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A colorful group of New York City policemen and women set in their ways of creatively interpreting rules receive a new commanding officer, Captain Ray Holt. Holt is all about discipline and rules, which of course, does not sit well with the talented but lively staff of the 99th precinct.

Jake Peralta is a gifted detective with a stellar arrest record, which he thinks entitles him for an easy-ride. His all-time rival, Detective Santiago, always tries to catch up to Jake and outdo him. Sergeant Jeffords, once a fantastic cop, is now constantly terrified of losing the chance to see his twins grow up. Also on staff are the hard working Detective Boyle, the outspoken Detective Diaz, and everyone?s favorite meddler, Gina, the office manager.

We see the precinct at its best and at its worst, all with hilarious results. We see them at their jobs doing the work of a normal police station and we also get to know the people outside of their uniforms.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Full Episode Guide

  • It's the day of Gina and Charles' parents' wedding, and the whole squad must finish their assigned tasks for the ceremony to go off without a hitch.

  • Jake becomes aware that Holt has been acting moody.

  • Still devastated about Sophia, Jake anticipates a visit to a Homeland Security terrorist training simulation to distract him. That is, until the agent in charge assigns them the lame role of playing hostages.

  • When Sophia's relationship with Jake begins to interfere with her job, he attempts to make things better.

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 16: 'The Wednesday Incident'

The Organized Crime Unit takes Jake's materials for a case. Jake goes to Holt to have him intervene, but Holt is in a terrible mood. He even takes away everyone's overtime. Jake is determined to find out why Holt has been so angry (but more especially to deflect blame away from himself, seeing how he accidentally set off the sprinklers the day Holt's mood started). He sets off to figure out what is happening, and starts by going to Kevin (enlisting Gina to help him, since Kevin hates him).

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 15: 'Windbreaker City'

Jake isn't doing well after breaking up with Sophia... everyone wants to distract him. The opportunity comes in the form of Homeland Security, who invite the NYPD to participate in a counter-terrorism drill. They are the only non-federal agency invited, and it is an honor. However, they are assigned to be the hostages. Jake doesn't make things any better by being rude to the commander. Unable to distract himself from texting Sophia, Jake decides to break out of his hostage role and take out the "terrorists" on his own.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 14: 'Defense Rests'

In the world of Charles and Gina: Gina is resentful toward Charles, because he has given in to his father's happiness and is refusing to help sabotage his relationship with Gina's mother. Amy, eager to utilize her binder on conflict management, steps in to mediate between the two. They decide that they will allow Gina to grill Charles' father, since she is worried about her mother, who has a bad track record with men. She interviews him, but is satisfied with his answers, and gives him her blessing to ask her mother to marry him.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 13: 'Payback'

It's Marcus' birthday and Rosa wants to do something nice for him. She makes the mistake of asking for suggestions from her friends. Jake tries to borrow a dollar from Terry only to find out he owes over $2,000 already, and Terry is fed up. He asks Jake to pay him back. Jake thinks this is strange and suspicious. He looks into it, and speculates that Terry's wife is pregnant again. He is correct. Terry tells him that it is too early to tell anyone, so Jake needs to keep it a secret.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 12: 'Beach House'

Everyone is excited for their detectives only getaway at Charles' beach house. Gina is especially excited to finally meet "Six Drink Amy," who she hopes is someone she can be friends with. Holt wasn't invited, of course, and as Jake prepares to leave, he finds out that as a black gay cop, Holt was never really invited to hang out with his peers. Guilty, Jake brings Holt along, to everyone's horror. With him there no one feels comfortable letting loose. Jake is forced to admit that he made a mistake.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 11: 'Stakeout'

Jake, Rosa, and Holt receive a medal for their work in busting up the Gigglepig drug ring. Next up: staking out a drop house for the Ukranian mafia. Jake and Charles volunteer - what's more, they're happy to do it for the entire eight days, rather than a half shift. They're warned against it, but insist they will be fine and can't possibly annoy each other. Holt brings his visiting nephew Marcus in, and Rosa is attracted to him. Holt later lets Rosa know that Marcus would like her number.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 10: 'The Pontiac Bandit Returns'

