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Hawaii 5 O is a drama series show that began airing in 2011. The show is about detectives in Hawaii who investigate murders and other crimes. This show is one of the more popular ones being shown nowadays and therefore provides a lot to look forward to for viewers. Anyone who enjoys shows that deal with crime and interpersonal relationships will likely find this show very appealing. Another thing that makes this show appealing is the fact that it takes place in a very nice setting which is Hawaii. Viewers will likely enjoy this show due to its drama, action and overall intrigue.

When watching Hawaii 5 O viewers will watch a specific chain of events take place. There will be a situation in which someone has been murdered or someone who is in danger. As a result the protagonists of the show will need to investigate crimes as well as look for ways to find the person in danger and also the perpetrator of the crimes. The show lasts for about one hour and usually concludes with a positive ending. Over the course of the show, viewers will have the opportunity to learn about the situation in depth and have lots of suspense surrounding the story. There is some action in this show and also lots of dramatic scenes. As a result this show is quite entertaining.

As far as target audience is concerned, people who like watching drama shows along with one's about crime will likely enjoy viewing this show. Some of the content of this show is a bit intense at times so it is mainly for more mature audiences. However it is still watchable for people of most ages. For those who are looking to see an intriguing drama in a very appealing setting, Hawaii 5 O is one of the better television show options available. By watching this show, viewers will get to see a new plot and story take place which provides lots of variety and also intrigue as well.

12 Seasons, 284 Episodes - Ended
September 20, 1968
Action & Adventure, Drama
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Hawaii 5-0 Full Episode Guide

  • McGarrett disguises himself as a famous scientist to help find a missing colleague, and finds himself locked in combat once again with Wo Fat.

  • A candidate for the US senate finds his campaign in peril when his blackmailer is found murdered.

  • The Five-O investigate why a seemingly harmless group of bird watchers are being targeted for a bloody vendetta.

  • McGarrett and the Five-O are drawn into the world of the Nazi regime as the investigate the murder of a famed Nazi-hunter, who's bullet riddled body was found with a rare German medal upon his chest.

Hawaii 5-0 News

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Guest Stars on 'Hawaii Five-O'

Sean “Diddy” Combs wears many hats: producer, actor, rapper, singer and fashion designer.  He’ll soon be adding one more to that list, perhaps in the form of a deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes-style). Diddy will be making a guest star appearance in “Hawaii Five-O” as a New York detective. The show is a remake on the classic series and highlights the work of an elite task force that wipes out serious crime.

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