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Me and You tells the story of Lorenzo, a 14-year-old who is socially withdrawn and wants to escape the pressure of trying to be "normal." He decides to spend time in the abandoned basement of his apartment building to get away from people and collect his thoughts.

When his sister shows up, also needing a place of solitude, the siblings spend days hashing out their differences and admitting their needs for love and acceptance. This experience prompts them both to view the world differently.

TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 3, 2011
Cast: Sheryl Rubio
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You and Me Full Episode Guide

  • The mock exams are coming up and Shun is worried about his future. Some of his friends are easy going about the test while others are serious about it. He feels stuck in the middle without a clear direction.

  • With his parents going out on a trip, Kaname will be eating dinner with the neighbor. What should have been a fun time is interrupted by some disturbing news.

  • Kaname is worried about never seeing Mary with friends from her class.; Mastushita assumes she has lots of friends. But what does Mary think?

  • Shun's younger brother Fuyuki and his girlfriend Mamiya-san kissed. When Shun finds out, he asks his friends what he should do as Fuyuki's older brother. Fuyuki ignores his brother and goes on a date with Mamiya. The gang decides to follow the couple on their date and end up at a karaoke box.

  • Yuki continues to gather stickers for his plate. However, his points have stagnated since the boys stopped rotating "sticker duty." While Yuki has kept in touch with Kayo, who also collects stickers, when he learns she plans to quit working in the cafeteria, their conversations run dry. Looking back on his interactions with Kayo, Yuki decides to...

  • The five boys decide to go to a shrine together. While there, Chizuru accidentally throws the bicycle key he picked up into the box of offerings. The owner of the key "Akihiro" forces the boys to carry his unrideable bicycle. With entrance exams looming over the third year high schooler, Akihiro finds the laid back attitude of the boys irritating. Akihiro receives a charm from his girlfriend, but because she has already been accepted into a university, he finds himself unable to reciprocate her kindness.

  • On New Year's Eve, the Asabane household finds itself a little busier than usual with cleaning. While cleaning their room, Yuta accidentally gets water on Yuki's manga. Yuta and Yuki get into a fight, ending with Yuki leaving the house. Yuta has trouble understanding the situation until a piece of paper he finds in the edge of his room triggers his memory.

  • The five boys watch DVD's at Kaname's home on Christmas. Having watched all the movies they rented, the boys return to the rental store to rent some more. They expected to have an uneventful day, but a certain incident leads to them dressing up as Santa Claus and helping out with a shopping mall event. On top of that, "Akira" arrives dressed as Santa as well.

  • Just before winter vacation, as Chizuru wanders through town without any Christmas plans, he runs into Masaki carefully considering her potential purchase. When he realizes She is shopping for a Christmas gift for Shun, Chizuru finds himself unable to be frank with Masaki as she happily chooses her gift. Later, when Masaki arrives at the classroom to give Shun his gift, a classmate takes the present.

  • Shun is sharing his tangerine and ends up going to Kaname's house, but Chizuru, Yuki and Yuta end up going too and all 5 stay for dinner. While it was expected they would leave after dinner, instead at Chizuru's suggestion, it becomes their first 5 person sleepover

  • Today is the cultural festival and everybody is doing their part. Masaki is practicing hard as her role as the mouse in Cinderella to impress Shun.

  • With the arrival of fall, the students of Homare High School busy themselves with preparations for the cultural festival. Class representative and student council president Kaname runs around, trying to stay on top of all his responsibilities. When Chizuru and Yuki goof off, Kaname's annoyance reaches its peak, and Kaname realizes he's forgotten to prepare an important item for the festival.

  • As an official member of the manga club, underclassman Matsushita-kun asks Yuki to draw a manga for him. Preferring to read rather than write, Yuki suggests they have a manga drawing relay. The relay begins with Chizuru's excitement and Kaname's disappointment. Each will have the chance to show off his drawing skills.

  • Yuta receives a confession of love from his classmate Takahashi-san. Having coincidentally witnessed the event, his friends anxiously await Yuta's answer. Feeling a little lonely when Yuta walks home with Takahashi-san without warning, the boys decide to follow them.

  • With summer ending, the boys gather at Kaname's house to finish their homework. Inspired by his own study tools, Chizuru asks Kaname when he began wearing classes. Thinking he looked terrible in glasses, Kaname recalls how he refused to wear them in front of his friends.

  • Koichi question about childhood friends dug up old memories from Kaname; from when Koichi was a volunteer teacher at Kaname's kindergarten and his first love rival.

  • A transfer student arrives in Yuki and Kaname's class. The blond boy's name is "Tachibana Chizuru." The cheerful Chizuru approaches Yuki and suddenly announces they once played together in their childhood. While Yuki typically ignores others, Chizuru's strange introduction has Yuki running to Yuta's class during his break. Is Chizuru telling the truth?

  • A young girl with a scraped knee suddenly appears before Shun. He tries to give her a flowery band-aid, but she runs away. Despite his shock, Shun chases after her and manages to give her a band-aid, but starting the next day, she begins harassing him...

  • A beautiful spring. As usual, new Homare High School second years Shuta, Yuki, Kaname and Shun head to school under the sakura in full bloom. Kaname sets out to fill the gaps of his classmate Yuki's high school experience by forcing him to join a club.

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