As Jake is in disguise as Santa, the Pontiac Bandit, Doug Judy walks past. Jake loses his cool. He chases him into a Christmas tree farm and manages to nab him, though he sets the trees on fire in the process. Doug wants to cut a deal - he knows some useful knowledge on the Gigglepig ring. Charles goes to Gina in a panic - he found a present from his dad to Gina's mom, which means things may be getting serious. They open it and find a scale. Knowing Gina's mom will hate it, they are relieved.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 9: 'The Road Trip'

Amy and Jake have a prisoner transport upstate the next morning, so they're going to go spend the night at a B and B. Jake has invited Sophia along to squeeze in some romance. Amy is impressed - Teddy never does that sort of thing for her. Jake makes a sneaky call to Teddy and explains the situation. Holt asks Charles for help. He is making an anniversary breakfast for Kevin and cares little about food. Charles tries too hard to teach him, and frustrates Holt. However, Holt checks out Charles' food blog, and reads about the emotional connection between people and food.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 8: 'USPIS'

Everyone missed Scully's birthday. They decide to throw in some cash, not realizing it was a plot thought up by Scully and Hitchcock to get some extra dough. Rosa does a briefing - a second Gigglepig dealer has been brought in. Both have had keys with USPS engraved on them. Amy is quitting smoking, and it's making her exceptionally irritable (or "terrifying" according to Terry). Terry offers to help her beat her cravings the same way he beat his overeating in the past - rebooting.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 7: 'Lockdown'

Holt's uncle has died, so Amy brings him flowers. Jake tries to one-up her by sending a nice e-mail, but sends it from his personal account, forgetting the signature is "sent from my stinky butt." Terry and Holt go to a charity event, leaving Jake in charge. Of course that goes just as you'd expect... Jake grants everyone a "wish" and then they play games. As they're getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving, Charles knocks a package off of the counter, and powder comes out of it.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 6: 'Jake and Sophia'

For the first time ever, Amy is late. Everyone speculates on what kept her, including Holt, who guesses correctly (line at the bank). Terry and Jake prep for their court hearing the next day, as Jake laments his bad dating luck. Terry suggests he just avoid talking about work so much, and sends him off to chat up a beauty at the end of the bar (guest star Eva Longoria). It's time for union re-elections. Rosa and Amy try to get Holt to intervene and keep Scully, who is terrible, from winning again, but he is not allowed to be involved.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 5: 'The Mole'

Lt. Miller from Internal Affairs comes and uproots Holt from his office, so he can conduct an investigation into a mole. Jake insists there can be no mole, as he knows everything about everyone. When he goes for his questioning, he denies any wrongdoing. However then he goes to Amy and requests her help - he had taken home some files and forgot to bring them back. As he has no car at the moment, she takes him to go retrieve them. Deputy Chief Madeline Wunch comes in to lord it over Holt that something is wrong in his precinct.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 4: 'Halloween II'

It is Halloween, so Peralta again challenges Holt to a bet - if he can steal his wrist watch, Holt will do his paperwork for a week. Holt is reluctant, but rises, when Jake says if he fails, he will do five weeks of overtime for free. Rosa, Amy, and Terry put together safety packages for the kids trick-or-treating, but Gina claims she has urgent matters and can't help. Terry lets her go. Jake hold a briefing for everyone regarding his plan on Holt. He knows that since they helped him last year, Holt will suspect them.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 3: 'The Jimmy Jab Games'

Jake asks Rosa for her friend Katie's phone number, but she refuses. Charles is surprises he is bouncing back so quickly from Amy. Everyone has a 3 hour time window where Holt and Terry will be gone. They decide to play the Jimmy Jab Games. Jake wants to play for Katie's number. Holt and Terry go to present the Deputy Chief, Holt's enemy, with a petition for updated narcotic field kits to help them with a new drug in their area. However because of one typo, she rejects it. This was Holt's plan the whole time - now he can go over her head.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Season 2, Episode 2: 'Chocolate Milk'

Terry tells Jake he is having a vasectomy, after Jake overhears a phone conversation. The two of them go to investigate a stabbing at a chocolate milk restaurant, and Jake offers to drive Terry to his doctor's appointment afterwards. The Chief Deputy is coming to do an inspection on the precinct. Holt isn't worried, as he has a good rapport with the CD... until she arrives, and Holt realizes it's his arch nemesis. Charles has to go to his ex-wife's Jamaican-themed engagement party, and his sister canceled as his date.

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