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The Anime features: viewing which is consistent and seamless. It is an epic however is not entirely “closed door,” so there is room it will continue at a later date. In brief: Taniyama Mai is a high school student in her first year. She comes across a mystifying man while telling ghost tales with a friend. Mai in turn becomes involved in the business of hunting ghosts. Shibuya Psychic Research is the organization that makes it a practice of hunting ghosts and solving mysteries; and is the organization which Mai becomes involved.

“Ghost Hunt” is a very engaging program. This is apparent from the show’s initial episode. The animation is precise; each event occurring rapidly. Persons viewing “Ghost Hunt” will watch with “bated breath” with respect to each exciting, successive movement. “Ghost Hunt” is an anime. It is not complicated and places as its objective to create an emotional response from its viewer as opposed to a thought-provoking reaction. It is successful in accomplishing the former endeavor.

The editing of the animation is very professional. “Ghost Story” from an overall standpoint provides its viewer with extraordinary animation; however, the animation is not top-shelf. It is best described as reasonable animation; however, the editing is second-to-none. Also, the artistry of the animation is absorbing. There are overlays of white and black; with simulations of scenes filmed by hand. The sense derived is one of precision: The weight of that precision naturally enhances the overall quality of the animation. The animation’s quality is consistent throughout each successive episode. It is reliable in its effect in way of its action-oriented scenes.

The episode formation is fairly template: It is not truly remarkable. It changes characteristics of movement; about every three episodes. The Psychic Research Team, acquires new clients about every 3 episodes too. There are some eventful plots though incorporated within the general plots. The pace of the show is kept exciting and rapid in its delivery: There are new twists with regard to solving mysteries—which keep the show all the more interesting. The characters' movements are spaced with precision—tied smoothly into the storyline. This subtlety of detail prevents the anime from hitting a barrier which happens in many film animations nearing conclusion.

The characters can be viewed as part of the animation as opposed to real persons. In example, each of the animation’s characters is representative of a primary religion in Japan. Also each character provisions various methods with respect to spiritual exorcism—which is based on their individual religious affiliations. The characters do not evolve much as characters: although they remain truly unique to the animation or as extensions of it. The plot easily eclipses the characters, then, especially since the plot is so well-executed. Romantic unions are inferred between some of the characters early on within the series; however, those romantic liaisons do not seem to go anywhere.

Character development becomes a bit more perceptible during the conclusion of the animation: or the lack thereof. The final arc is highly aggressive and terribly thrilling: this in effect makes the series end on a note of “not fully concluded.” If there is another series though: this anime is so engaging—that watching the characters in yet further episodes is a given.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 25 Episodes
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  • The team is exhausted, outnumbered, and near defeat. Ayako draws out the spirits of the enslaved, releasing Naru from his unnatural slumber. Now, the fate of his friends is in his hands.

  • Mai's abilities reveal treachery and tangled souls seeking rebirth at the foot of a cliff. The SPR must fight for their very lives when a massive horde of the undead attacks.

  • Mai discovers that her recent dream coincides perfectly with a local tale of suicidal young lovers that died on hallowed grounds. The clues lead to a cave where rumor soon proves truth.

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