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Series Length:1 Season, 6 Episodes
Network: USA

A sexy, action-packed one-hour series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy. When spies get fired, they don't get a letter from "human resources"-they get BURNED.

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Genre: Drama, Crime
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  • In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown.

  • Jason Bly, a federal agent who has a knack for giving Michael trouble, returns to Miami to force Michael to hand over some blackmail materials. When they get trapped in a bank robbery together, however, the two enemies must work together to survive.

  • When a client is being forced into a kidnapping scheme, Michael must pose as a security consultant - a guy who will stop at nothing to foil the gang's plan.

  • To find the location of a client's captive sister, Michael must pose as a friendly cellmate to a human smuggler.

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