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Extreme Cheapskates is a documentary television show. It made its premier on DFH in 2011. Extreme Cheapskates is a show that follows the stories of cheapskates and the viewers get to witness first hand the limits people will go to save money. These people take their cheapness very seriously. They will even get their family involved in their methods. The episodes change every week, as will the methods.

These cheapskates will go to the extreme when trying to pinch a penny. They say that they are going to these extreme measures because they don't want to pay extra for anything. The topics that will be taped are as follows, a man who freezes his assets to keep his wife from spending it, people who recycle toilet paper, people who dumpster dive, people not using the toilet (to save money), people who reuse dental floss, people refusing to wash clothes (in order to save money), people who do not flush (to save money), and people who throw a party on a $4.00 budget. Those are just a few of the topics you will see. The cameras take us behind the scenes and we can see how and why a person would consider this kind of lifestyle.

Throughout this show, the people are real, the emotions are real, and their reasons are real. These people are speaking candidly about how they live when being an extreme cheapskate. Some people do this in order to save money. Other people are doing this because they don't think they should have to pay for certain things. Whatever the case may be, many seek out help with this addiction. The measures they take to create this lifestyle could be dangerous or harmful to their health.

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Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
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  • Jamie's entire garden is made up solely of silk flowers. Now, she aims to replace her whole lawn with artificial grass, to eliminate her landscaping bill. Justin tries to land a job in sales, where he promises to save his employer tons of dough.

  • Lydia Abate scours the obituaries, then visits surviving family members in hopes of taking the deceased person's clothing off of their hands. Mason Roberts introduces his wife to his entire family of cheapskates.

  • A woman uses the exercise equipment in the sporting goods store instead of becoming a member of the gym.

  • Raul Pinto sifts through vacuum canisters at the car wash.

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