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Bill Moyers Journal is a program that covers current news and human interest stories. The show covers topics like science, religion, arts, politics, and history. Bill Moyers produced and hosted the show from 1972 to 1976. It returned in 1979 to cover many more issues. The PBS website has all the shows archived so you can watch the many shows.

Over the years Bill Moyers interviewed many interesting people on diverse subjects. He did a show with Barry Lopez a short story writer, author, and essayist. He wrote Arctic Dreams winner of National Book Award. He traveled to Iowa to see how a group called Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement have helped residents fight for change in their town. A similar episode featured an interview with Jim Hightower who discusses how ordinary people can reclaim political power in their lives. Bill Moyers shows have covered the cost of war, how Wall Street bankers are breaking the rules and more.

He profiles artists and their lives by looking at their work and where they live. One show he featured author Louise Erdich author of multiple genres of novel, poetry, and children's books. Some shows covered the inequality in income levels in the United States. Overall The Bill Moyers Journal showed highlights of life in the United States covering serious issues and human problems.

One program discussed the explosive issue of healthcare in the US with National Organization for Women and Terry O'Neill of the Nation. Another program interviewed Maria Angell an advocate for single payer health care. His program has covered money and politics, energy, greed, books, history, and religion.

The show ran until 2010 and now is archived online at the PBS website for you to see. Each show is summarized so you know what the topic entails. There are full transcripts of each show if you prefer to read then watch the video. An interesting show that should be continued in 2012.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on PBS
2 Seasons, 63 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
November 14, 1972
Documentary & Biography
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Bill Moyers Journal Full Episode Guide

  • Populists against Wall Street and monopolies.

  • Discussion on net neutrality and Wall Street.

  • Simon Johnson and James Kwak discuss Wall Street and Washington.

  • Louise Erdrich discusses her life and work. Historian Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan.

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