to talk for him. However, during the actual presentation, Charles gets so caught up correcting Timothy's translation that he forgets about his shyness and does the presentation on his own.;Timothy feels his friendship with Fritz is going to be jeopardized after Fritz announces he is moving away. At first Timothy is devastated by the news, but gradually learns how to say goodbye and, in the end, both boys realize that a long distance relationship can be equally as enriching.

  • The kids decide to separate themselves into a "boys only" Tree Fort Club and a "girls only" Sand Castle Club. After the novelty wears off, Timothy and Doris break the boredom by playing soccer together again. The other kids realize that it is just as much fun for boys and girls to play together as it is for them to play apart.;Everyone loves Mrs. Jenkins, so when she hurts her arm and is forced to miss school, they all decide to make her a get well card. That is, everyone except for Fritz. He decides to collect worms, bugs and leftovers for his teacher instead, much to his classmate's surprise. In the end, it becomes clear that the scraps he has amassed are for a bird feeder he has made for Mrs. Jenkins so she can watch the birds while she rests.

  • Doris is in her element after a big snowfall and offers to be Lilly's snow-buddy since Lilly has never experienced winter before. When Doris wanders off to take part in a toboggan race, Lilly is left on her own to venture through the snow by herself. While trying to find Doris, she meets all of her other classmates, who show her fun and exciting things to do in the winter wonderland. When the two girls finally reconnect, Doris reveals how terribly guilty she feels about leaving Lilly on snow day, but Lilly doesn't mind - she has practically become a snow day veteran on her own.;Timothy's treasured friendship with Yoko becomes strained when Yoko begins rehearsing for a dance recital and has no time left for Timothy. Timothy is suddenly forced to find new ways to fill his time without his best friend. When Timothy succeeds in discovering interesting ways to occupy himself, it is Yoko who now feels left out. In the end, however, the two discover that their absence in each other's life only serves to strengthen their friendship.

  • Nora's fear of big and scary prehistoric creatures is heightened when the class makes preparations to go to a dinosaur museum. Luckily, Timothy recognizes Nora's apprehension, and figures out a way to make the museum trip more fun and show her that dinosaurs aren't such scary monsters after all.;Lilly's reputation for forgetfulness prevents her from being chosen to look after the class fish. She proves everyone wrong however, when in the end she saves the fish's life.

  • Yoko plays her violin beautifully at home, but when the class builds a music tree for a school concert and Mrs. Jenkins suggests Yoko plays her violin at it, she develops stage fright. Thankfully, with the encouragement of her Mother and her classmates, Yoko overcomes her fear and leads the class through a beautiful spring symphony.;Timothy chooses Claude over Yoko in a team project because he thinks Claude will help him win a special prize. However, Claude doesn't let Timothy do any of the work and in the end, even though they win the prize, Timothy realizes he would have had much more fun partnered with Yoko.

  • Doris gets embarrassed when she paints a somewhat abstract picture in class and it doesn't look like anyone else's. Luckily she feels better when Mrs. Jenkins takes the children to a museum and Doris sees other abstract paintings that look just like hers.;Timothy is worried the Franks will think he is a baby if they find out he sleeps with a stuffed animal named Pingy. During a sleepover, Timothy does everything he can to hide Pingy, but is immensely relieved to find out that the Franks sleep with a stuffed animal as well.

  • Lilly loses everything, her pencil, her lunchbox, her scarf. Luckily, her friends at Hilltop rally around her and help her discover new ways of remembering things.;The Franks do everything together. When Frank One gets sick, Frank Two has to cope with his absence at school. At first Frank Two is uncomfortable without his brother, but as he gradually learns to do things without him and realizes he can have fun on his own as well.

  • All of Fritz's messes conveniently get blamed on the Mess Fairy. This arrangement works out great for Fritz until he accidentally splatters paint on Timothy's treasured collection of shells. Fritz feels bad and decides it's time that he begins to own up to all the messes he has caused and pledges do his very best to clean them up.;The children enjoy a day of games and races at the school picnic. No one cares if they win or lose. No one except Claude and Grace. They have to win every time. Until the last Obstacle Race. Everyone's a winner in this event. Everyone has fun. Everyone that is, except Claude and Grace. They just don't get it.