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Human Target is the television series adaptation of a DC comics series which aired on the FOX television network. Human Target examines the life and career of protagonist Christopher Chance, a unique individual who markets himself as a bodyguard, private contractor and troubleshooter for potential clients. Rather than simply becoming a body double (like the DC version's modus operandi), Chance's services come in the form of making himself become a necessary part of the client's life. So ingratiated, Chance is able to literally be a human shield for his threatened clientele.

Chance works for an organization which includes former San Francisco Police Department officer Winston, an insecure family man and hired gun/hacker named Guerrero, a former client and benefactor named Ilsa, and a veteran thief with excellent social skills named Ames. Each of these individuals works for the organization for different purposes, with Chance's reason given as simply seeking out the truth of his client's circumstances.

Chance's backstory is that he is a former assassin who worked for "The Old Man" and handled cases for the downtrodden and needy. Rather than join the upper echelons of the assassination group, Chance escapes and restarts his life for this organization.

The series ran for two seasons, starting as a mid-season replacement and totaling twenty-five episodes. The show has had several impressive and memorable encounters including a fight along a high-speed train in extreme close quarters, keeping calm when a plane is on fire with a blacked out pilot and flight computer (also the show's most-viewed episode with nearly 10.5 million viewers), sneaking religious artifacts out of a Quebec monastery, working as a prize fighter in Belgium, defending an abdicating British royal from being assassinated, and even Chance setting out to rescue his ally and partner Winston from the Old Man's secret organization.

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled
January 17, 2010
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  • Chance delves deeper into Ilsa's late husband's past and uncovers deceit and lies that may tear the team apart forever.

  • Team members Chance and Harry are reunited after Chance is hired to protect the girlfriend of a rival security agency owner. Meanwhile, Ilsa goes on her first mission.

  • Chance is determined to protect a husband who believes his wife is a Russian spy whose mission is to kill him for classified defense secrets.

  • Guerrero gets a taste of southern hospitality when he's framed for the murder of a friend, forcing Chance to help break him out of prison.

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