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Creating duck calls out of stray swamp wood may not sound like a dream job, but to the Robertson Family, it's not only a family tradition, but a multi-million dollar business! In the heart of the Louisiana bayou you'll find the Robertson clan, made up of Willie and Jase, the two business-smart brothers and owners of Duck Commando, along with their wives, Missie and Korie, their enigmatic uncle Si, and the leaders of the family, and founders of the company, Phil and Kay. Together this redneck family turned a small time business into one of the largest, most successful companies in duck hunting, without ever compromising their old lifestyles and southern traditions.

Each new episode brings about more situations that the family finds themselves in, with everything from the elders having to babysit the many grandkids, teaching them how to gut a fish, to Willie buying a winery he saw on the internet just for kicks. Each and every episode presents a new, and often hilarious, mess for the family to find their way out of.

It's not everyday that you get to see what life on the bayou is like, especially for a family of millionaires, and it's a refreshing and comedic take on the American Dream. With more money than they know what to do with, and a prankster's mindset, this family is not your usual set of upper-class individuals. With Si's witty remarks, Willie's determination to make everyone work, and Jase's constant attempts to just get out into the swamp, the family clashes together and keeps you watching to see what will happen next. If it weren't for Kay's cooking, it's easy to believe that half the family would stay out in the swamp hunting all night long.

With its eclectic cast of characters, down-home charm, and almost impossible scenarios, Duck Dynasty is both a funny and interesting look into one of the most successful businesses in hunting, and the family behind it.

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Duck Dynasty Full Episode Guide

  • When Korie hits a wall for planning Willie's birthday celebration, Jase assumes control.

  • Jase, Jep and Si are armed and ready when beavers invade Phil's property; Willie takes Bella to karate practice, then decides to participate in the class.

  • Jase and Willie compete with Alan and Jep in a survival contest in the woods; in an effort to pick up a new hobby, Si joins Kay in coupon-cutting.

  • The guys are forced to clean things up when they discover a gator has moved into a duck blind.

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