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Friends was an American television series created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired from September 22nd, 1994 until May 6th, 2004. During its ten year run the show centered around the lives of six friends living in Manhattan. Ross Geller worked as a paleontologist and as a professor during the show, Ross was also Monica Geller's older brother. Monica Geller was a highly neurotic, obsessive, and competitive member of the group, she spent a majority of the show working as a chef and was Ross Geller's younger sister. Joey Tribiani is a highly lovable character throughout the show, despite his almost constant womanizing, he struggles to find work as an actor in the early seasons until he begins starring in the soap opera "Days of our Lives". Chandler Bing is Joey's roommate during the early seasons, the two make a flawless comedic pair, during the later seasons Chandler and Monica develop a relationship with each other and eventually get married. Rachel Green enters the show on her wedding day, where she left the groom at the altar, and enters the coffee shop "Central Perk" where the rest of the Friends are sitting, including her friend from high school, Monica. Phoebe Buffay is a quirky massage therapist and a self-taught musician whose personality never ceases to entertain the group and viewers alike.Friends thoroughly developed the core characters and their relationships with others throughout the show. Consistent viewers of Friends quickly developed a connection with each of the characters, as the show progressed through the years many viewers often shared in the joy of the characters, and in the pain.

The main cast of Friends included Courtney Cox (Monica Geller), Jennifer Anniston (Rachel Green), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), David Schwimmer (Ross Geller), Mathew Perry (Chandler Bing), and Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribiani).

During it's time as one of the longest running sitcoms ever, the show featured many famous actors and actresses including Julia Roberts, Jeanne-Claude Van Damne, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Christina Applegate, Tom Selleck, Paul Rudd, Alec Baldwin, Reese Witherspoon, and Bruce Willis.

For anyone that has never seen Friends, the show is undeniably timeless.

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10 Seasons, 236 Episodes - Ended
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Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Ross decides to go after Rachel, and Chandler and Monica get a surprise.

  • Ross has a hard time dealing with Rachel's decision to move to Paris, and the birth mother of Monica and Chandler's child goes in to labor.

  • The gang throw Rachel a going away party. While there, Rachel says good-bye to each one of her friends, except for Ross, who feels like Rachel doesn't care about him.

  • Phoebe tries to hide that Joey's long-time agent, Estelle, died; Ross tries to get Rachel rehired from Ralph Lauren; Monica and Chandler tries to get Janice to withdraw her offer when they discover that she is bidding on the house next door to their's.

Friends News

Everything Coming to Netflix in January 2015, from 'Friends' to 'Frank'

We've already talked about the many excellent movies and TV shows leaving Netflix at the end of this month. While Netflix has a few good offerings joining the lineup in January, it might not be quite enough to cushion the blow. The good news is that we're getting some great stuff like "Election" and "Cast Away," as well as critic faves like "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and "Frank." If you're a foodie, we recommend Jon Favreau's "Chef," which mixes story with food-porn and features Sofia Vergara and Jon Leguizamo.

Every Episode of 'Friends Ever is Coming to Netflix

As if having every episode of "Gilmore Girls" wasn't enough! Netflix came out with a big announcement today: as of January 1, 2015, all episodes of "Friends" will be available to stream on their service. Yes, that's right. Every. Friends. Ever. The timing is great for both Netflix and "Friends," as the classic NBC sitcom just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Among the many celebrations was a "Central Perk" pop-up shop in New York, which included items like the show's famous orange couch.

The 'Friends' Reunion: Jimmy Kimmel Says, Chill Out Critics, Jennifer Aniston was Just Acting Angry

Ah, the "Friends" mini-reunion on "Jimmy Kimmel." It was sassy, it was silly, and frankly, it was too fleeting. Watching Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston reunite in Monica Gellar's kitchen, even for a brief sketch, just seemed right, didn't it? Well, apparently not to everyone. Audience reaction to the scene was weighed heavily toward disgust with Jennifer Aniston, who seemed "annoyed" and displeased by the situation Kimmel had forced on her.

The Ladies of 'Friends' Reprise Their Roles for Jimmy Kimmel Fan Fiction

If you're like me, you've been hoping and praying to see the cast of "Friends" reunite on the small screen... but maybe this isn't what we all had in mind? It's definitely what Jimmy Kimmel was picturing, however. During an interview with Jennifer Aniston, Kimmel asked her to indulge him by participating in a reading from his "Friends" fan fiction. Aniston reluctantly obliged, and was presented with a small, well-crafted imitation of Monica Geller's kitchen (at the low-low cost of about $80,000, according to Kimmel).

'Friends' Alum David Schwimmer Helps Apprehend Stabbing Suspect

While he may have garnered some anger from neighbors when he moved in, "Friends" actor David Schwimmer has won a few onto his side with a recent act. Monday, Schwimmer invited the NYPD into his home, where security footage from his property was instrumental in apprehending an attack suspect. The fight took place in the building adjacent from his condo at 5:48 a.m. Three individuals were involved. Allegedly the fight began over the issue of payment of a transgender prostitute, and a subsequent attempt to steal the apartment owner's laptop.

UPDATE: Sorry, Guys... The 'Friends' Comeback Season is Probably Not Happening...

Not so fast, guys… As much as we all want to get excited (like screamingly, obnoxiously excited!) about the announcement that “Friends” will be getting a comeback season… this may be little more than an Internet hoax or classic misinformation. Star Media made the initial report. “The rumor of a new season for Friends has been surrounding the web for months, but this time is more than a rumor!” Star Media reports, without citing any sources. “NBC network has confirmed they will launch a new season of Friends on 2014, it will be about their story in a comeback reunion!” They added, “It’s still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC’s deal, but the dream of a ‘Friends’ reunion is closer than ever!” While everyone was so happy daydreaming about an 11th season where our favorite group of pals will reveal how they’ve been all these years… nothing has actually been confirmed.

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