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  • 2003
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.2  (141)

Uninhabited Planet Survive is the story of a young girl named Luna, who is an orphan. One day, she is chosen as one of the selected few to obtain a scholarship to the best school in the country, Soria Academy. However, Luna finds herself in a difficult position after an assignment she has recently participated in leaves Luna and her friends stranded on an unknown planet that has been unoccupied for some time. It's up to Luna and her friends to survive until a rescue unit comes and saves them.

Uninhabited Planet Survive
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To Where Everyone is
26. To Where Everyone is
October 28, 2004
Shingo realizes that it is no longer possible to detach the gravity control unit from the ship - to stop the storm, they'll have to take the whole ship into the storm. Kaoru and Bell each volunteer to do it alone while the others escape, but the rest remind them they agreed to do it together. However, Luna, still with Survive, activates their seatbelts and ejects the entire bridge from the ship. She farewells each of them individually, then takes the ship into the gravity storm.
Not Going So We Can Die
25. Not Going So We Can Die
October 21, 2004
The children spend time preparing for departure - learning how to fly the ship, testing systems, ensuring everything is ready. On their last night before they start the mission, the children all gather in the forest by the lake, and remember the events that brought them to this point. Howard worries that it might be their last night, but Kaoru tells him they're not going so they can die - it's so they can live. The next day, they evacuate all of the coffins from the ship, leaving Adam and Tako behind to take care of them and the planet, and then prepare for takeoff. With Kaoru as pilot and commander, Shingo on engineering, Chako looking after the computer, Bell on power systems, Menori and Luna on flight plan and navigation, Howard on life support, and Sharla on communications, the takeoff happens without a hitch.
Because Everybody Likes This Planet
24. Because Everybody Likes This Planet
October 14, 2004
Survive has detected the gravity storm approaching, on a direct collision course with the planet, due to arrive in three days. Shingo thinks they can save the planet by using the gravity control unit on Survive's spaceship to create an inverse gravity field, cancelling out the gravity storm. With Survive's computing power, the children test a simulation using the anti-gravity sled's smaller unit, and are successful. However, since the plan requires detaching the gravity control unit from Survive's ship and sending it into the storm, Howard and Menori object, saying they should use the ship to return home while they can - there are no other spaceships or sufficiently powerful gravity control units on the planet. The other children agree that they have to save the planet, and Howard storms off.
At This Rate, This Planet...
23. At This Rate, This Planet...
October 7, 2004
Survive shows the children images of earthquakes causing damage all over the continent, but he cannot determine the cause of them. He explains that he needs Luna's power to save the planet, even if he has to absorb her to get it. The children discuss escaping the planet, but Survive threatens them with a huge swarm of drones. Luna offers to investigate the cause of the imminent destruction in exchange for their safety - though Survive is supremely logical and has access to all the data, the humans have the ability to see connections and make intuitive deductions.
You`re Not You
22. You`re Not You
September 30, 2004
Chako reveals to the others what they suspected, that Howard and Sharla were being controlled by Survive. Luna and Kaoru follow Howard and Sharla, but encounter drones trying to force their way into the hidden room. They return to regroup, but realizing there are no more safe places to hide, they decide to attempt a frontal assault on Survive's room. Shingo finds two infrared inhibitor particle nebulizers which they can use to confuse the drone's sensors in the same way that Howard's mirror worked earlier. In Survive's room, Survive tells Howard and Sharla that he needs to obtain Luna's power for himself.
Let`s Start!
21. Let`s Start!
September 16, 2004
Outside in the forest, Sharla stands communicating with a drone, agreeing to continue observing Luna. Elsewhere, Luna senses the drone, but when she and Kaoru run there, they only find Sharla. Worried, they head back to the hidden room. Together, they come up with a plan to reach Survive's chamber and accost the computer directly. The security drones act largely autonomously, guided by the sensors in each section - Shingo and Chako will use a modified chip to disable the sensors, meaning that so long as they stay out of direct sight of the drones, they won't be able to detect the children. Luna and Kaoru go with them for defense.
