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The drama series entitled Hong Gil Dong is centered on the life of a young man named Hong Gil. Hong Gil is a young guy whose father is a prime minister. He is however not recognized since he is an illegitimate child of his father. Hong Gil is a clever and intelligent guy who works very hard to achieve his goals. But he is told that he cannot achieve anything because of his illegitimate status.

After being told that, he becomes very indifferent about many things in life. He becomes very troublesome and lazy, not willing to work. Fortunately, he comes across a monk who makes him believe in himself again. The monk rekindles his hopes of being successful again. The monk teaches him variety of martial arts and this empowers him somehow. Gil Dong becomes aware of the level of injustice existing in the world around him. How the poor are segregated by the rich. As a result, he starts stealing from wealthy people and giving it to those in need.

Gil Dong meets Heo Nok. Heo Nok is a young girl who is very simple and innocent. She grew up with her grandfather in China. Heo Nok however does not know that the man she calls grandfather is not her biological relative. Her parents were killed and she was adopted by him. Heo and Gil Dong start a relationship.

Gil Dong and Heo come across Lee Chang who has just come into the country. Lee Chang has an older brother who is the King of Korea. His brother tried to kill him some time in the past. Lee is planning to take his revenge on his brother someday. His dream is to overthrow his brother as King and takeover his position as King of Korea. He becomes friends with Gil Dong and Heo who promise to help him achieve his dream. However he starts developing feelings for Heo.

The three friends struggle with their individual challenges and also try as much as possible to support each other.

Wednesday, Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on KBS2
1 Season, 24 Episodes - Canceled
January 2, 2008
Korean Drama, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Romance
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Hong Gil Dong Full Episode Guide

  • Chang Whe orders his troops to attack the Hwal Bin Dang, resulting in a final battle.

  • Gil Dong, Chang Whe, and Yi Nok adjust to their new roles after the successful palace takeover.

  • A showdown between the King and Gil Dong occurs within the palace walls as the Hwal Bin Dang attempts to takeover the palace.

  • As the King finds out that the sword might be fake, the Hwal Bin Dang plan to infiltrate the palace again.

  • Yi Nok attempts to live up to her new identity while the King is more motivated than ever to find Gil Dong and kill him.

  • With Yi Nok's true identity revealed, the King and Minister Hong try to find her and kill her.

  • The Hwal Bin Dang are accused of a number of murders so Gil Dong sets out to clear their name.

  • After Chang Whe is shot in the chest with a poisoned arrow, the Hwal Bin Dang try to find the antidote and save him.

  • Yi Nok joins Hwal Bin Dang and accompanies Gil Dong to infiltrate an opium den.

  • When Mal Nyeo is injured, Yi Nok takes her place in the plan to find and steal the sword from the king.

  • Chang Whe makes a deal with Gil Dong: he will help Gil Dong get his team of bandits back if Gil Dong retrieves his sword and fights his father.

  • Yi Nok and Gil Dong finally meet after his presumed death. Gil Dong tries to get Chang Whe to keep his identity concealed from his father.

  • Gil Dong attempts to save the girls while Yi Nok ponders the identity of her moonlit stranger.

  • While Gil Dong and the parents plan to rescue the girls, Yi Nok meets a dark stranger.

  • Gil Dong continues to search for the miscreants behind the prostitution operation.

  • One year later, Gil Dong discovers a new enemy to conquer and to fight in the name of justice.

  • Gil Dong, after getting shot, goes into hiding with the bandits and changes his life for the better.

  • After the failed attempt to storm the palace, Gil Dong attempts to find out why the sword is so important.

  • To get revenge on Chang Whe's merchant group, Gil Dong teams up with a group of bandits.

  • Gil Dong finds out that he is being framed for the murder and searches for the real criminal.

  • In Hyung's mother, in an attempt to bribe In Hyung's way through the exams, concoct a plan to get money that also involves Gil Dong.

  • Since he missed the boat to China, Gil Dong makes his way back to the city and bumps into Yi Nok.

  • As royal officials come after Yi Nok, the legendary thieves' moonlight staff lands in Gil Dong's hands.

  • Gil Dong, the local martial arts prodigy, defeats Yi Nok in a street fight, and wins her as his wife.

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