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Cover Me is a television crime series based on a true story. This is the true story of an FBI agent who includes his family in his work. An undercover FBI agent is married and has children. His undercover work is dangerous and involves real criminals. Most people would shield their family from the details of this type of work. Instead of doing that this agent chooses to involve his wife and children in his life. He even takes them on cases with him.

While it is always admirable to make sure the children know what a parent does for a living there are some cases where the knowledge can be dangerous.

1 Season, 24 Episodes - Canceled
March 5, 2000
Cover Me
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  • After his team stops at a diner where he meets Celeste, Cuban soccer player Lazaro decides to defect to the U.S. The FBI asks Danny to keep Lazaro at the Arno house for a few days to find out if he's really a defector or, perhaps, a terrorist.

  • When Celeste and Ruby attend a rave party, a mischievous Chance decides to plant a bug on an unsuspecting Ruby. The microphone picks up a conversation about drugs at the party, and Danny and Barbara immediately leave to retrieve their kids. After arriving at the rave, they hunt for Celeste and Ruby, and Barbara decides to check the ladies room. Seconds later, Danny hears two gunshots, and rushes into the bathroom to find Barbara on the floor, critically wounded-and a gunman (photo attached) pointing a gun at him. Now Barbara is in the hospital, Danny is under investigation for wrongful homicide, and the cops may be the reason behind why any of it happened in the first place. Can Danny clear his name-and will Barbara recover from her injuries?

  • The FBI assigns Danny to find a young woman in rural Utah who is missing and feared dead. She was part of a polygamist community, where men take multiple wives and everyone avoids contact with the outside world. To infiltrate the clan, the Arnos pose as a polygamist family, but Celeste is none to happy to be Danny's second wife. Eli, the oldest son in the clan (photo attached) falls in love with Ruby, who tries to ditch him one night and stumbles, literally, over a dead body by the side of the river. It isn't the girl the Arnos are looking for, but she appears to have been severely beaten. Barbara then discovers a diary that talks about a shed where disobedient girls are taken to be punished. Can the Arnos discover what's going on before there are any more deaths -- and before Ruby is forced into an arranged marriage with Eli?2

  • Following the fiery end of the Arno house and getting everyone they know in San Diego to believe that the entire family (except Chance) is dead, the Arnos set up shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Danny is assigned to go undercover as a policeman in order to check out a suspected dirty cop, Mario Holiday. Meanwhile, Lt. Lisa Ramone of the San Diego Police Department has lost her credibility and her job due to her obsession with finding out the truth about what really happened to the Arno family. With the help of a private detective, she learns that the Arnos may be in Salt Lake City, and she immediately heads out in hot pursuit. Her investigation soon threatens to blow Danny's cover and puts the entire Arno family in danger. Can Danny solve his case and keep Lisa from forcing his family to move again?

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