I Missed You
20. I Missed You
September 9, 2004
Outside, the children gather food while avoiding the drones. They discuss how much the area reminds them of their island, and Adam is excited to see a pague, except it's quite small. As the pague returns to its mother, two drones arrive, but someone shoots arrows at them from the bushes and destroys them. In a moment, Howard and Sharla emerge from the bushes. The children have a tearful reunion. Sharla tells the others that when they were sucked down by the quicksand, they fell into flowing water underground. Howard, however, sits in stoic silence. Sharla passes it off as him being tired, and prevents Chako from scanning him. When Luna and Sharla make skin-to-skin contact, Luna feels a weird sensation.
Mom! Dad!
19. Mom! Dad!
September 2, 2004
The children find a door in the hull, which opens when Luna holds up her hand. Inside, they encounter a maze of passageways, but drones quickly find them and they are forced to flee. After they run past one section of corridor, a small being emerges from a hatch in the wall, and instantly recognizes Adam. The small being, who speaks a language only Luna and Adam can understand, asks the children to follow him, but assuming him to be another enemy, they run from him. When the drones chase the being instead of them, they realize they can probably trust him, and when he appears in front of them from another hatch, they decide to follow him.
Howard Saved Us
18. Howard Saved Us
August 26, 2004
The children sit stunned by the side of the quicksand pit. Luna and Shingo each blame themselves - Luna for suggesting they go to the mainland, and Shingo because the Orion was his design. Menori, knowing that they would never survive in the desert in the day, forces them all to start walking. They walk by night and rest by day, reaching a forest at the edge of the desert the following night. Chako tries to lighten the mood, but Shingo becomes angry at Menori's hard-line stance and the two get into an argument. As they lie down to sleep, they all recall memories of Howard and Sharla.
We`ll Return to the Colony Together
17. We`ll Return to the Colony Together
August 19, 2004
The Orion travels through a desert, but progress is slow, as sand keeps getting into the engine room, forcing them to stop while Shingo and Chako clean it. When they're on the move again, they have lunch together, but food and water supplies are starting to get low. To cheer them up, Sharla shows everyone a desert flower that she found, made of crystallized sand, but Howard, getting frustrated and afraid, grabs it and smashes it on the floor. Adam realizes that Sharla has been sharing her water ration amongst everyone else, and tells Luna, but Sharla promises Luna that she's ok.
Mysterious Power
16. Mysterious Power
August 12, 2004
The children enter the terraforming machine, leaving Sharla behind to look after Adam. Inside, Luna finds a stairway leading deeper, where they are attacked by a large humanoid robot, which Chako identifies as a maintenance robot. They defeat it when Kaoru plunges his knife into its head. The strange voice which Luna heard earlier speaks to Luna through the robot. It identifies itself as the main computer that manages the terraforming machines, Survive. With Luna translating for the other children, Survive recounts the history of the planet.
That`s Why I Have To Go
15. That`s Why I Have To Go
August 5, 2004
On the Orion, Chako determines that virus-like nanomachines have entered Adam's body and changed the nanomachines already there into malignant ones, and they probably entered through the scrape on his hand. They decide to head directly for the nearest sub-terraforming machine. After passing through a forest, they reach an ancient, crumbling city. They stop by a large building that they hope is a hospital, but the medicines they find had already decomposed long ago. Chako estimates them to be five hundred to a thousand years old, the same age as Adam's ruins. When Howard finds writing on a medicine bottle that's the same as writing they saw in the ruins, they realize that Adam's people had come from this planet, which raises the question of why he was in a spaceship on the island.
