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Three hundred years have passed since the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons. Cybertron is ruled by the Maximals, the descendants of the Autobots. They are at peace with the Predacons, the descendants of the Decepticons. One particular Predacon is looking to start trouble again. Megatron gathered a crew and stole Cybertron's most guarded relic: the golden disk. His escape was interrupted by a Maximal exploration ship led by Optimus Primal. The Axalon followed the Predacons into transwap space and both ships crash landed on an unknown planet. Megatron's plan was successful, the planet they crashed on was loaded with energon. As a matter of fact, there was to much energon for them to handle. Both sides had to create alternate forms based on local animal life to survive on this planet. Now its up to Optimus Primal and the Maximals to stop Megatron from gaining enough energon to conquer the galaxy.

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3 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Ended
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  • The Decepticon battleship, Nemesis, has taken to the air with the Predacon Megatron at its control. The firepower at his control is completely unmatched by anything that the Maximals could possibly throw at it. Optimus Primal and the other Maximals must do whatever they can to stop him anyway, even if it means giving up their lives in this series ending final installment.

  • The Maximals are at their base happy at their apparent victory over the Predacons. While, the Predacons are in hiding after their base was completely obliterated. They are now searching for Tarantulas’ lair and have been successful in this endeavor. The Predacons have found a secret part of the cave with a submersible. Megatron finally thinks he knows what Tarantulas has been doing for some time now and they take the submersible down before Maximals are able to get there to stop them.

  • Far out in the outer reaches of space, it is the Vok who have taken Airazor and Tigatron and it is the Vok who are responsible for the experiments on Earth. They have discovered that life on Earth still exists after believing they had destroyed it with their Planetbuster. The Vok decide to send an emissary to finally finish what they had started. He is to destroy Megatron for his interference. Optimus must stop this plan as Megatron is still in possession of the original Megatron’s spark.

  • At first glance, it seems to be an uneventful day at the Maximal base until the alarm sounds and the base comes under attack. Waspinator is leading a force against the Maximals. During the fray, Tarantulas hits Optimus Primal with a device that starts to change his demeanor Optimus starts attacking his own troops. Meanwhile, Megatron has devised a plan that will finally put him on a level equal to or greater than Optimus.

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