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Series Length:5 Seasons, 290 Episodes
Network: NBC

Dark Shadows 1991 revival series, is a show about a family that lives in the fictional town of Collinsport, Maine. The Collins family, which the town is named after, resides in the newer of two mansions on their estate. Dark Shadows 1991 is a revival of the original soap opera that aired in the 1960's.

Considered a Gothic television show, the main character is a two hundred year old vampire named Barnabas Collins, who was recently released from his coffin. Wishing to reinstate into society, he introduces himself to the current Collins family as a distant cousin that traveled to the states from England. It is here that he meets a current member of the household staff, Victoria Winters, that looks just like his long lost love.

Throughout the show, Barnabas constantly struggles with his wish to be more human and his hatred of being a vampire. Trying to hold onto some part of his previous life and protect his secret, Barnabas moves into the old abandoned mansion on the property and begins renovations. A local doctor discovers Barnabas secret and wishes to help try and cure him of his vampire nature. Using a series of scientific experiments on his blood she is almost able to affect a cure. Not long after he begins to get better, the family plans a séance and accidentally sends Victoria to the past. Barnabas is afraid that in the past she will discover his secret and never love him.

It is here in the past that you discover how Barnabas became a vampire. A servant of the woman he was going to marry, is in love with him and when he refused her advances, she sets out to destroy his life. This servant, Angelique, was also a witch, using her powers to set curse after curse on Barnabas and his family hoping to drive him inter her arms. When this did not work and Barnabas went to have her killed, she turned him into a vampire.

Victoria also encounters problems being in the past, as she is unable to hide her differences from the original Collins family. One member in particular, Barnabas aunt Abigail, believes her to be a witch. In doing so Victoria is tried for her crimes in witchcraft and sentenced to be hanged. It is here that the show comes to an end, as just when the hanging is about to take place, Victoria is transported back into her own time, where she comes face to face with Barnabas.

One never knows how the story will play out or what Victoria's reactions will be to knowing Barnabas' vampire secret because, the show only aired for one season. This leaves the viewer without a televised resolution but, plenty of room for imagining their own ending.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Genre: Soaps, Drama
Rating: 8.5/10
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  • Peter secretly allows Victoria to temporarily leave her jail cell and Natalie discovers her at Collinwood.

  • Barnabas strangles Angelique. He discovers that he needs the blood of others to survive.

  • Angelique plans to drive a wooden stake through Barnabas’ heart to prevent him from returning as a vampire.

  • Before he dies, Barnabas promises Josette he will return for her. Later, a bat flies out of the Old House.

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