Finally Arrived
14. Finally Arrived
July 29, 2004
Kaoru pilots the Orion up a river to find a place where they can come to shore, and they decide to stop for lunch on solid ground. As the children set up a picnic, they all notice that Sharla has become a much stronger person than she used to be, and conversation quickly turns to everyone's parents. Luna, however, as the only one of the human children who is an orphan, becomes saddened by the conversation, and Bell notices. As the children plan their route, they decide to spend the day replenishing their supplies. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs.
Why Is Something Like That...
13. Why Is Something Like That...
July 22, 2004
Heading for the continent once more, the children have realized that something happened to Luna on the island. Chako scans Luna and discovers nanomachines in her bloodstream, which were the reason for her quick healing. She scans the rest of the children as well, but only Adam has them too, which explains why Luna and Adam are able to communicate, why Luna could hear the mysterious voice, and why she could open the door to the ruins. Luna is extremely concerned that she has nanomachines, but tries to behave as normal in front of the other children. However, they can tell that it's just an act, and after three days, they plan a cheer-up-Luna surprise party.
I Won`t Give Up
12. I Won`t Give Up
July 15, 2004
Bell tries to jump in after Luna, but the others hold him back. Kaoru attempts to turn the ship around, but because of the measures taken to avoid capsizing during the storm, the steering won't work. As Luna drifts out of sight, Shingo blames himself for not anticipating such a storm, but Chako is confident in Luna's ability to survive. In the ocean, Luna is being buffeted around by the waves, kept afloat only by her lifejacket and her memory of her father.
A Very Important Friend
10. A Very Important Friend
July 1, 2004
As the children finish construction on the ship and load supplies for the journey, Porte visits each one except Shingo and gives them words of advice and encouragement. The children turn to Sharla to give the ship a name, but she asks for time to think on it. That night, they head back to Everyone's House for their last night on the island. As Menori plays her violin, they think over the many things that have happened to them. Later, after everyone has gone to bed, Shingo finds Porte sitting by the fire. Porte gives Shingo his mechanic's jacket, and the two lie side-by-side.
Although We Don`t Have Enough Materials
9. Although We Don`t Have Enough Materials
June 24, 2004
With Shingo designing and Porte giving technical advice while recuperating from his injuries, the children start to build their ship with Pague's help, using the largely intact hull of the Orion for the main body, and searching the forest and ruins for parts and components. However, a disagreement caused by lack of parts is starting to open a rift between Shingo and Porte. Since the gravity control unit they found wouldn't be powerful enough to produce both lift and propulsion for their ship, Shingo comes up with the idea of using sail power for propulsion, but Porte rejects it outright, not willing to ignore centuries of tradition in spaceship construction.
Go To The Mainland?!
8. Go To The Mainland?!
June 17, 2004
The children find Porte hanging from a tree and bind his wounds, then head for the ruins. There, they find that both the Orion and the ruins have been all but destroyed. The children are all stunned, but Adam is especially distraught, as the ruins represented his only link to his parents. Luna suggests heading to the mainland to find the main terraforming machine, as they may also find another spaceship there, but the others, still reeling from the shock, decide it would be better to rebuild the basis of their lifestyle first, and consider bigger things afterwards.
Begin Surfacing
7. Begin Surfacing
June 10, 2004
On the Orion, Kaoru familiarizes himself with the controls, Porte, Shingo and Chako head for the engineering room, while Sharla and Adam hide in the aft cargo hold. On the beach, Bob makes a raft from logs, and as the children race to intercept, they cast off. Using Bob's cyborg arm as an outboard motor, they quickly move out of arrow rage. Luna uses her power to warn Adam, and he warns the others. Porte installs the gyrostabilizer and the engine powers up. However, as Kaoru begins liftoff, the escapees board the ship through the aft cargo hold's hatch. They pass Sharla and Adam without noticing them, and head for the bridge, where the rest have holed themselves up.
