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Bubble Guppies is a show shown on Nickelodeon that is aimed at young children, primarily preschoolers. The show features a group of small underwater children, similar to mermaids. The show teaches young children and preschoolers about everyday situations that might occur in their lives.

Viewers learn something new in each episode of Bubble Guppies. This is a good show for busy parents who want their children to learn something beneficial from their TV shows, as opposed to other children's cartoons that are aimed only to entertain, not teach.

The show was originally supposed to begin back in 2006, but production was stopped due to difficulties. After thinking that the show would never air, the first episode went live in early 2011. Presently, 26 episodes have been aired over the course of two series, and the show is popular with young children and their families.

Each episode of Bubble Guppies follows a similar format. The show begins with the theme song being played. Following this the characters go to school, where some sort of event usually occurs. After this the cast of characters goes on with their school day, where they discuss with their teacher the events that happened prior to the school day. The Bubble Guppies than go on to do other things throughout their school day, such as have lunch and go on a field trip.

Bubble Guppies is a great show for kids and families. The show encourages learning, play, and childhood growth. The show continues to air new episodes and seasons.

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Nick Jr.
3 Seasons, 54 Episodes
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Bubble Guppies Full Episode Guide

  • When Mr. Grouper's van gets stuck in the holiday snow, Mr. Claws and his horse Snowflake come to the rescue! With snow falling and bells jingling, the Guppies will experience their first sleigh ride!

  • Fall is here! Molly and Gil can't wait to pick pumpkins, but when they lead everyone to the pumpkin patch, the pumpkins are gone! Their turkey friend Giblet leads them on a hunt to find the culprits: the pumpkin patch pirates!

  • Molly and Oona run into the Mayor training for Bubbletucky's annual marathon! But when she gets a tummyache, she'll go to the hospital to get her organs checked out. She won't be able to run the big running race, but Molly, Oona, and the others will help her run her very own Mayor-thon!

  • It seems like everyone in Bubbletucky is coming down with a cold--even Mr. Grouper! No need to worry; in their very own "soap opera," the Guppies will use their good hygiene to show Mr. Grouper how to get better!

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