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Wendell and Vinnie is an American television show that falls into the genre of comedy. This particular television show primarily airs on the Nickelodeon channel, also known as Nick at Nite, and it has an approximate running time of around 23 minutes long per episode. Wendell and Vinnie was produced by Jay Kogen, Aaron Kaplan, Steve Skrovan, Susan Behaved, Jerry Trainor, Matt Fleckenstein, and Richard G. King, and it was created by Jay Kogan. This television show also stars many well known actors and actresses such as Jerry Trainor, Buddy Handleson, Haley Strode, and Nicole Sullivan. This television series has been rated as appropriate for all ages.

This television show is mainly focused around a young man by the name of Vinnie. Vinnie is the owner of a very well known pop culture memorabilia store, located in Los Angeles where he lives. When Vinnie is not running the store he is busy reading his comic books and playing various video games. However, Vinnie's world becomes twisted when he is unexpectedly informed that he is the legal guardian of his nephew Wendell. Wendell is a 12 year old boy who happens to be a lot smarter and more mature than his age.

During this television series Vinnie tries to get used to being the father figure to his nephew Wendell. Vinnie does this by getting lots of advice from Wilma, who happens to be a personal injury attorney, and his dream girl Tayrn who happens to also be his divorced Texan neighbor. Eventually, Vinnie gets used to be the father figure and does everything he can to be the best one he can be. On the other hand, Wendell also helps keep his immature uncle Vinnie under control, sort of like a father figure to him. Leaving them both to face many unusual and funny situations that they are not used to dealing with.

Wendell & Vinnie is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on February 16, 2013.

Where do I stream Wendell & Vinnie online? Wendell & Vinnie is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wendell & Vinnie on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
February 16, 2013
Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Jerry Trainor
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Wendell & Vinnie Full Episode Guide

  • Wendell is in charge of the dance committee at school and plans to make the latest event memorable. Elsewhere, Vinnie reconnects with an old crush, and his actions cause Taryn to see him differently.

  • Vinnie brings Wendell to work hoping he'll enjoy it, but instead Wendell transforms it into everything Vinnie despises. Wilma takes Taryn's hip-hop class and learns she's a drill sergeant, ironically compelling Wilma to earn her respect.

  • When Vinnie meets a girl who's way out of his intellectual league, he uses Wendell's "smart guy" talking points to impress her. Meanwhile, Wendell has to pretend that everything in Vinnie's man-child apartment belongs to him.

  • Vinnie takes on the PTA to build a school garden, which is meaningful for Wendell because it was a plan he and his mother had.

  • Vinnie is introduced to his favorite comic book author, also a single parent, and organizes a playdate for Wendell and the man's aggressive son. However, as the boys become buddies, Vinnie's new bromance peters out.

  • Vinnie takes a road trip with "The Toad," a friend from his past, which takes a very wrong turn. Meanwhile, Wendell stays with Wilma, who makes him realize he may have taken Vinnie's easygoing ways for granted.

  • Upset, Wendell sells a treasured item of Vinnie's unaware of it's full value, so then he must figure out how to retrieve the item.

  • The guys find a tote bag and try to return it to its owner, but Wendell underestimates Vinnie's sleuthing skills.

  • Vinnie fails to care for an ill Wendell, and soon feels guilty for being neglectful.

  • Wendell befriends a lonely student from Holland, Jann. But when Jann abandons Wendell for a cooler crowd, Vinnie decides to help Wendell win him back by putting them in a situation where they're forced to spend time together.

  • Wendell and Vinnie try to join a swanky car pool at school, but their trial doesn't go as expected. Elsewhere, Wilma persuades Taryn to file a lawsuit against a beverage corporation.

  • Wendell befriends some arrogant kids, prompting Vinnie's dad to analyze his son's parenting skills. Elsewhere, Wilma assists Taryn in discarding items her ex left behind.

  • Vinnie tries to share his passion of baseball with Wendell, but Wendell decides to cheer for Vinnie's rivals.

  • Vinnie upstages Wendell at his own sleepover to make new friends.

  • Wendell seeks counsel from Vinnie for Valentine's Day, prompting Vinnie to make a move with Taryn.

  • Wendell's interest in magic disappoints Vinnie because it stirs up bad memories from his past.

  • Wendell defends Goldilocks in a mock trial at school, but Vinnie and Wilma get in the way of his search for truth and justice.

  • Vinnie asks Wendell to get into trouble in school so he can spend time with Wendell's attractive vice principal.

  • The series opens as Wendell and Vinnie struggle to adapt to their new situation when Vinnie becomes Wendell's guardian