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Columbo was an American detective series that starred the late Peter Falk as the star character Lt. Columbo. Columbo had several unique qualities that distinguished it from the other mystery/crime series at the time, starting with the main character. One of the most interesting things about Columbo was that you never, new his first name. Whoever asked was simply told it was Lieutenant. You would never think that Columbo was a detective for the Los Angeles police department by looking at. Most detectives are neatly dressed, with their clothes pressed looking very professional. Columbo is the first to admit that he is untidy, which is one of the only things that he has not been able to solve. Columbo often shows up at a crime scene, rain or shine in a rumpled raincoat and looking exactly how he feels. Columbo works alone and doesn't carry a gun; in fact, he hates them and thinks that he is a bad shot. Columbo is very meticulous and pays close attention to even the smallest details. He is also very observant, making a silent mental note to his surrounding and listening to every detail that is being said about the case. He is also very attentive to the actions and reactions of the people that surround him, constantly asking them questions about things that are sometimes not related to the case. Columbo also writes down or records his notes and questions to ensure that he has all of the facts, quickly asking an additional question when needed. He can also be very forgetful at times. Colombo's mannerism and appearance makes most people believe that his is not as smart as most detectives, however Lt. Columbo has yet to encounter a case he could not solve.

What makes a Columbo mystery fascinating and different than most mysteries or crime stories is that you know who the killer is and how the crime was committed at the beginning of the show rather at the end. The enjoyment of the show was to see how Lt. Columbo matches wits with the killer and solves what the killer always thinks is the perfect crime.

10 Seasons, 69 Episodes - Canceled
September 15, 1971
Drama, Crime, Mystery
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  • The final Columbo story starring Peter Falk, Los Angeles rave promoter Justin Price (Matthew Rhys) helps his girlfriend Vanessa (Jennifer Sky) get rid of the corpse of her ex-husband, who was backing Price's new club, after he drops dead in Vanessa's apartment. When an investigative reporter pieces the crime together and threatens to blackmail Justin, Justin kills him.

  • Hollywood film composer and conductor Findlay Crawford (Billy Connolly) has been mentor to a talented young composer who has been ghostwriting most of Crawford's work for the last few years, and penned Crawford's entire last movie score, which won an Oscar. When the protege wants to venture out on his own, Crawford, whose own talent seems to have run dry, concocts the perfect murder, made to look like a suicide.

  • Hollywood gossip reporter Verity Chandler has a deal with mortician Eric Prince, who handles many of the funerals of the rich and famous. Prince gives her the inside scoop on funeral arrangements and in return she keeps the door closed on the closet containing Prince's many skeletons. However, Chandler and Prince were also having an affair, and after Prince dumps her, Chandler is out for revenge. She threatens to announce on her forthcoming TV show that Prince stole a $1 million necklace from the corpse of silent film star Dorothea Page when Prince was handling Page's funeral.When Chandler confronts Prince with this news in the preparation room of Prince's funeral parlour, Prince murders her by clubbing her on the head. Later that day, Prince manages to dispose of Chandler's body in the funeral parlour's crematorium, thus eliminating, or so he hopes, all the evidence that could incriminate him. Columbo is called in when Chandler's secretary, Roger Gambles, reports her as missing, and is soon led to Prince as a prime suspect. But how can Columbo prove Prince's guilt when there is no body?

  • Cathleen Calvert (Shera Danese) and her lover, crime scene investigator Patrick Kinsley (David Rasche), plot to get rid of Calvert's husband, Clifford (Barry Corbin), a powerful businessman, by killing an investment broker with whom he is currently feuding, and pinning the murder on Clifford. As long as he is alive and in prison, Cathleen has access to all his money. Columbo must uncover a criminal who is part of the team handling the investigation.

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