6. Hurry!
June 3, 2004
Knowing they can't sacrifice Pague for their own benefit, the children decide to give up on fixing the ruins and steal the Orion instead. They hide in the control room and close up the floor, then open up the outer door. They lure the escapees into the inner chamber with the terraforming device, then lock them inside, open the floor once again and escape, taking the gyrostabilizer with them and closing the door behind them. They head for the beach, but behind them, Bob batters down the inner door, and Brindo uses a miniature bomb on the outer door.
We Can Definitely do It
5. We Can Definitely do It
May 27, 2004
The children put their plans into action, first separating the escapees, then trapping Bob in a cage and catching Brindo in a snare. However, Kaoru is tied down fighting Zilba. Brindo quickly frees himself, and soon corners Luna, Bell and Menori, but Kaoru shoots the gun out of his hand with an arrow, and Bell smashes it with a rock. Bob also breaks free, and the three regroup and close in on the children. Suddenly, the herd of pagues - with Pague himself in their midst - stampedes between the two groups, allowing the children time to escape. When the herd moves on, Bob tries to follow the children, and falls into a pit trap.
What Should I Do?
4. What Should I Do?
May 20, 2004
The escapees are becoming increasingly frustrated by the illusory forest, while Porte, Chako and Shingo make some progress in interfacing the gravity control unit with the alien equipment. The children get excited, but Kaoru returns with sobering news - the escapees are starting to figure out the forest. Since Porte needs two or three more days, Kaoru, Bell, Luna and Menori plan traps to slow them down. Adam, looking dejected, sneaks out and finds Pague in the illusory forest outside. He confides in Pague that despite Luna's offer to take him back to their colony with them, he doesn't really want to go - this planet is his home.
I Finally Also...
3. I Finally Also...
May 13, 2004
Menori, acting as spokesperson, tells the escapees to put down their weapons and move away from them, and Brindo plays along. They start the hostage exchange, but Brindo catches Kaoru heading towards the discarded weapons, and Zilba pulls out a needle gun and shoots at him. In the resulting confrontation, Howard gets hit by a needle. The children cross the river to escape, but find themselves still in range of Brindo's laser gun. Things look dire until Adam arrives, followed by the giant crustacean from the ruins, acting under Adam's unconscious control, which distracts the escapees long enough for the children to escape. They head for the ruins, relying on the illusory forest to slow the escapees down, leaving Kaoru behind to watch them.
This is for Everyone`s Sake
2. This is for Everyone`s Sake
May 6, 2004
Howard has stolen the gyrostabilizer from the ruins and is taking it to the three escapees to bargain it exchange for their rescue, with the added incentive of the reward they would get for the children's safe return. The escapees tell Howard they can only take one person with them, so Howard decides to accept the offer, and send help for the others later. Once the escapees have the gyrostabilizer, however, they turn on Howard and are about to kill him, until they realize that Howard took the wrong component.
Tenacious Bunch
1. Tenacious Bunch
April 29, 2004
Kaoru finds the escape pod from the Orion washed up on the shore, and brings the occupant - an old man - to the rest of the children. When the old man wakes, he hurriedly puts out their signal fire, telling them the people on the ship are escaped prisoners. They'd hijacked the ship and killed the rest of the crew, only to be sucked through a gravity storm, finding themselves near the planet, where they picked up Shingo's signal. The old man, named Porte, was the ship's mechanic - he sabotaged the ship as it came in to land, stealing the spare gravity control device before escaping. He also realizes he knows who the children are - their disappearance was big news throughout known space, and Howard's father had offered a large reward for their safe return.

Uninhabited Planet Survive is the story of a young girl named Luna, who is an orphan. One day, she is chosen as one of the selected few to obtain a scholarship to the best school in the country, Soria Academy. However, Luna finds herself in a difficult position after an assignment she has recently participated in leaves Luna and her friends stranded on an unknown planet that has been unoccupied for some time. It's up to Luna and her friends to survive until a rescue unit comes and saves them.

  • Premiere Date
    October 16, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (141)