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"Bethenny Ever After" is a reality television show that first aired on the Bravo Cable TV network on June 10, 2012. It was originally titled "Bethenny Getting Married" up until the second season, and was the highest rated season premiere in the history of the network. It has since gone on for two more seasons with much success.

The focus of the show is Bethenny Frankel, an American mother, wife, television host, writer, chef and entrepreneur, living in New York with her husband, Jason Hoppy. The first season centers around her preparations for her wedding to Jason, taking care of herself during her pregnancy, and working on her career as a natural food's chef. In the second season, viewers get to know her better as they watch her turn 40 and struggle to find balance between taking care of her new baby girl, Bryn, keeping the fire alive in her marriage, and dealing with the stresses of her expanding professional life. The third season premiered on February 20, 2012, and documents Bethenny experiencing both the perks and stresses of her success, such as a move to a new luxury apartment, trips to beautiful locations around the world, tensions with her husband and the general difficulties of keeping to such a hectic schedule.

In the third season finale, Bethenny and her team getting together for a Christmas party, and she experiences a breakdown during a photo shoot for Glamour magazine due to the resignation of one of her cherished team members. The show ends with Jason and Bethenny moving into their newly renovated apartment. It hasn't yet been announced whether "Bethenny Ever After" will return for a fourth season.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Canceled
February 28, 2011
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Bethenny Ever After Full Episode Guide

  • Christmas is approaching and the Skinnygirl gang gathers for a holiday party.

  • Bethenny deals with family drama.

  • Bethenny heads to Colorado to launch Skinnygirl Cosmos, while Jason considers joining the team.

  • Jason and Bethenny are back in NYC and working hard to get their apartment renovated. With the stress of building, Bethenny indulges in a little NYC R&R - a night out with Jake and a yoga class with Nick - that ends up increasing her concerns about her health.

Bethenny Ever After News

Bethenny Frankel's New Talk Show: Homeless and Facing the Axe

With a "homeless" daytime talk show, Bethenny Frankel, the self-made reality success, is at a loss. It's hard to imagine the latest idea from the brass brunette - who can turn diet margarita mix into gold - has been dropped by Telepictures, but sources say Frankel was "too aggressive."

Episode 'Bethenny Ever After' Season 2, Episode 9 - 'Break 'Em Early' Recap

After last week’s nightmarish Thanksgiving episode, I was hoping for a more calm, cool and collected Bethenny. Although that sounds impossible, she was a smidge less neurotic last night (though her neurosis is somewhat endearing.) For me the highlight of this episode comes in the opening scene. Bethenny has just arrived at the Hilton for her book signing and she is exploring the Presidential Suite when she comes upon a bidet.

How Skinny Girl and Reality TV Made Bethenny Frankel PHAT

Bethenny Frankel has come a long way since her appearance on "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.” Something about Frankel’s in-your-face natural approach struck a chord with audiences and Bravo producers, and today Frankel is sitting on top of a $120 million empire. Frankel is one of a growing but small list of reality stars who have turned their 15-minutes of fame into ventures worth millions, as the Hollywood Reporter notes in their chronicle of Frankel’s rise to the top.

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