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Bruno and the Banana Bunch is a television for children that premiered in 2007. It only consisted of one season which had 26 episodes. The television show aired in more than 70 countries. The show is ideal for children around preschool age. Bruno is a monkey and the main character. He has a big eye for adventure and is always looking to have some fun with his friends while learning from the world around him. Bruno has many friends that make up the Banana Bunch. These friends include a Hippo, and Alligator, a Flamingo, a Penguin, and a Sheep to name a few.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
April 2, 2007
Children, Animation & Cartoons
Bruno and the Banana Bunch
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Bruno and the Banana Bunch Full Episode Guide

  • After losing to his friends in a game of basketball, Bruno falls asleep wishing he were much taller.

  • It's the day of Pink Cow's dance recital, and Bruno is in charge of the music. When the music player doesn't work, Bruno comes up with a new plan.

  • Oh no! Bruno has forgotten all about Big Elephant's birthday party, and now he doesn't have a present to bring!

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