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Hollywood director Peter Berg takes a revealing and often controversial look at the mental health crisis that swept across the US in the early part of the 21st century in this thought provoking drama. Dr. Robert Banger and his team of doctors and nurses reveal the inner workings of the treatment of mental health issues and its effects on the lives of those who work in the field. The series also reveals how the patients seeking the help and assistance of medical professionals are treated and feel as they move through the system.

Thursdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on ABC
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
March 30, 2000
Cast: Ted Levine, Michelle Forbes, Martin Donovan, David Brown
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Wonderland Full Episode Guide

  • It is the day of the wedding and Sasha is faced with the dilemma of a lifetime. Miranda also has a hard decision to make - will she reveal her true feelings towards Tom before it is too late? The revelation of shocking truths forces Dani and Steve to reassess their marriage.

  • Miranda is put in danger when Max's double life finally catches up with him. Tom must decide whether he can forgive Sasha when she reappears and tells him the truth about her dark past.

  • Miranda must decide how to use the information when she discovers a secret that could destroy any chance of a reunion between Sasha and Tom.

  • In the lead up to Tom and Sasha's wedding, an innocent night out with friends leads to fights, saucy games, a steamy affair... and the ultimate betrayal. When Tom says Miranda's name in his sleep, it sets Sasha on a path destined to destroy their wedding plans.

  • Tom pushes Sasha to set the date, unaware she's still withholding an explosive secret about her past. While Miranda avoids Max as she tries to process his declaration of love.

  • As Sasha prepares to launch the bar, Tom is gearing up to pop a question that will stun the residents of Wonderland.

  • On a night out with the girls, Sasha crosses paths with someone who knows about her secret past. Tom wants Sasha to move in but neither Miranda nor Sasha is keen to live together.

  • Colette questions whether Rob is the father of Jade's baby - will he agree to a paternity test? Miranda agrees to work on a story with Max again but when things get dangerous Max makes an unexpected declaration of his feelings.

  • Carlos and Miranda's attempt to forget about their random kiss gets tricky when they discover someone else knows. Collette is home alone when Jade returns to her door with severe labor pains, can she help Jade through this traumatic moment?

  • Dani questions whether she and Steve need an exit clause after some devastating news from her mother. Meanwhile, Miranda's fears for Tom grow as a business opportunity gets him more tangled in Sasha's life.

  • Colette is devastated when Jade reveals she is having Rob's baby, leading to a showdown between the two women.

  • The fallout from Maggie's affair with Cal continues to build, as Maggie urges a reluctant Tom to keep her secret from Warwick. Miranda's attempt to help Tom sees the gloves come off between her and Sasha.

  • Sparks fly when Grace meets an old flame but can she tell him the truth about her marriage?

  • Tom learns a shocking truth about his parents' history with Sasha. Maggie's distress over her argument with Tom pushes her into the arms of Callan.

  • With his unhealthy passion for Sasha reignited following his breakup with Ava, will Tom close himself off to Miranda's friendship as he seeks to make a new connection with his old flame?

  • Tom's late-night decision to go to Sasha's rescue leaves him on thin ice at home with Ava. Callan's efforts to bond with Steve result in a brush with death.

  • Tom lies to Ava, abandoning her to finally get answers from the woman who broke his heart. Miranda's anger at Max finds a new outlet when he writes an article that's damaging to one of her friends.

  • Tom is haunted by a past flame as Ava grows worried about his increasing distraction. Steve and Miranda's dad, Callan, comes to visit, putting pressure on an emotional anniversary.

  • Carlos puts his visa is in jeopardy when he intervenes in a domestic violence dispute. Grace is outraged when she discovers she's been overlooked for a promotion.

  • Tom and Ava's secret sexual liaison is discovered by Miranda, who finds distraction in the flirtations of the new tenant.

  • Tom is ready to sell his car and start a new chapter just as Miranda's university friend comes to stay. Their mutual attraction overshadows Miranda's joy at her first exhibition.

