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Many women dream of being the wife or girlfriend of a basketball superstar, but the ladies in the hit reality television show Basketball Wives prove that such a relationship is not a simple one to maintain as they expose their lives on national television. Reality television is beginning to take over many networks as the shows are becoming highly interesting, dramatic, exciting and very real life. But, how real is reality TV? The show exposes these women to their abilities to scheme against one another and cause conflict due to lack of self-esteem and confidence and who can forget jealousy.

In previous seasons the ladies brought the drama, the fighting, bulling and name calling, but some have been ordered not to discuss their relationships on TV to protect the reputation of NBA superstar. As a result it seems that cast members Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols and Royce Reed are being replaced on the show due to altercations and lack of information provided or discussed about their Wife status due to legal bindings. However, when one thinks of ladies, one does not picture fighting, yelling, screaming and bullying. Most of these women have children yet act like children themselves.

With current news of domestic violence assault on cast member Evelyn Lozada brought on by her 41 days husband Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) one cannot help but wonder will she speak about the incident on air? As the show prepares to shoot for a new season, it is inevitable that these women will be back with more drama than ever before. Due to their violent behavior exposed on television, people question the validity of their truth, but reality is reality and no person should be violent towards another. Yet, the ladies continue violence against each other on the show, but is the violence real or simply for ratings and character building.

Whether the public loves the show or hates the show, they continue to watch as it is pure entertainment. Besides everyone likes a bit of drama in their life, so instead of creating their own, they choose to watch it on television brought on by the lovely Basketball Wives. Reality television has become the height of entertainment. Although people speak poorly about the character they continue watching and bringing attention and publicity to the show because these ladies simply give the public something to talk about. The show can become a guilty pleasure, so certainly one should watch the show and create a mindset of their own about these women and their stories.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
5 Seasons, 64 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 29, 2011
Reality, Sports
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  • Angel Brinks organizes an anniversary celebration for her clothing line, but chaos begins when Jackie becomes involved. Later, Tami and Duffey attempt to work together on Jazz's music video; and Jackie's devastated after she finds out Doug's moving for a coaching job.

  • Angel Love begins a dispute with Malaysia, Brandi and Duffey during a vacation to Big Bear Lake. Later, Duffey volunteers to direct a music video for Tami's daughter; and Jackie's attempt to arbitrate Duffey and Angel Love's argument only makes matters worse.

  • Malaysia invites the gals on a peacemaking journey to Big Bear Lake. Later, Shaunie and Brandi make amends; and Angel Brinks gets mad after her relationship with her child's dad is disputed.

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