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With all of the reality shows today that rely on airing heated disputes, washed-up celebrities devising scandalous schemes, and corny childish games between contestants to get ratings, it's so refreshing to watch a reality show with integrity and merit. One such show, Chef Academy probes the life of famous chef Jean Novelli as he mentors his pupils in the culinary arts.

Chef Academy aired on the Bravo Network each Monday evening and was broadcast from Venice, California. The premise of the show revolved around Jean and nine students: Carissa, Emmanuel, Kyle D., Kyle K., Leonard, Sarah, Suzanne, Tracie, and Zoe. Each episode, the students are given an assignment in which they are to create a culinary masterpiece. As the show culminates, Jean decides whether each student passes or fails the assignment. Viewers can expect to see his disciples create all types of exotic dishes and desserts, from Rack of Lamb to wedding cakes.

Monday 11:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
1 Season, 9 Episodes - Canceled
November 16, 2009
Reality, Food
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Chef Academy Full Episode Guide

  • The mood at the Novelli Academy is somber in the aftermath of one student leaving after failing three tests. But there is no time to dwell because Chef Novelli has announced for their "final exam", the students will collectively prepare a gala dinner for local esteemed chefs and other VIPs. Which student will Chef Novelli choose to be the head chef for the gala dinner?

  • Chef Novelli must decide who fails and who passes this test.

  • The students are taught how to catch fresh fish, which leads to a lesson about seafood dishes.

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