  • A potential romantic interlude for Tom and Miranda is derailed when fate intervenes and leads the star-crossed lovers astray. A shocking event at Rob's work sees his relationship with Colette turn a new corner.

  • Tom's chain of one-night stands is a sore point for Miranda until he reveals the true motivation for his actions. Steve's quest to protect his sister leads Carlos to give him some long-overdue home truths.

  • Cracks appear for the Wilcox family when the true extent of Warwick's financial disaster is exposed at the Wonderland BBQ and Tom's solution proves unpopular.

  • Maggie gets a shock when Warwick admits there is a rival for his affections on the homefront. When Miranda has a hot fantasy about Tom, she decides it's time to put some distance between them.

  • Rob's depression is highlighted when Harry reveals an unexpected side to his personal life. Miranda and Tom argue over charity but share a special connection when night falls.

  • Caught between Carlos' jealousy and Nick's effortless charm, Grace decides she needs to get rational or risk missing out on Mr. Right. Rob's fear of missing out leads him to join the party when Colette throws FAT Night at her new place.

  • Rob drags Tom out to a nightclub, determined to meet a girl, get laid and put his marriage behind him. Carlos fears Grace is putting a new male colleague ahead of him when she throws a 70's party in his honor.

  • Tom finally decides to tell Miranda about the bet, but the message never gets through as he is prevented by a series of unlucky events and Steve's concerns for his sister.

  • Dani faces one her biggest emotional challenges when her mother invites her to her gay wedding. Will they find a resolution? When Tom learns about Adam's backward ideas, he sets out to expose him, leading to a moment with Miranda.

  • Tom, Miranda and Adam are all outside their comfort zones as they deal with the unspoken tensions. Much to Tom's discomfort, Maggie sets him up on a date; Colette is worried when Rob's anger over the Barista makes him forget their anniversary.

  • Babysitting twins triggers of a serious conflict in Steve and Dani; both facing unresolved issues in their own lives. Colette and Rob are buoyed by exciting news; Miranda is thrown into a spin when Adam announces he's ready for marriage and kids.

  • There's no trouble like exes reappearing in your life, as Tom finds when he comes face to face with the past... but it's Miranda's ex who really haunts him. Dani and Steve are at odds when he wants to see an ex-colleague who flirts.

  • A shocking event brings out the macho protective side of Carlos, putting him in conflict with the cool-headed lawyer Grace. After a business deal goes sour, Tom struggles with his principals, and it looks like he might have to sell the car.

  • While at a half-way house, Lyla gives birth and then goes into a coma.

  • Miranda decides to get back on the dating scene, with a little help from Dani's theme dating idea and some unexpected help from Tom. When Carlos comes home at dawn, Grace gets suspicious about his booty calls.

  • A man with personality disorders kidnaps his diabetic son.

  • In a new relationship with Carlos and living boundary, challenged flatmate Harry and independent Grace struggles to find personal space. Dani gets into trouble with Colette when she lets out a personal secret.

  • Dr. Heather Miles undergoes emergency surgery.

  • When Tom's dream of being free to pursue his furniture making without compromise versus his father's dream of keeping his vineyard, Maggie is caught between them, without a hope of her own dreams coming true.

  • Matthews tries to save a stand-up comedian from self destruction.

  • Abe takes a patient's pills and find himself in an altered state.

  • A much-feared local parking ranger is back from holidays, sparking a budget crisis for Dani when Steve finds her unpaid fines; Miranda has a date with the enemy; Tom goes out with the girl who is parking him in.

  • Garrity treats a patient who annually leaps from the 59th Street Bridge.

  • Tom can't help wanting what he can't have in Miranda; Dani wants the perfect addition for her new love-nest; Grace can't get passionate sex with Carlos off her mind; and Colette is having panic attacks over guilt she can't forget.

  • Dr. Lyla Garrity faces a review panel.

  • A wedding day turns to chaos when the stand-in best man, Tom, rejects his girlfriend's public proposal and his friends force him to put up his prized car in a bet to stop him breaking any more hearts.

  • Doctors staff Rivervue Hospital's psychiatric and emergency programs.

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