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"Campus P.D." is a modern day version of cops that is centered around crimes that take places on college campuses across America. In its fourth season, "Campus P.D." is one of the most entertaining reality shows on television today. Many of the problems that officers face on this show is underage drinking. Shows are filmed on location at some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Unlike "Cops", "Campus P.D." features offices who are responding to less serious crimes. They are ticketing (and in some cases, arresting) young adults who are out of control at parties, disturbing the peace or fighting. One unique feature of the show is that viewers are able to see the punishments that criminals featured on the show may receive. It can be less intense than other criminal reality shows but it does not lack in entertainment.

Officers featured on the show make real efforts to help the criminals and victims that they are working with. They go above and beyond the call of duty to educate those that they come into contact with on how to prevent being caught up in a crime again. The officers are real officers who act with their emotions and professionalism to keep their college campuses safe. There is also a funny side to "Campus P.D". Because the show mainly features young adults, officers are called to some very unique scenes and it is not rare to see the officers laugh and scratch their heads at some of the events that happen on this show.

"Campus P.D" is something that every parent with college aged kids should watch. It is very eye opening to things that are happening on college campuses. For the rest of the viewers "Campus P.D." provides great reality based entertainment for all ages.

Monday 10:30 PM et/pt on G4
4 Seasons, 46 Episodes - Returning Series
Campus PD
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Campus PD Full Episode Guide

  • Police are summoned to a bloody fight outside a club; intoxicated twins are questioned about disorderly conduct; a possible DUI stop unfolds.

  • A house party with blaring music draws complaints; a young man tries to evade a citation; a driver suspected of possessing marijuana is stopped.

  • In Marquette, Michigan, Corporal James Finkbeiner detains an intoxicated minor after he steals his neighbor's flag. In Indiana, Pennsylvania, officers interrupt a street fight where no one is injured or aware why the fight started.

  • In Las Cruces, New Mexico, Officer Edward Villarreal reports to a noise complaint. The routine call escalates when a female party-goer takes a potty break on a nearby lawn and sparks a full-on feud. In Greensboro, North Carolina, a group of intoxicated kids invite Officer Matt Johnson to play a reckless beer game involving bats and empty beer cans--but he's more interested in surveying any local property damage. In Marquette, Michigan, Corporal Jackie Sweeney discovers a van full of minors in possession when she makes a routine traffic stop. Plus, the driver gets into even more trouble when they bring the K9 patrol in to investigate.

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