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Black Ink Crew is an American documentary television series that is considered to be a reality television series as well. It was produced by the Big Fish Entertainment company, and it has many infamous executive producers such as Dan DePriest, Jeff Olde, Kari McFarland, Rick Hanley, and Shelley Tatro. Black Ink Crew primarily airs on the VH1 channel, and it also has an approximate running time of 42 minutes long per episode, not including the commercials played during the show.

Black Ink Crew is mainly focused in the city of Harlem, in New York. This television series follows a tattoo shop that is both owned and operated by African Americans. The main people on this show include Ceaser the shop owner, Walt the shops manager, Puma who is the public relations manager, Alex running the front desk, and the shops tattoo artists Dutchess, O'Shit, Ted, and Sassy. This show follows the everyday activities and events that this shop sees and does. From the people coming in for tattoos, the process of giving a tattoo, and the finished tattoo itself that always seems to look like a master work of art. This show also shows the way that these shop members get along with eaxh other, as well as all the moments when they argue or disagree. Furthermore, you will also get to see the bonds of friendship that is in these shop owners and operators, as well as all the good times and laughter that seems to flow through the office.

From having easy tattoos to the moat difficult ones, this Black Ink Crew accomplishes it all. They deal with some of the most friendliest customers who leave happy, to the most picky, moody customers that leave the shop angry. No matter what the circumstances are, this tattoo shop gets it done. From open to close, its just another day of work doing what they all truelly love to do.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on VH1
5 Seasons, 72 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 7, 2013
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  • Walt tries to persuade Richard to take care of his legal situation. Ceaser is shocked when Donna shows up asking for her job back. Dutchess comes home to NYC to celebrate her magazine cover.

  • Sky gets stitches after Tiffany confronts her about her attitude. Later, Melody hopes to return to Black Ink; Sky tells Ceaser a secret; and Richard and Nikki's wedding celebration takes a turn for the worse.

  • Dutchess plans a 24-hour tattoo-a-thon, but tension between Sky and Tiffany causes trouble; Nikki races to the Bronx courthouse; Donna sells an asset.

  • Upon discovering that Kitty was jumped, Ceaser confronts his employees; Young Bae is defensive over a rumor; Nikki agrees to let Richard work; Sky plots to get Donna back.

  • O'Sh*t is back and has a new name; Ted turns Ceaser's old office into a "boom boom room''; Kitty instigates a brawl.

  • Ceaser hosts a grand opening party at his new shop; Teddy is appointed executive manager; Donna learns that Max is still involved with his ex.

  • In the Season 4 closing, the gang goes snow tubing, but a fight erupts when Donna appears; O'S**t continues to misuse drugs and alcohol; and Donna must make a decision concerning her life with Max. Later, Ceaser hosts an event to celebrate the new shop; and O'S**t makes a decision that affects Black Ink.

  • Sky has to make a difficult choice as the birthday of her child she gave up for adoption draws near; Alexis approaches Donna about her past with Naeem during a bash at Art2Ink; and Ceaser's outraged after O'S**t blows off a customer. Later, Rah Ali comes to Black Ink for a tattoo.

  • Ceaser's mom attempts to intervene in his marriage after concerns that Dutchess is manipulating him; and Sky tests out her new figure. Later, Donna confronts Max's ex after becoming suspicious.

  • Dutchess comes up against a hard choice when the caterers, guests and supplies for her grand-opening celebration for Pretty N Ink fall through one day prior to the event. Later, Donna makes a surprise visit to North Carolina to confront Dutchess and Ceaser about getting rid of her tattoo equipment.

  • Dutchess spends her last days in New York City attempting to make amends with Donna; and Kathie summons her spirit guides to plot revenge on O'S**t. Later, Sky's past comes back to haunt her as she starts a new page in her life.

  • Sky hosts a bash at the shop to showcase her new body; and Ceaser tries to mediate for O'S**t and Kathie. Later, Puma's mother-in-law demands that Puma shut down his shop after she finds out about the shooting at Art2Ink.

  • Ceaser confronts O'S**t about rumors that he slept with Dutchess; and an altercation erupts when Donna refuses to pay Sky for her portion of the hotel bill. Later, Puma's life is put at stake when bullets are fired into Art2Ink.

  • Ceaser approaches Dutchess concerning her alleged infidelity. Later, Naeem introduces his new girl to the Art2Ink team; and Walt fights with his new responsibilities as a full-time dad when he has to give his children "the talk."

  • Sky goes through cosmetic procedures to get the figure she's always wanted. Later, Ceaser declares war after discovering Puma opened a tattoo joint in close to Black Ink; and Ceaser's surprised when Donna shares the details of her evening with Dutchess.

  • A new tattoo artist gets a classic Black Ink welcome. Later, the ladies head to Miami Beach for Sky's surgery; and Dutchess' crazy night at the club could put her relationship with Ceaser in jeopardy.

  • Ceaser's arrest sends shock waves through Black Ink. Puma is opening up a brand new tattoo shop to give Black Ink a run for its money. All hell breaks loose when Ted hires a new tattoo artist behind Ceaser's back.

  • In the Season 4 premiere, Ceaser reopens Black Ink following a 30 day closure; Dutchess must provide funds for a spendy remodel prior to opening her tattoo store in North Carolina. Later, O'Sh*t discovers he might need to start forking over child support; and the police show up at Black Ink.

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  • Season 1 Episode 1 Welcome to Harlem, U.S.A. (Pilot) 1/07/2013
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