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According to Jim was an American situation comedy, which ran for a half hour, for eight years. Jim Belushi starred as the main character Jim. He had a wife named Cheryl, and three children. Two daughters and a son. By the time of the shows last year, two more children were added to the cast. The comedy was in the interaction between Jim and his wife, his sister-in-law and his brother-in-law. The added comedy was between him and his children. The children who portrayed his kids were very intelligent and talented.

Jim was the kind of man who was brash, but had a soft heart. He was always trying to do things the easy way. He would always try lying to get his way. The lying was usually about his wife. His wife was very intelligent, and would sometimes use her intelligence over Jim, with the usual consequences.

Jim was also an avid sports fan. Every sport that Chicago had, especially the Chicago Cubs, was a favorite of his. His world was wrapped up with his family and sports.

Jim Belushi's comedic talent brought success to the show. His acting history goes back to 1978. So, the acting experience that Jim Belushi had behind him, contributed to his this sitcom's success immensely.

People who have never enjoyed this series, but who are fans of Jim Belushi, will not waste their time checking this one out. The direction, production and acting talents all contributed to the great success of this series. There were hundreds of scenes centered around Jim's interacting with his children. Many times they outsmarted him.

8 Seasons, 181 Episodes - Canceled
October 3, 2001
Comedy, Drama
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According To Jim Full Episode Guide

  • When Jim chokes on a shrimp puff, he dies and arrives at Heaven's gate. With Jim on trial to prove his selfless acts on earth, best friend Andy is summoned to heaven to defend him. As Jim attempts to prove his good works to God, his sister-in-law, Dana, represents the Devil, arguing that Jim's selfishness should mean a certain trip to hell.

  • It's Cheryl's birthday and Jim decides to buy her a diamond necklace. But in an attempt to save money, he buys the necklace from Andy's unreliable source and soon learns that it was taken off of a dead woman whose ghost now begins to haunt him.

  • Cheryl forces Jim to donate time to charity. His reluctance turns to elation when he's rewarded with a thousand-dollar check for his efforts. Cheryl insists he return the check, but Jim is itching to buy himself somthing frivolous with the money. And to really test Cheryl's integrity, he spends the money on a pricey designer handbag for her.

  • Jim uses his passion for sports to connect with son Kyle. But sports-challenged Kyle identifies more with fellow sci-fi nerd Andy, forcing a reluctant Jim to dress up as a Cyclops at a sci-fi convention in order to win his son back.

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